Officer Deflects And Dominates Greatly | Active Self Protection

Officer Deflects And Dominates Greatly | Active Self Protection

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  1. As much respect as I have for police officers when I see videos like this
    I have even more. Every day in every situation their day can go from "routine"
    to deadly literally in the blink of an eye. Huge respect for this officer and how
    well he handled this situation. Even as "civilian" CCW carriers we can learn a
    lot from this video. Awareness, extreme close quarters contact, stuffing the
    attacker's draw, draw to first shot, two hands on the gun when and as soon
    as possible, only firing enough to stop the attack/threat, being aware of and
    stopping a second attacker/threat….. excellent video.
    Thank you for continuing to share these videos John.
    Be safe!

  2. The police officer had the luxury of having his firearm in the open. If the defender had been a concealed carry person I wonder how it would have gone down. The arm needed for pulling up a shirt/coat/jacket was being used to deflect.

  3. Impressive defensive skills by the officer. Shocked that he didn’t take any bullets! This officer was on point.

  4. The only critique I have about this is his empty handed skills – he missed his first chance to block the gun to the outside of his body and he blocked it by having the end of the barrel cross over his body(and crossing the perp's arms – which is a strong position but dangerous to get there)…while this worked in this case if they timed it right they'd still hit you anyways – I never want to get muzzled – in that sense, I think he's lucky. Stepping in and blocking to the outside is a far safer maneuver, in my opinion if you have that fast of a draw – otherwise I'd just go for a gun disarm. Additionally – you'd want to grab the gun and twist it to the outside, instead of only knocking it to the side. The idea is it would be a left hand block and grab whilst drawing and shooting them with your right to distract them from their gun hand with bullets while you ensure they drop the weapon with your other hand. Takes training for sure – what he did was good enough, but mostly looked like instincts. He did a great job shifting his weight to his left once the barrel crossed his body to stay out of harm's way, though – I just wouldn't recommend this style of block unless they're already pointing a gun at you – you ideally want to block it before they get the chance. I train in Goju-Ryu karate for what it's worth. The reason he had to do it his way is because he took a step back – instinctually – to gain distance, when it's stronger positioning to step to the inside (unless they have a knife, but with that quick of a draw I think i'd still prefer to step in every time). It takes a lot of practice and confidence to break that habit. If you grab the gun right, they can only shoot a maximum of 1 round before having to pull the slide back, also. Can also grab the cylinder on a revolver to stop it from rotating. If you control their gun you could simply disarm or quickdraw, depending…open carry – definitely quickdraw. Deep concealment one handed quickdraw is basically what to practice aside from empty handed skills. Either way, they should be disarmed, or disarmed and shot.

  5. I usually criticize cops but this officer impressed me. He had every right to empty his bullets into him and finish him off but i respect the fact that he held himself back

  6. Camera help you Mr officer. Those idiots could have claimed you shot unarmed person and planted gun on him

  7. Great job by this officer. I didn't like the fact that the underage person approached the officer after the shooting. Then he goes into the residence to retrieve God knows what.

  8. I don't think the bad guy was going to shoot him because he had the chance to I don't understand what the bad guy was expecting to get by pointing a gun at his head

  9. If there were no cameras all of the bystanders would likely say the officer just started shooting at the guy. From their position, they wouldn't see the guy pull his gun out of his shirt.

  10. Don't get me wrong, I think the officer did an absolutely remarkable job. But I disagree with your assessment of the officer going around the vehicle to retrieve the weapon was good. The weapon was right next to the guy and going around the vehicle the officer would've lost visual of the perp for a couple seconds. It's only a couple seconds, but that's enough time for the guy to grab the gun again and have it trained on you as you round the vehicle. But again, I think the officer did great and showed such instinctive skills that only come with lots of training

  11. I think the officer should have taken the kid in custody instead of letting him go into the house. Bad ass cop though.

  12. why do you make the pyramid sign, John? i've tried putting my fingers in that position, and it's awkward to say the least. it's pretty clear to me that you are intentionally doing that with your fingers–it's not just something that 'accidentally' happens.
    anyway, it really makes me wonder. i've noticed so many people doing it, including our President. why do you do it? is somebody paying you to do that? i'm not a "conspiracy" theorist, but we know that there are hand signals given by people for whatever reason. why do you do it?

  13. They already ran your name, they know who you are, they're going to know who shot the officer, so why do it? Stoopid.

  14. The police officer used great restraint. When the other guy ran towards the officer, he DIDN'T fire his weapon. He kept his cool, therefore the boy that ran towards the officer is very lucky he isn't seriously hurt or dead.

  15. Wow… respect to the officer. He saw that coming a mile away. In addition to the obvious difficulties in being a LEO, this video highlights that one additional skipping required is to maintain a polite and cordial attitude right up to that moment when a perp is trying to murder you. Cuz you know it would be a real faux pas to assume that erroneously. 🙄

  16. WHAT wonderful perceptive community spirited pychotic cops. Nuckledraggers extrodinaire. It required skilled negotiator a

  17. Dnt move?????? What orbit do these uniforms inhabit?? Suicide by cop shooting! Is it recorded these type of deaths .? If that's the policy by machine gun executioners. A electrician was wot was in order. They say DNT MOVE to cover there corrupt arses .. the rotten apples

  18. In the heat of that moment it’s incredible that the cop was able to check himself when the kid ran towards him. Bravo to that cop for being so alert.

  19. That dude who walked back into the house has balls of steel. Your buddy just shot at a cop, got shot 3 times, you charge the cop, and then proceed to just back up into your house. He is luuuucky.

  20. Gotta Respect the Officer's COMMITMENT to stay SHARP and to do A GOOD JOB. After having a scumbag almost shoot you in the face. He remained in control and profesional. I'm in awe. That's CHARACTER. One had none (what a punk! ) but luckily The Officer had enough for everyone involved. TONS OF RESPECT. Thanks for the great content, been watching for a while but I finally subscribed today. Great Work!

  21. I wander why that happen that often in USA, in my country, Spain, nobody dare to try to shot a police officer, maybe once every 5 years or something like that

  22. That kid is lucky that the officer didn't shoot him, and the officer is lucky that the kid didn't run into the house to grab his AR 15. If I was that officer, I don't think that I would have let him run into the house.

  23. Cop was brilliant using the corner technique. Keeping his back turned so he can see everything. Kudos dude.

  24. i can't believe he didn't shoot the other guy in the heat of the moment with him rushing right at him…absolutely top notch decision making and control

  25. first you said he didn't live through that. then you say he live wtf also you telling me officer practiced to deflect and draw shot lol

  26. Why do they draw on cops? What do they hope to accomplish? To kill the cop? Ok. Then what? Get killed when they chase him? Or to go to jail for a very long time? There's no winning.

  27. 2:40 is where the officer knew there was going to be a gun fight. The guy was about to reach and the officer got right on his gun. A silent exchange…that's why he was prepared. Great job officer…

  28. The suspect who got shot and the dumb guy who ran towards the officers are "Dum and Dummer" the other guy better be lucky that cop wasn't a trigger happy rookie.

  29. Great defense and reaction. Why though, did PD allow the kid to go in the house to get the Mossberg, or AR-15 ? !

  30. …also, cop showed restraint by not shooting dude in the head when he bent over. Head was closer to him; could've very easily pealed his cap….

  31. Every officer needs to take lessons from this amazing public servant. I hate cops but obviously would never harm one.
    He was well within his right to smoke the other guy but because he wasn't blood thirsty and exceptionally trained he didn't.
    We need more like him!

  32. The officer got lucky. All the perp had to do was realize he could shoot through his own jacket and the officer would've been killed. Food for thought.

  33. The low life perp should have been charged with attempted murder of a police officer. You know damn well that's what he wanted to do.

  34. ¡¡Congratulation John Correia!!…Que bueno que este video ya venga con traducción al Spanish…Así que sean todos por favor.

  35. Any person that pull a gun on police officers like that , is a hard core criminal OR has serious mental problems. I love that the situation was perfectly handled by the police officer.

  36. A day in the life of a patrol officer. There is no other job like it. Another “police shooting” video you won’t see in MSM.

  37. Police should be paid more. They have to know so much from how to draw to marksmanship, how to write a report and testify in court., how to assess situations. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  38. It Is unbelievable how cops in the US debates with suspects. Cops are authority, suspects must respond to the requests and be cool. Pull a gun on a officer? Really? Where does this S()it! Come from? Where this audacity comes from? A Brazilian cop stops a suspect, they are pissing their pants already! If the suspect blinks they get a gun pointed at them. If they move they get shot right there. That’s it. This culture has spoiled kids so much. That’s why we see this kind of crap all over the US. Lack or respect for authority….
    Great cop! Shot the SOB right in his chest. I hope this SOB dies. This one will not repeat that again…

  39. I'm sure its due to his training, but I don't know how he held back from pulling the trigger on that second guy. Just incredible restraint in a situation like that. This should be a training video for all police officers.

  40. HUGE RESPECT to the officer. Even after how fast and sudden this all happened and after how well he maintained his alertness all the while and then handled this situation, getting shots on target, incapacitating that p.o.s…

    he immediately went to 360 degree situation awareness and was looking for the next possible target (if it presented itself), whether that being the young looking kid or someone else. The guy hosting needs to rephrase this to, " … unfortunately the perp did live through this. " Some may find that harsh but the moment he just tried to bushwack this officer in cold blood, he forfeited his own life at that moment. Just my opinion.

  41. 2nd guy should have been put prone on the ground near the first ….allowing him into the house possibly to get a weapon was a huge risk

  42. This is one of the big reasons women police officer should not work the " beat", because any man could over power them and take their gun. Also because they cant pick someone up in a emergency. But they are great working with kids in emergencies.

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