Netatmo Welcome Security Camera Review

Netatmo Welcome Security Camera Review

Gabe: Hey everybody, it’s Gabe, at Security
Baron. Today we’re going to talk about the Netatmo
Welcome Indoor Security Camera. The three things I want you to know about
them today. One, how it might fit your security needs. Two, what is doing better than anyone else
in the market. Three, how it compares to a premium camera
like the Canary. Let’s get started. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
cameras, google Security Baron plus best security cameras. If you have any questions about today’s review,
drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Out of the box, the Netatmo Welcome Indoor
Security Camera has a beautiful minimalism. You just got the power adapter and the camera
itself. Of course, there’s a port for Ethernet so
you can hardwire it directly into your high-speed Internet connection. You’ve got a slot for microSD card up to 32
gigabytes for local storage, and of course, the little slot where you plug in this power
adapter. It’s a really beautiful camera, but we also,
of course, care about its functionality. Let’s put it to the Security Baron necessary
features tests, which includes video quality, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud
storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, value, and convenience. Let’s talk about what’s most important with
an indoor security camera, the actual footage. The Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera
comes with 1080p high-definition video, but I do have a few things I want to mention about
it. One, the live streaming lags a lot. With my Verizon Fios Internet connection,
I thought I’d get an immediate live stream once I clicked on the app. However, I was waiting about 10 seconds. I think that’s due to the cloud storage system. Secondly, while it is 1080p, I would say that
the video quality is only decent compared to some of the other cameras that we’ve seen. Finally, it does have a 130-degree viewing
angle which is higher than most, which is typically 120 degrees. It’s going to capture almost everything in
a room. It does have audio, but it doesn’t have a
two-way audio. It will pick up on sounds and you can hear
what’s happening, but you cannot respond to or tell anybody to do anything in another
room. The Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera
comes to the night mode that matches the quality of its daytime mode. Essentially, what you’ll see is a black and
white rendering of the room around you. You’ll get a decent video quality and be able
to see and discern what’s going on. You can also still, of course, record video
clips throughout the evening. You can just watch your cat as it bounces
off the walls and does all those things that cats do at night. The Netatmo Indoor Welcome Security Camera
really excels when it comes to its storage options. Of course here at Security Baron, it’s the
necessary feature to have decent storage options, and here, they really excel. There is a Dropbox option so you can directly
drop all your videos that you have into the Dropbox. In addition, you can setup your own private
FTP server and there’s local storage with the SD card that takes up to 32 gigabytes. This is definitely a necessary feature that
is spectacular for the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera. Here at Security Baron, we take smart platform
integration pretty seriously. The Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera
has a lot of functionality in that sense. It links directly with Google Home so you
can use your Google Assistant to go through and see what’s going on in your house. What’s unique to Netatmo is this new bot it
has with Facebook Messenger. I take my smartphone, I go directly into the
app, I can say, “Who is at home?” The app will respond to me with who is recognized
or just tell me that no one’s at house. That’s a pretty cool feature and unique to
the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera. Here at Security Baron in each review, we
want to look at device’s facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence. The Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera
is no different. It has facial recognition that can match up
to 32 faces. You can put up to 32 people into the system
via the smartphone app. It will start to recognize them. Therefore, it won’t begin to go off or send
alerts when those people are in the home so they can feel safe like they’re not being
watched and recorded at all times. Of course, it will go into pets and humans
and distinguish between the two. Considering the market that Netatmo is trying
to compete in with the Google Nest, the Canary and the Lighthouse, I was a little disappointed
in how difficult it was for some of the elements of this to work for the price that they’re
asking. It comes in at an approximate $200, should
expect it to work a little better and to have a little more functionality, for example,
no two-way audio for that price point. The last thing I want to talk about today
when talking about necessary features for any camera for Security Baron is convenience. The Netatmo from the moment which you unbox
it to the moment which you set it up on the app is only about 10 minutes. You can get it going and start inputting faces. It’s pretty straightforward and relatively
intuitive. It wasn’t hard for me to link my Facebook
Messenger account or even the Google account to the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera. However, there are a couple issues I would
say. One, it gets really hot to the touch. Granted, you’re not holding this very often,
but it is a little jarring because it makes me worry about what’s actually going on. Secondly, the lag is tremendous. It’s really strange to have to see something
going on 10 to 15 seconds after you know it actually happened. That’s an issue that I really think is affecting
my perspective of the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera. Let’s take a look at the Netatmo mobile application. When you open the app on the very first page,
you just get a bunch of faces with the live stream option down below. The faces are mostly my face and some people
that have come into my room, from various people who’ve come in and out. You can begin to name them. If you go in you can see who it was or you
can see who came through. It’s useful. The issue is that the Netatmo, depending on
the direction in which it sees someone, may see the same person and think that there’s
someone else, which can be a little bit annoying. Even if I put in everyone’s face, it doesn’t
necessarily always capture, but it does get better over time. If I want to go into the live stream, I just
tap on the page. Here you can see how well it works. The live stream is maybe not the best quality
that we’ve seen for our cameras inside the app. If I very briefly go to full screen and see
how well that works out, it’s actually a pretty good little neat video there. If I go out, I can look at the three buttons
in the top right, that give me various options. You’ve got the monitoring of each room in
each camera. Here I’ve got Baron Point and Baronesses both
setup. I would like to make a point right now, Baron
Point was our initial Netatmo Camera. We ended up having some issues with the night
vision on that camera for whatever reason. We would like to really commend the Netatmo
support team for walking us through working with that camera and then just sending us
a replacement camera once we realized that we couldn’t get the night vision to work. Kudos to Netatmo and the people that we were
in correspondence with for how well they reacted to our questions and supported us throughout
this process. Now to go back to the app, in the top left
corner you’ve got settings. It’s a very minimal app. You’ve got manage my home that allows you
to look at various elements of how you’ve got a setup alert and recording settings. Here it talks about when people are away,
like how long it needs them to be gone before it sets them as away. It says, “What unknown faces always will be
recorded? Do you want to be notified? Even when you’re home, do you want to know
what unknown faces are there?” There are options as to whether or not you
just record video directly on motion detection. You may want to have a setting where people
just walk in the house and as soon as they walk by something, it starts recording them,
or you can have it so that only when no one is home will it start to record. It’s basically just to give you varying levels
of privacy on your app so that you’re not always being watched. Then there’s just, which is useful for a lot
of people, just the pet detection, so when your pet gets there you’ll know. It does warn you about the fact that you don’t
have unlimited space with an SD card. What’s also great is that there’s an alarm
detection. If it hears anything, it’ll let you know. If an alarm goes off for another system you
may have, if you have a home security system or this time the other and you’ll get a direct
notification to your phone. At the bottom, you can set when it deletes
events and when it does not. For editing profiles, I can put in different
people as I have here, the different names. I’m Gabe, I put my stuff in. It should recognize me, but you’ll note that
as I stated earlier it won’t always know. That’s something we talked about earlier was
the fact that the cloud storage options are so great. You’ve got cloud storage for Dropbox. You can setup your own FTP server. You can manage the guests in your home, who
can come in, who can look at the app, who has access to it, install new products, and
of course, the smart home bot for Facebook Messenger. That is where we initially started talking
to Netatmo. We eventually got to a real person who helped
us to setup our new system. That’s our look at the Netatmo mobile application. Now we’re looking at the high-definition video
on the Netatmo Welcome. Honestly, it’s almost as beautiful as the
camera itself. The Netatmo has 130-degree field of view. You’re actually capturing a lot of what’s
happening in here and you have digital zoom up to eight times. We can go in and see what’s happening, look
over here. Give the old globe test, which is always fun,
and see exactly what’s going on in the room. When it comes to the video quality on the
Netatmo Welcome, we give it full marks because you can see for yourself, it’s great. Here’s the night vision on the Netatmo Welcome
Security Camera and, honestly, we really like it. The Netatmo has infrared LED for night vision. It allows us to see everything that’s going
on. We can look at our globe. It still captures everything on the screen. You can make up all the continents. You can still do your digital zoom. Here I am looking at everything in the room. It’s very, very clear. I actually, really, really like how well the
night vision works on the Netatmo Welcome. Ultimately, there are a lot of great things
to say about the features of the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera from the beautiful
minimalist design to the fact that I get alerts of motion detection on all my smart devices,
from my smartphone to my smartwatch, and can know what’s happening at any moment by just
clicking in and watching the live stream. That live stream does come with tremendous
lag. I found that to be a little problematic for
going about my day and doing things expeditiously. Otherwise, it’s a great device and can help
you feel secure in your home. I hope you’ve enjoyed our video review of
the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera. If you’d like to read our full thoughts, google
Security Baron plus Netatmo Welcome. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
and give us a like on this video. As always, this is Gabe. Be secure. [silence]

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  1. Hey Gabe! Thank you for this great video!
    I am looking for the best wire free security camera so i can put it anywhere anytime.
    Since the Arlo Pro 2 is a bit more expensive, i think i will choose the Netatmo Welcome.
    What do you think? Is this the right choice for me if i want a wire free, affordable camera?

  2. looking very nice, good pics, day and in dark.. love it! only thing that the camera looks a bit big.. Looks like that I could have made poster with with letters and wrote.. " Here is a camera im trying 2 hide" he he 🙂 but its looks very good!!!

  3. Great Video
    It would be cool to have a comparison video with other cams like the Logitech Circle 2 for example 😉

  4. Hi Security Baron, did you actually test the facial recognition? And if so, could you let me know how it did? Thx.

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