Ooma Butterfleye Review 2019 (How Safe Are You)

Ooma Butterfleye Review 2019 (How Safe Are You)

we normally take a lot of measures to make sure that our home is safe especially when we’re out and about getting some
errands done attending a meeting or probably just getting some groceries
we’ve got our kids or pets back at home a lot of people end up doing and I’m
installing a lot of security cameras to make sure that their house is under
proper surveillance and they’ve gotten a lock and key properly done well if
security from intruders is your first priority well it is for me
certainly then this episode is a must watch for you but before that let’s
begin with intro welcome to 4raystech I hope you’re doing great and things are
going great for you what I have today is this ooma butterfly video security camera
it’s a full HD camera it stores everything on the cloud it’s got a lot
of features packed inside this camera but before everything else let’s see
what’s inside the box so we’ve got a simple box we’ve got a full HD video
camera by ooma it’s called the butterfleye then we have the Quick Start Guide we
have a USB cable and a power adopter now you guys must be thinking so is it
something that requires a lot of technical knowledge or maybe a techie
geek too or a nerd to basically install these things but certainly not it’s the
most simplest I think the most straightforward installation that I’ve
done you just need to install that app on your mobile phone and that’s it
that app will actually allow you to add this camera to your phone and from there
on you can actually start looking at the footage in live streaming so there are a
lot of features in this camera few of them that are really really liked
is that everything is stored on the cloud so you need not to worry about any
storage that is needed but in case if your internet gets disconnected it’s got
some built-in storage as well for the backup secondly you have to connect this
to a power adapter in case there is a power outage we’ve got the backup
battery inside it which will give you around I think more than an hour’s time
for a packet and think that’s quite conveniently now the app on this phone
is pretty straightforward so you get all the you get all the feeds you get all
the filters if in case your camera is disconnected from the power source it
will also tell you in their app that how much battery is left now secondly you
can disable the audio then there is a privacy mode you can actually disable
the privacy of the camera as well you also have the do not disturb mode
so just in case if you’re at home and you don’t want those alerts popping up
on your phone you can basically enable this one so another good thing is this
camera gets over-the-air updates so if in case Uma comes up with any updates
for this hardware you will get those updates over-the-air on the Internet
that’s quite useful makes life easy got a lot of alert triggers there is a
camera shift you get a trigger there is a person coming in front of it there’s a
trigger there is a motion in front of the camera there is a trigger they’re
all a lot of triggers and as long as you have all those triggers activated in the
app you’ll get a lot of notifications on your phone every now and then which is
actually quite cool I end up blocking up some of the triggers eventually because
there were so many of them and I kept it to motion detection face detection loud
noise there’s a loud noise notification as well in this camera so they are
pretty much a lot of things that this camera actually does cover a few of the
features however our force requires subscription like you’ve got face
detection so you’ve got a list of people we want to have in the in the lock so
the camera knows the familiar faces so if the camera comes across a person who
is a stranger then it will send you an alert which is quite a useful function
secondly you can have multiple cameras installed in different places in your
house and you can have them all linked inside your app now however that feature
is something that comes with the subscription so there is a set of
features which are free and set of features which are subscriber only but I
think to get this camera and have a free camera set up it comes with pretty much
everything so it gives you seven days of storage so we’ve got seven days of
footage lined up there you can download that footage you can use that you can
share that to your convenience and that’s something that’s quite cool just
in case we don’t know about the AES security this camera has got the AES
security that’s one of the finest securities which is used worldwide
particularly for banking sector and for security you know security conscious
organisations how are there two concerns that I have with this camera and I hope
that in the upcoming versions from ooma they’ll probably have those things
included now one of that is it is certainly very hefty very strong it’s a
good built very solid but to the fall I’m not sure how much can this
in terms of damage secondly what I really miss is on the back there is no
clamps so this is made to be placed on top of your table or a shelf or
something now I’m just not a person who would prefer to have this camera mounted
on top of a wall or something and just have it slightly inclined so it covers
from the top it covers the whole lounge that is a sort of movement which I find
more natural to surveillance or security cameras unfortunately there is no plan
or bracket on its back to have it mounted on your wall right one more
thing that I’d like to mention this thing has an audio as well so if you’re
looking at a footage you’ll have the audio there as well as as I mentioned
before this thing has got loud noise detection so if there is a loud noise in
your house this camera will give you send you an alert you can even have
one-to-one voice conversations this thing has got a microphone and a speaker
built inside which is actually quite cool but the feature is actually for
subscribers so what about the quality of this video footage well it’s a full HD
it’s got very good quality obviously there’s that certain lag that you come
across when you get to see a video that is streamed on the Internet one of the
issues that I had and I’m gonna get in touch with uma for that is when I get
this camera installed for the first time the alert that happened almost I think
at twenty minutes before got to me quite late whereas the recent alerts were
already there that happened to me just once I believe now as far as the
security camera is concerned and alert if it comes late to you is something
which is which basically Flags the entire concept of having a security
camera so you want to make sure that all the alerts that are coming to you I’ve
got to be frequent they are properly in order and we’ll get in touch with you
and we’ll ask them what happened for me although it happened to me just once and
if it seems to be an issue with my internet then I will also let you guys
know ooma butterfly that I have this one costs around one hundred and forty
nine ninety nine dollars so that’s hundred and forty nine dollars for this
device I think is pretty justified considering that this comes with 16gb of
storage so all in all this is a great build
you’ve got a lot of alerts it looks nice on the table it’s got audio/video
feature in it as well seven days of cloud storage got battery backup power
backup for now is a great device and it works
finally extends me so many alerts at all times but yeah I like the logo on this
thing it’s butterflies that keep my cool all that being said if you guys liked
the review hit that like button if you want to subscribe for more videos hit
the subscribe I’ll keep bringing more reviews to you guys stay cool calm and
collected till again 4Raystech signing out

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