Netgear Arlo Review – Best Budget Security Camera

Netgear Arlo Review – Best Budget Security Camera

I’ve been getting alerts in my neck of the
woods that there have been break ins, fortunately that hasn’t happened to us But my wife and I have been wanting some peace
of mind the problem is I’m cheap. Really cheap, super super cheap ya. So I’ve been on the lookout for something
that can keep us safe but also something that doesn’t break the bank Enter arlo But at well over $150, does Arlo deliver? I’m Titus, this is The Search For Awesome,
let’s find out Arlo is a smart security camera Kinda like a security system, except without
an alarm for criminals or for scaring the poo out of your cat that accidentally trips
it. And it doesn’t have a monitoring company
behind it that calls the authorities for you when an emergency is detected So why would you want one of these? Well I’ve had mine for about 6 months. And it’s kinda great. I bought it, because I’m really cheap. And because we were going out of town for
2 weeks and something about just locking up the house and just leaving it for 2 weeks
just felt wrong. If something happened, we’d have no idea. These smart security cameras like Nest, Canary,
Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo aren’t alarm replacements, but what they do offer is way for you monitor
your own house instead of an expensive alarm company To put it simply, if I’m not home and my
Arlo detects motion or some strange noise, I get a notification on my phone and I can
then pier in and see what’s up. If someone I don’t know is in my home, I
can then call the police myself It also records video of the incident in case
you need it later. It stores the video clips in the Arlo Cloud
so even if an intruder sees the camera and steals your Arlo, you still have footage of
the incident in the cloud. It’s powered with an included AC adaptor
and connects to your network via wifi. Setting up Arlo is as easy as plugging it
in, downloading the Arlo app, and following the short easy guide. I don’t know how I feel about the design. Its plastic and looks nice, but it looks like
a camera. I’ve noticed it can sometimes make people
visiting us uncomfortable with a camera staring at them in my living room. I think I like the approach of Canary with
their design better. Theirs looks sorta like a Bluetooth speaker,
but I see the pros and cons to both. It looking like a camera could scare off a
criminal, but not looking like a camera might mean the police can get before they realize
they’re being monitored. It offers a 130-degree field of view for a
great view of the room or rooms you’re trying to monitor. It also features 2 way voice so I can hear
what’s happening in my house and I can talk through the camera from my phone. I’ve used this for non security reasons
too. I was trying to call my wife but she wasn’t
picking up. So I just pulled up The Arlo app and she was
just sitting on the couch. She was doing something productive I’m sure. With the voice feature, I could talk to her
through the camera and she could talk back. The audio quality isn’t great, but she could
hear me and I could hear her You could also use this to tell your dog to
get off the couch if that is so desired? Really cool. Really practical. Fortunately, I haven’t had any criminals
in my home but I have some *eh hmm* ideas on how you can deal with a situation with
one with just this feature alone. *Shotgun cock* Sorry I’ll be down in a minute *groans* *poop noises* Aw come on man, I shouldn’t have had taco tuesday That is gross *Fart noise* What is wrong with you It unpleasant for both of us I assure you. *lame dog bark* You can unhh use those at your own risk The Netgear Arlo Q also supports night vision
and although it looks really creepy – it works surprisingly well. This is a pitch black room and I can see what’s
going on with a surprising amount of accuracy. Even things pretty far from the camera are
visible It has what they call activity zones so if
you know a particular area the camera is seeing that might trigger a notification from Arlo,
then you might want to zone that part of the image off. For instance if you have a small dog you might
want to zone off the lower areas of the room so the animal doesn’t trigger Arlo over
and over. I have mine set up where it mostly sees the
living room and part of the kitchen so that way it can see the front and back door of
my home. The only issue here is if it’s brighter
in the living room than the kitchen or vis versa, I can’t see into both rooms. Arlo supports Alexa as well, so you can access
your security camera without even having to use your phone. You can say alexa show me Arlo and if you
have Fire TV, you can see it on your big screen. Or if you have an echo show you can see it
right on that. And if you have multiple cameras it’s as
easy as saying the name of each camera Arlo supports 4 modes which are really flexible
and make it easy to monitor your home. You turn it on and off manually as you come
and go, but it’s 2017. I don’t want to do things, I want things
to be done for me There is geofencing mode that uses your phone’s
GPS to turn Arlo on and off. So when you’re home, your phone let’s Arlo
know. I’ve had some success with that feature,
but when I’m in my house my phone has trouble with GPS so that wasn’t foolproof for me. So I use schedule mode which lets you set
when you want Arlo armed for each day specifically. So while I’m at work it’s armed. While I’m sleeping it’s armed. And when I’m home during the weekend, it’s
not armed. You can even mix the modes and use geofencing
and schedule mode in tandem but again I’ve had mixed results with geofencing. And let’s say you’re out of the country and
want someone else to watch your home. You can grant access to someone easily and
give them permission to see whatever camera you want while you’re away. Then when you’re back you can take that access
away, it would be a little weird to let your friends pier in your house as they please… Arlo isn’t perfect though, in fact every
alert I’ve gotten from Arlo detecting something it has been a false positive… but that’s
a good thing though…right? Lots of things can trigger Arlo, for instance
on the 4th of July you’d think an army of wrongdoers marched into my house and ripped
it clean with all the notifications I got. Thunder as well can trigger Arlo. And the light outside changing suddenly can
trigger it as well. See this sudden change of light triggered
Arlo. To be fair these occurrences are pretty rare
for me. I get maybe 1 false alert every 2 weeks or
so. Also I’ve had the camera get locked up on
me twice in the past 6 months. Basically going into the Arlo app showed no
cameras were connected. When I got home the Arlo showed a purple light
instead of the normal blue telling me something was wrong. It was simple fix though, just unplugging
and plugging it back in did the trick. What’s cool is Netgear offers a full suite
of Arlo security cameras if you want more. They offer a baby monitor, wireless battery
powered cameras with batteries that according to various reviews, lasts months for each
charge. There is even a Arlo Q Plus which offers ethernet
and an sd slot for local video recording. And the Arlo Pro line have alarms you can
set to go off if you’d want something like that. Some of these cameras require their hub at
an additional price to work so keep that in mind. So why should you buy Arlo Specifically? Arlo isn’t unique, other cameras have features
just like this. so why did I choose this one vs the competition? There are couple of things I looked when I
bought a security camera. One thing is who makes it? The company behind a product is almost as
important as the product itself. If they close shop in a month, your smart
security camera could be a paperweight. But Netgear is a billion dollar company so
Arlo has a pretty strong company behind it. So check there. Also, Netgear is a company that makes routers
and other devices requiring good security. So Arlo should be pretty secure from people
hacking into your camera and getting to see into your home. More on that later though. Another thing I look at when buying any tech,
is is it popular? That might surprise you, but when I buy new
tech, I found there is safety in numbers. If something goes wrong with a gadget and
there is a defect, 50 million people being upset about it is much more powerful than just you
and 3 guys named fred. Even the smallest issue that has come up with
an iPhone has made national news. And the last thing I look at is value. How much does it cost, what does it offer
for that price tag and do people seem to like it? I believe I bought mine for $160 about 6 months
ago. Quite a bit for a small security camera. But one thing that got my attention is what
you get for free vs the competition Arlo will record anything motion or audio
activated and store it for 7 days in the cloud for up to 5 cameras for free. In that 7 days you can download anything Arlo
picks if you want to keep for longer. Now it does it in 15 second increments, so
it starts recording for 15 seconds then after that 15 seconds is done it will start recording
another 15 seconds if it still detects somethings. And if it still detects something it just
keeps recording another 15 seconds, and then another, and then another. This way if you miss a notification that
it detected something on your phone, you’re not completely out of luck, you can watch
exactly what it caught. To put things into perspective, Nest only
gives you 3 hour snapshots which lets you see pictures, not video clips, but pictures
that were taken in the past 3 hours. Of course you can upgrade to their Basic or
Extended packages to get video saved to the cloud, but starting at $10 a month why not
just get a dedicated security system if you’re going to spend that type of money. And other competitors like Canary and Amazon
aren’t much better offering to save video clips for 1 day without paying or full clips
for 30 days if you’re willing to shell out $10 a month. For Arlo if their free 7 days of cloud storage
isn’t enough, they offer 30 day storage for up to 10 cameras or 60 day storage for
up to 15 cameras for an additional monthly fee. The last thing I want to talk about hacking. I don’t think feel that you should to be
concerned with that with Arlo, but I feel that I should explain some things If a hacker got a hold of your camera, they
could see into your house without you knowing it and perhaps do something more malicious. I’m not an expert on network security, but
I know some people that are so I asked them how they would feel about Arlo and what they
would do to prevent from being hacked. They told me they would setup a VPN for any
camera they might use which is a really secure way of connecting to it so hackers can’t
get into it. I researched trying to use a VPN with Arlo
and unfortunately it doesn’t seem that you can do that which is sorta a bummer but if
you know of a way you can do it, please let me know in the comments because I would really
love to know. But I don’t think it’s all bad and despite
the suggestion from my really smart friends, I actually feel pretty comfortable with Arlo. I mentioned before Netgear makes Arlo and
Netgear also makes routers and other things that require really good security. And because Netgear has a background internet
security it probably means hackers have less of a chance accessing Arlo but that’s in
my very limited opinion. So here’s what I do to give myself just
a little more comfort. I just have the Arlo in the living room and
not somewhere private like my bedroom or my bathroom. If anything is happening that I don’t want
to be seen like I’m watching tv in my underwear or Leslie is exercising or something like
that, we just take the camera and turn it around to face the wall. To be honest I don’t think a hacker will
be able to get a hold of it, but even if they did in my case there not going to see anything
that would make us blush. With all of that said, I think the Arlo Q
is a tremendous value and great option for anybody looking for a security camera. It’s not the highest tech security camera
on the market, but it has all of the features that I could possibly need for a product like
this 6 months after purchasing this, I feel like
it has given my wife and I what we really wanted from it, peace of mind. Right after I posted our last video, we hit
a massive milestone and I wish I had time to cover it in that video but let’s celebrate
it right now. We hit 1,000 subscribers. Just incredible. My goal this year was to hit 1,000 subscribers
and we hit it a month early. And not only that as of the posting of this
video it looks like we’re about to hit about 1,600 or we might have already hit it. I just want to say each of you that have watched
these videos, each of you that have subscribed, each of you that thought this channel was
worth your time. I hope I’m not disappointing you. Let me know in the comments if I am and how
I can improve and just thank you. Thank you for giving this channel a shot. It just feels like a dream is coming true. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I
think that the future is bright for The Search for Awesome. And I just want to thank each of you that
are supporting me by watching these videos and just leaving awesome comments. Some of you people are so nice like leaving
some of the nicest comments I have ever seen. I’ve been getting comments like, “I was
shocked when I saw you only had blank subscribers.” And I just – those are so nice. Like you don’t have to do that. Thank you guys seriously. It means the world to me. And I guess I’ll see you guys in the next
video and I guess I’ll see you at 10,000 in 2018. That feels really intimidating now that I’ve
just come out and said it. I’m going to go work on that. Well hi there! I can see you’re down on your luck, I don’t
think you’d be in my home right now if that weren’t true. Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard of a pyramid scheme? I have some great news for you because this
isn’t one of those. Picture more of a triangle. And I’ll be at the top, you’ll be in the
middle and all of your Facebook friends will be at the bottom. Where’d you go? I’ll take that as a maybe.

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  1. Yo Awsome, solid video; the production was improving, your humor was slipping, but the product and value was again on point! I'll use this security can with my new Fire tablet w/Alexa! Winner, winner chitlin dinner! Thanks

  2. Good video. I thought the zones were the positive capture regions, not negative regions. I think the thing they need is better moderate/advanced features guide, like the zones and the audiovideo capture threshold levels.

  3. Cameras lose sync after power outage – every time.
    If it happens early in the day while i'm at work, i have the rest of the work day without my cameras working. if it happens while i'm sleeping, i'd go the whole night without my cameras working.

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