Nest Yale Lock Unboxing

Nest Yale Lock Unboxing

Gabe: Hi folks! This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re unboxing the Nest x Yale Lock. Let’s jump in. [music] Gabe: If you like to see a list of our favorite
smart locks, Google Security Baron, best smart locks. If you’ve a question about today’s unboxing,
leave us a comment. We’ll get back to you. Let’s see we got inside this Nest x Yale. Let’s get started. Makes it very clear right from the outset
that this a Nest product. It says, “Get the Nest app, add Nest Connect
first, then install the Nest Yale Lock.” Pretty weighty. Feel that. OK, that’s something. Set back here. Set this up with the Nest app. The Nest Connect comes here. Now we know, Yale product. You got that. Duracell batteries. Wow, heavy-duty lock. Action. Looks like you got your deadbolts here. Screws. Hold up, everybody! Every month at Security Baron, we like to
hook our subscribers up with a little something in the form of a $200 Amazon gift card. Now the rules to entry are simple. Subscribe to our page. Leave us a comment. You’ll will be entered to win a $200 Amazon
gift card. We do that every month. Let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve got everything out of the box,
let’s talk about all the pieces that come with your Nest x Yale Smart Lock. I’m actually pretty excited to install this
on my door. Let’s go through each of the pieces that you
get. I’ll go in the order that they talk about
it. One, you’re going to want to, of course, install
the Nest app on your phone. That’s going to [inaudible 2:32] as you use
with the other Nest products like the camera and the Nest Secure System. The Nest Connect is what goes with the lock
that allows it to connect to everything else. Your Nest Connect, plug this in. In terms of the lock itself, it does appear
to be powered by AA batteries. They come inside with some Duracell. I’m sure you can replace these with about
anything. Then on the outside of your door, the exterior
will have this piece. You got your pieces to connect to the interior
part of the door here. It’s a dark bronze. You can see the metal peeking through, it’s
a dark bronze. Aesthetically, I actually really like it. It’s discrete, sleek. I like dark a lot because personally, I don’t
like the super brassy locks for me. There you go. For your outdoors, you’ve Yale very prominently. It doesn’t say Nest anywhere. You got Nest on the Nest Connect part here,
which is white. It goes inside the house. It’ll match the rest of your Nest products. But outside of your door, very much it’s like
any other Yale Lock. Then your interior, same color scheme. You got the black. It does help you know whether or not it’s
locked or not. This will light up. Place this from the inside of the door. Of course, with all deadbolt locked. The most important part is the actual deadbolt
itself which also comes in that same bronze pattern. All the little pieces to set it up. These are the pieces that come with the Nest
Yale Lock. I’m actually really excited to not only install
this in my apartment but to also just see how well it works with the rest of the Nest
Secure System. That’s unboxing of the Nest x Yale Lock. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like. Hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. Thanks for the unboxing. Been looking at this lock for a little while. I heard that if you have a nest guard, you dont need the nest connect to communicate with the lock. Have to verify before buying though.

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