NETFLIX System Design: How does Netflix onboard new content?

NETFLIX System Design: How does Netflix onboard new content?

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  1. Nice video!! Video request about Design Online food ordering service like Uber eats and explain how to integrate it with existing Uber ride-sharing service.

  2. Have a look at
    and for more detailed, jargon..ed and time consuming version. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks Gaurav. Keep going (y) <3

  3. Gourav, thank you.
    Can you please make a video swiggy (example) payments and it handles different response like success, failed, or pending.

  4. I had a doubt if some one gets the access for open connect as it is a local cache then there is big potential problem right there. Any why we should require an open connect it means you have your data in netflix as well as in open connect. it means wastage of data same data is presemt at 2 places

  5. One question.
    There are several isp in india so does Netflix type of cache it in each and every isp's and is it safe because any since it's the cache of the isp's the contents can easily be confiscated or does Netflix takes care it the security by itself?

  6. Hi Gaurav!
    Neatly presented ideation of Netflix! I have a question about open connect as talked in your video.
    1. How movie will be inserted in open connect if it’s out of the box of interest of user? E.g. I want to see Korean series.
    A. What algo they use to prevent load for this kind of interest and how they figure out?
    B. Do they use ML for next chunk prediction or explicit programming?
    2. Which recommendation algo they use for predictions of favourites?

    Thanks πŸ™πŸ» and keep it up!

  7. Have been working in this arena for a while now, you got everything correct man, other stuff you post usually goes over my head because I haven't dabbled in a lot of those things but for once, felt nice to already know what you were gonna say. Haha.

  8. Hey gaurav nice video. Just one doubt. Isn't the client and open connect/netflix servers talk directly once ISP found the location of site ? I see you are speaking abt ISP taking load. Can you explain more on this

  9. Awesome explanation gaurav , even though i m not learning system design i learnt a lot about the way u taught the concepts and correlated to some of the concepts currently i have been studying , πŸ™‚ thnkx bro , loved ur 'follow ur passion' blog on wordpress πŸ™‚

  10. what is happening to you bro…you don't look good. You seems tired and working a lot..please do something about it.

  11. Netflix subscribers : We are the coolest people living on this planet ! We watch netflix and chill
    Netflix Engineers : Hold my(our) Beer !

  12. Can u suggest the best book for understanding and also learning System Design questions, which might also help in interviews

    Pls am in a great need for it….pls

  13. Thanks for the video Gaurav. What I knew was that Netflix has servers for different regions and not just in the US. Also will not the Open connect or the cache will ever get full? What about when many users are accessing at the same time, like on weekends?

  14. Let's talk about tik tok. Why It's so fuckingg fast even in low connection!! What engineering they use and how they manage all.

  15. What about the security of such cache boxes? Given that netflix thrives on content… Keeping these movies safe is paramount and the more you distribute the files the more risk you're at. I'm sure they have a way… Just wondering how different would it be to the usual security?

  16. Another informative video from you. Nice explanation. Thanks. Just wanted to add something on the caching part. Many websites take help of CDN providers like Akamai to do the caching on behalf of them. The CDN providers have the required infrastructure across the globe wherein they have placed their caching servers in most of the countries.

  17. Aren't those boxes which serve 90% of content are CDNs'? And how will Netflix decide which videos' should be stored in the boxes near to the region?

  18. How does that make Open Connect different from a CDN? What you end up achieving is more or less the same. (Maybe CDN won't lead to 90% localization of traffic due to some limitation!?)

  19. I recommend reading this article:

    β€œHow Netflix works: the (hugely simplified) complex stuff that happens every time you hit Play” by Mayukh Nair

  20. It's amazing to see how Guarav improves the quality of his content, and I can tell you, guys, as a newbie tech Youtuber, it's a big deal. Keep it up, bro! πŸ˜‰

  21. How ISP know what I am requesting to any website? Isn't it a encrypted request? ISP do know which website you want to visit but not what you want from a site?

  22. Where is this Open Connect placed and maintained like for say Indian users?…Like Uber does for updating it's db about uber rides…

  23. Hey Gaurav, loved your video. I had one suggestion, there is this technology called pixel shuffling, which is used to reconstruct the video playback. Can you dwelve deeper into how is that being done?
    Thanks a lot

  24. What is so revolutionary about Open Connect boxes? Its nothing but placing your localised servers close to the clients isn't it ? I will be shocked to know it had not been prevelant before Netflix did

  25. Can you explain some of the advanced concepts of video streaming too? For eg., Bandersnatch? I wonder how Netflix is providing conditional streaming of video chunks based on user selection.

  26. Another question, what if some users from India only watch hollywood and not bollywood? Does that cache is based on watched content(data driven) or they assume based on language/other params?

  27. Openconnect —> UPFRONT (AWS)
    so basically s3 is storing the smaller chunks and they are being consumed using AWS UPfront to get them without lag.

    I basically, developed this architecture for my video optimizaiton algorithm πŸ™‚

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