Nest Hub Max hands-on: Google’s first smart display with a camera

Nest Hub Max hands-on: Google’s first smart display with a camera

(upbeat music) – This is the Google Nest Hub Max. It is a smart home display that
also uses Google Assistant, shows your photos. Actually, if you’re familiar
with the old Google Home Hub, it’s the same thing, just
with a bigger ten inch screen and a camera for doing video calls. The Google Nest Hub Max
has a ten inch display, and it’s an HD display which
means it’s probably not ultra high resolution, but it’s HD. More importantly though,
is that it has this magical color temperature matching
thing that they did with the original Google Home Hub. So, photos look like actual photos, instead of just a TV screen
sitting on your counter. (soft relaxation music) So you look at the front of the device, you’ll see there’s a
couple of microphones. It only needs two. And then there’s the
color temperature sensor which does the magical
color temperature thing. And then of course, there is the camera. If you’re wondering, there is
a physical switch on the back. – [Device] The mic and camera are off. – Which disconnects the camera
and the microphone physically even though you don’t see a
little shutter on the front. It’s a six point five megapixel camera, but you shouldn’t care
about the megapixel count The important thing is that
it’s there for duo video chats. It has a 127 degree field of
view, which is super wide, so it’ll pick up the whole room and even though this thing is angled up, it should pick up little
children down near the counter. It does another neat trick where it will follow
you if you want it to, so it’ll try and keep faces in frame and zoom in on them just a little bit, so it looks like a nicer video chat. All of that’s kinda table
stakes for a smart speaker. We’ve seen all of that stuff before, even ones that have a display. What’s new here? I mean they’ve got a couple
of front-firing tweeters and a ‘woofer, but I wanna
go back to that camera, because that is why this
is a Google Nest product, not just another Google product, ’cause it does a bunch
of Nest-like things. One, it can become a best security camera. So you can, from your
phone, open up the Nest app and turn this thing into
a Nest security camera. So, that’s cool. But the Google Nests sort
of tie up the rebranding the whole division into Google Nest now. Means that this does a few
things that Google thinks is really forward looking
towards what ambient computing in your home is gonna look like. And one of those things is this camera can recognize your face. You set it up in the phone and then it stores your facial
recognition data locally, on the device, so it doesn’t
have to go up to the cloud. And then, when you walk
in the room it sees you, shows a little icon showing your head, and then it’s able to give
you your personal information instead of just general,
random Google information. Oh, there’s one more thing
the camera lets you do. It lets you play and pause
videos with a gesture. You just kinda hold your
hand up and it’ll pause. And then you can hold your hand up again and it will start playing again. (soft relaxing music) So the Google Nest Hub Max costs $229 and it’s coming out in July. And if you’re curious, the little guy is also getting a rename. It’s gonna become the Google Nest Hub. But the rest of the Google Hub products aren’t getting renamed. This is a new division, new tie-up inside the company, and so they’re gonna release more products under the new branding as time goes on. Anyway, we are excited
to try this thing out. It comes in both charcoal and white, even though the bezel is always white because it looks like a photo frame, and honestly, photos look great on it. Hey, thank you so much for watching. Would you buy a Google Nest Hub Max? Let me know in the comments. And also, Google I/O is happening and we have a ton of
Google I/O content coming, so keep it locked to The Verge.

100 Replies to “Nest Hub Max hands-on: Google’s first smart display with a camera”

  1. Can't wait to use this along side my other nest cameras. The added addition of the sucurity camera makes it a great purchase.

  2. I would buy it if it replaced my nest thermostat as well. Would make so much sense only needs a thermometer!

  3. Just imagine if someone hacked into the Google data and acquired videos of private sexual behaviour with audio and face recognition. Now he could extort thousands of people at once.

  4. ‪So Google shutters “works with nest”, closes their ecosystem, puts faux privacy controls on third parties but not themselves, adds no meaningful iOS controls & no Google Wifi updates. Launching eBay… BYE BYE Google Home & Nest devices‬.

  5. Hello!!!, i got the old Google Home hub and Google just released the Google Nest hub, is it the same thing just a name change cause of all the brand rename thing or is a brand new product all together?, just to clarify i know the Google Nest hub Max is a new device i’m very well aware of that, talking about the old one.

  6. When you say “Turn off the lights”, does it still respond with “Sure thing, turning off seven lights in your living room”, or does Google have a short response mode? Switched to Alexa and not considering Google again until they fix that.

  7. The fact that it works as a Nest Cam is reason enough to buy it. Standard Nest cam is still around 200 bucks (overpriced) so at 229, this thing is a Google Home, a smart display, and a security camera all in one

  8. I'm waiting until I can use it as an in house replacement for my cell (and use the cell as a "mobile device"). What I'd love to do is have several Google nest hub future-generation devices throughout my home…..kind of like the old landline extensions but with way more features.

  9. I'd definitely get one of these (I have the Home Hub but the fact that this can be a security camera/Duo caller is even better). I have an apartment so I'm limited on what I can install but these can work just as good.

  10. Maybe. I don’t really know. I’m disappointed that the Home Hub can’t disarm your alarm system. It should act as a second keypad, but it doesn’t. You can arm your system but having one arming feature without the disarm feature isn’t helpful.

  11. And I have the Home Hub, but I didn’t buy it. Got it free at work. I wouldn’t have bought that, either.

  12. How will video calls work between a phone and a Google Nest Max? What app do I have to have on my iPhone?

  13. Could I use this on my front desk at our small family Inn? We close our front desk at night and it would be cool to be able to allow our guests to contact us through some sort of product like this as oppose to having to call innkeeper.

  14. Google should have gone step further with hand gestures on the Nest Hub devices, for example… if you want the volume to be up, lift your hand upwards, if you want the volume lowered the face down your hand downwards and hey presto …
    With LGThinQ hand gestures and Nest Hubs, should be a novelty thing to use and fun.. maybe next years update?

  15. yeah no an always on google camera ? no thanks maybe if it had a physical cover switch that would be better

  16. can you do a video of that smart screen as a security camera in the home I want to see that an action

  17. How well does the hand pause gesture work? Really sceptical to hand gestures as I've never seen that work reliably on any technology

  18. No more Amazon Alexa support = No more NEST products in my home… I'm not going to buy any NEST products any more

  19. I will be very happy to get rid of my Lenovo Google Display due to the constant issues when streaming Nest cams. A problem that I don't encounter with my Google hub.

  20. No I won't buy. Don't understand why the camera can't have a shutter, than saying electricity disconnected. And I don't trust Google on privacy. Least of their worries 😀

  21. ok the one thing i do not like about this and i am a google home hub user and was not happy with it not being able to use duo but i still love it a lot anyways i dont like that you have to mute the mic too, why cant you just turn off the camera and still use it?? so weird, and now idk if i want it to but then again i love it a lot

  22. Oh wait. I thought Lenovo smart display already have all that features before? Are they going to integrate the device into Nest family too?

  23. Definitely a very Useful Device to have in many Family Homes…I'm hoping anyone at any technology skill level will be able to use this device…Go Google, Improving The World with Unreal Technology Devices…

  24. when the google nest hub max is out in charcoal yes i will buy it once is outand i have my questions answered

  25. Google Nest Hub Max+ 8.0 Next Gen 2019 Ed. For all the brain trust at Google you'd think they'd hire some marketeers.

  26. As with all things google, give them 6 months and they'll be chasing some other squirrel and you'll be left with their crappy unsupported products.

  27. I lIke that their “innovation” is a camera, I mean the iPad already has that and the nest hub is just like a budget iPad

  28. July? Not! It will be available on Sep 9 2019. According to Google. I'm with Brandon Manzella. Black Friday, we should get a good deal.

  29. Yes it could be a great hub but my only question is haw well can it operate with other dedicated hubs like the Samsung SmartThings one ?

  30. I own a google hub and I love it, it is very useful next to the 2 mini’s I own….deffenatqy recommend these Google products , would love to own the bigger version

  31. Yes I cant wait to get my hands on 2 of These And so much more I already have the 1st original one and I'm excited about Google dual camera both ways

  32. I got the google nest Hub. and I love it. especially because I can use it as a touch interface for my Home assistant Server. as i like to hose my light and everything locally and expose as little as possible to the internet

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