‘Not Fit For Office’: George H. W. Bush Lawyer And Barr Colleague Slams Barr For ‘Undermining’ DOJ

‘Not Fit For Office’: George H. W. Bush Lawyer And Barr Colleague Slams Barr For ‘Undermining’ DOJ

100 Replies to “‘Not Fit For Office’: George H. W. Bush Lawyer And Barr Colleague Slams Barr For ‘Undermining’ DOJ”

  1. So called AG named Barr is clearly compromised & demeaned the entire USA DOJ. A disgrace…. Barr must be disbarred & removed!

  2. Remember way back to the last presidential election when trump went crazy after learning Bill Clinton met the AG Lynch for a few minutes? Now Barr and cheater trump are doing way worst. Barr is happy to bark for trump, then deny it ever happened.
    This is what a gangster government looks like.
    Only republicans can meet with AGs, Dem presidents and husbands of candidates running can’t.
    We are in the era of terror.

  3. It is not about the criminality of Roger Stone's. It is about how Trump wants to create his own organized crime empire by letting his clones off the charges and "punishing" innocent advocates for the democracy. His targets have expanded after the impeachment to include not only the House Democrats but also the honorable impeachment witnesses and innocent people like us. All that Trump wants is to create his own rules so that he can do all of illegal things without being charged. The Senate Republicans are responsible to wake up a terrible devil wolf from the contained status to the real dictator and real criminal king.

  4. America you are now officially a 'Banana Republic' and your Democratic Republic is lost. Something that took you almost 244 years, a civil war, 2 world wars, conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc and millions of other lives lost fighting to right wrongs and correct injustices, both internally and externally – all for naught.

    You have a deeply corrupt president and government, who have effectively set up an autocracy. The American people are being robbed daily by big corporations lining their pockets, bilking billions of dollars in overcharges on your medical, defense and any other government contract. You are being ripped off by your current president, his enablers and corporate government contractors, who pay billions annually to lobby your government.

    Going forward America, you will be unable to talk about Third World countries, without being able to understand and identify with the fear of a nation desperately trying to rid itself of a corrupt despotic and parasitic government.

    Call a halt to this inevitable future America, by standing up as one and being counted – stop being sheeple. Vote in your upcoming senatorial and presidential elections, as your lives depend on it, perhaps as never before. Encourage and mobilise everyone you know or meet to vote, especially your normally apathetic younger generation, as they have the most to loose here. Start the healing process as a nation and best wishes for a long, abundant and peaceful nation, from the majority of us out there, globally.

  5. Trump uses Bill Burr as AG to undo all of Mueller works, so that he would erase all of his bad records from the history. And he now wants to control all of justice system by letting his clones that were already charged for the crimes free from any sentencing and by "punishing" non-criminal but anti-Trumpsters…such as innocent witnesses and House Democrats… It is really a sign of Trump trying to control the entire country and to create his own organized criminal empire where he can do whatever he wants. Trump supporters, still not see this terrible animal?

  6. Barr has been undermining the rule of law in our country to protect the crooked D. Trump. He has shown himself to be unfit for the office he holds. Must be removed.

  7. Barr is a crock like trump he is a liar why he has to interfere with Roger Stone setence because he his trump friend we know that Barr is a liar and he belongs in prison

  8. Unfit for office, should be tattooed on Barr's forehead along with Moron Don, Pence and countless others.While a yellow tattoo 12 inches wide should be down every GOP senator's back.(save one.)

  9. Barr is washed up. He could not do his job right. His buddy Donald gave him this job. We need an attorney general that knows how to do his job properly.

  10. Wouldn’t it be insane if Barr was playing some type of “double agent” and had instead amassed tons of evidence on Trump during this term only to dump it on Trump’s head once he leaves office?

    Nah, who am I kidding, Barr’s as crooked as a mountain road.

  11. Bill Barr has been covering up presidential scandals for decades. He was the architect of the Iran-Contra coverup, the WMD's provided to Iraq, the lying about the Muller report, and now this. He is quite skilled in this arena, which is why Trump hired him.

  12. He is a disgrace to America!!! Barr should of already been removed when he lied about the MUELLER REPORT!! TRUMP IS DOING IT AGAIN IN 2020 I HOPE SOMEONES WATCHING BOTH OF THEM!! THIS IS BS TO THE PEOPLE!!!! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!! IMPEACH BOTH!!!

  13. These ppl are the dumbest ppl i have ever seen and i use to bartend. They sux up to get a job from trump then they have sold their soul to the devil. They end up either in prison or kicked out and slammed by the guy they lost everything they worked for all their lives. No one has come out of his control in good shape. Im just wondering what he has on Kelly Conway

  14. No argument here…..Barr and the rest of the Trump Cult in the US senate and elsewhere are not fit for office in a democracy.

  15. If an employee is incapable of doing a job ( Trump , Barr and the entire GOP. ) they need to be fired, Only then can real justice prevail, and the damage done be repaired. No doubt it will be years of time to undo the wrongs of this incompetent and corrupt thieves in the WH.

  16. This is all rich considering Holder told Obama he was his wingman and was the first AJ to ever be held in contempt for violating a court ordered suponea. Barr actually pushed back against Trump and reinforced his independence yet nothing is never enough for some people. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

  17. He is a deluded christian zealot and a partisan republican trump enabler. He has no business being anywhere near the justice department much less leading it.

  18. barr's recent comments: he says he will do what he thinks is right and won't be bullied – but notice he never says he will follow and uphold the law or the constitution. this is a dangerous, criminal – complicit co-conspirator in power grab and willing to cover up for impotus 3.

  19. Bernie Sanders is going to flush the Democrat party down the toilet. You think Trump was bad? You will all be out of a job. And then the country will go bankrupt based on the free *hit going to voters.

  20. As a forigner I may have got this wrong, but aren't the AG supposed to work for the people? All the people.? And if so, isn't it dead wrong to state the opinion that "the left" are out of order. Shouldn't he just stick to verifiable facts instead of voicing political propaganda. What does that even mean: "the left"? More people voted "left" than "right" during the 2016 presidential election so left should mean mainstream.

  21. We the people of United States of America demand for Barr to resign! Is not the Congress is not the Senate is not Democrat’s is us the voters that demand for Barr to resign or be impeached.

  22. GOP a joke. Barr was confirmed by the GOP cult Senate. Moscow Mitch and the Trump enablers (the current GOP) have got to go.

  23. Acts 12:21-24 Upon a set day Herod(POTUS), arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, made an oration unto them. GOP gave a shout, saying, It is voice of a god, not of a man. Immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: he was eaten of worms, & (died). But the word of God grew&multiplied.

  24. I guess all those tariffs Trump released and increased on China in threats are null and void, since no one is showing up for work in CHINA now, afraid of COVID virus and getting sick. No phones, nothing being made….so all that money POTUS thought he was going to get into his golf pocket, is leaking out.

  25. My opinion, I think TRUMP wanted to use the UKRAINE funds, to build his wall in Mexico, but got caught with his hands in the "cookie jar" on 9/11 amazing.

  26. The DOJ may report to but doesn't work for the President they work for justice and the people, all the people. Any thumbs attempting to tilt the scales need to be cut off.

    Now the sentence maybe excessive, but then fix the process for everyone not merely favorites. Be a President and represent everyone not merely your friends for that isn't Presidential it's personal.

  27. Barr joined the Trump team one year ago today. Feb 14, 2019. 
    One year after Trump asked, "Where is my Roy Cohn" Jan 07, 2018 

  28. As an Opus Dei member, Barr believes the only judgment he'll get is in the next world — not this one. He's said he cares not about his reputation after he's dead. Opus Dei is the Catholic Church's equivalent of the SS, the organization whose very belt buckles read, "Loyalty is My Honor." Thus members of the SS were given automatic absolution for committing massacres and other morally terrible acts, b/c they had substituted loyalty to Hitler for a conscience and believed they were not accountable to anybody but him. They were right, too — as long as the war was going well! Barr's the same way with Trump; I think that for a long time he's looked for someone to give him "top cover" so as to be able to act with impunity in a federal-level Justice context and to do what he can to shape God's world to better resemble what he conceives to be the Kingdom to Come. I'm especially concerned that Bob Mueller, Chuck Rosenberg, Rod Rosenstein, and others who worked closely with Barr for years and called him friend had NO IDEA that this was his belief or plan — to the contrary, when he was nominated as AG they all breathed sighs of relief and heartily endorsed him in the media as an "institutionalist" who would firmly uphold judicial independence and the other prerogatives of the Justice Dept. against a President who was inclined to erode them. Question: WHO ELSE, among the ever-fewer senior personages we trust in Gov't, is just waiting to "go off the reservation" as Barr has? Couple SCOTUS justices, maybe? Then we're really screwed.

  29. Looks like the DoJ needs to be reformed again. It obviously isn't working if Barr and tRump can just go around doing whatever they want, no matter how many laws are broken.

  30. Well. Ya'll voted not to remove the President for his misconduct. So now just deal with him Bu// $hit. Or impeach him again. But this time remove him.

  31. Idiots don't know the facts. Hey, that'a good time to call for IMPEACHMENT!!! LOL!!!
    Yes, the decision to change the recommendation was mad BEFORE the 9 year recommendation even got filed. Barr was surprised to see the control-structure-media report that was what was filed and indicated to staff that an updated filing needed made —and this was BEFORE Trump made any tweet.

  32. This is Barr's disgusting attemp to play the victim he can't do his job because of Trump's tweets. Lap dog barr protects trump 100%. Step down, or get disbarred you aren't fit to be AG.

  33. Coming to you soon. The never been seen before… ever!!!


    The original actors return to the silver screen for all so see. Powerful corrupt selling their soul to protect the evil not so genius as he aspires to take over the world. Domination of the dark skinned people. Grabbing of the women's privates and yes lies, lies and more lies not in an attempt to protect himself from jail but instead to make himself look like the Greatest of everything that has existed before… Greatest of Everything created before.

    Then there is the sequel…BARR’S IMPEACHMENT.

    Actually this is just a remake from 1977 where John Newton Mitchell, after his tenure as Richard Nixon’s U.S. Attorney General was sentenced to 19 months in prison for his part in the Watergate Affairs. This was not in Technicolor.

  34. Looks like the current administration is systematically destroying OUR foundation of CIVILized government. What is the command structure? Got a picture or diagram?

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