17 Replies to “News Now Stream Part 1 – 9/26/19 (FNN)”

  1. second hand info…..get it to the public and lets make Trump look bad again……..idiots will never get rid of the president and even the idiots that vote for you will vote for Trump in 2020

  2. President Trump loves Our country very much , He is devoted to America and American people !!! He not deserve that ugly Pencil Neck  Adam will put dirt on His reputation…You will win again, dear Mr. Trump, peoples President !!!

  3. The deep state hates Trump because he's shutting down the cons, the gravy train, and the kickback pork barrel. Vote Trump 2020.

  4. Schiff looks scared…he MUST find dirt on this great POTUS or his tyranny will be found out!
    Can't run or hide President Trump will bring you to justice!

  5. 6:38 Non-working phones?! In a detainment center in a country that you entered illegally? OH NOES! Ever been to a shitty motel in Jersey City? Toots? Get. Something. To. Do.

  6. It's incredible it seems like we are watching the body snatchers DEMARATS are sick and are forcing it on the American people

  7. It's a night mare to see the sickness that the DEMARATS represent they can't function clearly ,shift making up and preformed like a lunatic for all to see

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