6 Replies to “NRA Personal Protection Expo draws big crowds weeks after 2 mass shootings in Texas”

  1. 😱You're going to need it when the red communist Chinese and the others, begin to invade our country. as a US Democratic party is leading us down the path to the United Nations one world order which begins in 2021

  2. JESUS IS EVERYTHING you need…EVERYTHING else is a LIE of the devil…Don't let this world of lies take Heaven away…Only by the gift of JESUS dieing for your sins on the cross can save you…PLEASE believe in JESUS…
    HE'S REAL!!!
    GOD bless everyone…

  3. This channel's board is filled with left-leaning elites (with armed guards) so ofcourse this "story" will be an attack/spin piece pushing an agenda.

  4. "Were not all a bunch of crazy rifling gun nuts" Says the gun wealder with the stupid Moustache!? Get the fuck outta here dude! I bet hes got like a machine gun off a Helicopter gunship just casually left on his coffee table at home! His back yards littered with crates of amo! But here he is, with the little ones, as hes on t.v today.🤭

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