Nest Hello Video Doorbell Review (Vs. Ring Video Doorbell)

Nest Hello Video Doorbell Review (Vs. Ring Video Doorbell)

– Sup, my name is Alex. Welcome to TechFlow. So one thing that I have figured out, throughout this entire
smart home endeavour that I’ve been on ever since I bought my new house, is that smart homes need to be smart for one reason, and that’s to make things easier. But one thing that isn’t
easier is having numerous apps to control your entire house. One app for the cameras on the inside, a different app for the
lights on the inside, a different app for the lights on the outside, in the garden, and then a different app for the doorbell, if you have a video doorbell, as to which that is what today’s video is about. I’ve partnered up with
Nest, and they’ve sent me out a hell of a load of their cameras, including the Nest Hello doorbell, and I love how seamlessly it all works together in one app. Guys, let’s take a look today
at the Nest Hello doorbell. (doorbell rings) – There’s somebody at the door. There’s somebody at the door.
(laughter) (lively electronic music) – So guys, this Nest
Hello doorbell retails, here, in the UK, for around 200 pounds. Now, it’s around the price I have seen it, and I will link the best I can find down there, in the description. As I’ve mentioned, I’m looking at for Nest, too, have sent this out for review, and for me to keep on my house, which I am
super, super privileged about. So you’ve paid your 200 pounds. You’ve got your doorbell. You’ve installed it. Now, I wanna take a second to talk about the installation of this thing. So I actually installed
this doorbell myself. It was really, really, really simple, and easy to do, because my house already had a doorbell here. The one thing I had to do
was change the transformer to a transformer that was kicking out somewhere between 16 and 24 volts, because this is what this thing runs on. There’s no internal battery option like there is on Ring video doorbells. But that is for a good reason. Some features on this doorbell, because of that constant power supply, can’t be found on the Ring doorbell, as to which we will go through that. But the paid features. You have to buy what’s
called Nest Protect, and that’s gonna run you
about 40 pounds per year. And with that, you get
some awesome features. This thing, unlike the Ring doorbell, is essentially a full-blown,
always recording, not just on motion, CCTV camera,
as well as your doorbell. Now, the picture from the camera is really, really, really sharp,
as you guys can see on-screen. It looks absolutely awesome. So let’s start with what happens
when you ring the doorbell. I suppose that is one thing that everybody is gonna want to know. So (doorbell rings) ding-dong from this, and then on my phone,
I get a notification. And also, on my Apple Watch, I get a push notification, with a picture of whoever rang the doorbell. As you can see, it says
doorbell, front door. Someone is at the door. And as you can see, well, there’s me, looking like an absolute plonker. And as well as getting
that push notification to my mobile device in my pocket, as to wherever I am in the world with an internet connection, and/or on my smart watch, if you have a, well, home assistant, like I do. I have both Amazon’s
Alexa, and Google’s Home, you get a little– – (dings) Someone’s at the front door. – And if you guys have the pleasure of owning a Google Home
Hub, you will hear, and much rather, see, something
along the lines of this. (dings) As you guys can see,
– Someone’s at the front door. – We get a verbal message to say someone’s at the front door. As you can see, there is Jet outside, looking around, and I can give
him a few quick responses. I can say, hey, I’ll be right there. – Just a sec, we’ll be right there. – Or I can do a few others. You can leave it, or no
one can come to the door. – Hi there. No one can answer the door, right now. We’ll be notified you stopped by. – But the way, guys, I think the majority of you will be interacting with your Nest Hello doorbell, if you do manage to get one, will be
via your mobile device. It’s always accessible, and
always with you in your pocket. So as you guys can see, there’s mine, but I’ve actually got the
Ring video doorbell app open, right now. Now, the Ring video doorbell is another really famous smart
doorbell, going head-to-head with the Nest Hello, and I wanna show you guys two reasons, real quick, as to why I prefer the Nest Hello to the Ring, which is actually installed on another one of my family’s houses. So as you can see, I’m on the app, and I’m gonna click on the live view. Now, I want you guys to notice how long this takes to load up, and then when it is finally loaded up, look how bad that quality is. You can’t even see anything, and it has these black rings around the outside, and then, when you zoom in, the quality is just absolutely vile. Now, the Ring does have
two-way communication. So does the Nest Hello. So as you guys can see,
I’m on my home screen of my phone, I’m not even in the app. We’re gonna go ahead
and open the Nest app, and as you can see,
literally, within seconds, we’ve got ourselves a live
view of the front door. As well as it being super, super quick, if we do turn it landscape, you can see how insane the quality is, of this, and it even has, down
here, in the bottom corner, a little Enhance button. So if you were to, let’s say, zoom in on something, and you wanted to really get the quality of it, you just click the little Enhance button, and then it makes the quality much better for that specific area. Now, as you guys can
see, this isn’t normal, conventional 16 by nine video. They actually have the sensor
on the Ring video doorbell in a four by three aspect ratio. So as well as being able
to see a nice wide field of view, if somebody is stood there, you get to see all of them, right down from their feet, on the floor, to the top of their head. Now, the camera also
has different features like advanced HDR. Usually, if you have the doorbell, let’s say, in a, or you
have a little house, that comes over the top of the doorbell, and then someone’s stood there, and they’re really dark, but
the background is the sky, and it’s really bright, it has the HDR to sort of counteract that. You guys understand what HDR is. It just makes things that
are dark a lot brighter, so everything will be exposed properly, whether it’s the delivery man stood at the door, or the bright sky behind. Also, this is a perfect example of the two-way audio communication. I’m currently talking into my phone, and then it’s coming out of the doorbell to, well, simulate me
talking to the postman, telling him to leave the
post round the corner. But this is what the audio sounds like if I was the postman talking back to you, and it’d be coming out of my mobile phone. Please bear in mind the
wind conditions today are very, very harsh, so this is the worst this doorbell will ever, ever sound. It is so windy today. Now, guys to wrap this
up, a few things to know. If you are going to
struggle to instal this, or don’t have a doorbell, you can hire a professional
Nest pro installer to come and instal this for you, if you don’t think you are up to the task. So that is an option. So please don’t let the installation of this device put you off
in any way, shape, or form. The only thing that would slightly put you off is what I’m gonna get onto next, which is the Nest Protect
monthly or yearly subscription. Now, as I’ve already said,
it’s 40 pounds a month. I currently don’t pay for it, because it doesn’t really benefit me in any way. I have a 24/7 security
system already recording around my house, but if you
wanted the Nest Hello doorbell to be your, well, full-time,
24/7 recording sort of solution, for the front of your house, then if you pay for the Nest Protect, you will get 24-hour recordings, and a few days of it, at that,
as well, which is awesome. Without the Nest Protect,
all I’m getting is snapshots of when it sees motion, and that is it, or snapshots of when
somebody rings the doorbell. It doesn’t even play me a short video. All I’m getting is a snapshot. Now, obviously I have live
view when I go onto the app. I can still have access to, well, the automatic commands
back to the doorbell, the ones that we showed you earlier, like we cannot come to the door, and I also get, obviously,
the push notifications, and I can do two-way communication. But all of those sort of
24/7 recording features, and also the recognition
that this doorbell can also recognise who is at the
door, if that floats your goat. So the Google Homes around your house can then say, Alex is at the front door, instead of saying somebody
is at the front door. All of that stuff comes with
the Nest Protect subscription, something that I don’t personally pay for, but something I think
will be really worth it for you guys, if you were to buy it. So I really wanted to make
you guys aware of that. You don’t get all these
features out the box. Currently, I do not pay for Nest Protect, but as I say, if you
want the 24/7 recording, and a few of the other extra gizmos and gadgets that this thing can do, then the Nest Protect subscription, for 40 pounds a year,
is definitely worth it. Now, I know this sounds
like a sales pitch. It’s not. This is a review of the doorbell, and I absolutely love it,
to be honest with you. I don’t know what else to say. It’s far better than the Ring. I’ve used the Ring for years,
far, far better than the Ring. It’s small, it’s compact, it looks nice, it’s compatible with smart devices. I get a chime in every single room that I have a Google Home
Mini, and my, obviously, Google Home display
brings the live feed up. I love the entire ecosystem. It works really, really well. Can’t fault it for anything, other than its tricky installation, and no batteries, or what-have-you. But obviously, with no batteries, you get the 24/7 recording. There you guys go. That is my entire
thoughts of the doorbell. Guys, if you want to check out some more videos on security systems, we’ve done loads on TechFlow, so you can check them out right there. And if you’d not subscribed,
than that’s right there. But as usual, we thank you for watching, and we will see in the next video. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. Hey man solid review bro. Looks better than the ring to me. More slick on the outside. But software and hardware wise it is a lot better too. If I ever was in the U.K. living wise (which is part of the plan, cross fingers for me :P) I would install it for sure. Techflow is going crazy keep up the awesome work and the awesome angles recording wise ma dude. 🙂

  2. Is is compatible with echo show? My household has tons of Alexa devices now and we don't really want to change to the google equivelent.

  3. This is an advert for the nest doorbell, not a review lol We give HONEST reviews on tech? yeah right. PAID REVIEW with no disclosure. Never seen you do a review so serious lol

  4. Good video, but looking at the camera work id suggest you have a lot less random movement in the intro as its too distracking IMO

  5. Its not Nest Protect, its Nest Aware. Nest Protect is a physical product thats a smoke an CO2 detector. Also you didnt mention that you do not get 2 way audio recorded on the app if someone rings the doorbell.

  6. Back again to leave some constructive criticism:

    0:16 Absolutely unnecessary camera movement that will just make the viewer sick. You're obviously using a Gimball for some reason, when you should be using a Tripod and have a still image (compare it to LinusTechTips, Bitwit, Paul and all other tech Youtubers that just have no movement when they're talking to the camera).
    1:45 Could have explained what a transformer is for those who don't know.
    1:58 Again that unnecessary camera movement, we're moving from left to right, to left again.
    3:58 Moving from right to left almost hitting the floor. Why is the camera not on a tripod?
    4:30 Unfair comparison, the Ring doorbell is on another network in another house. The performance would probably be better if you were on the same network as the doorbell.
    In general:
    You didn't mention any negatives, I am sure there are negatives to this product.
    Absolutely unnecessary camera movement throughout the entire video, it just makes it awkward to look at. Rule of thumb, if the object you're recording is not moving, the camera shouldn't either.
    Throughout the entire video the audio sounds a bit clipped. When you are editing the audio levels SHOULD NEVER go into red. They should stay in green.

  7. realy confused me more after seeing your video and few others today, I think I might go for Ring but not sure whether to go for doorbell2 or pro, at least I may get thee days return if unhappy,


    have you heard of the new smart home controller well its not one yet but watch this and see if you like the idea

    the little robots name is vector

  9. Hey Alex, I have had my nest hello doorbell since the middle of April 2018. I have to say I love it and the 24/7 video recording is invaluable. My neighbor across the street had his garage broken into a month ago. I was able to scroll through my timeline to see when it happened and what model, color, and make of suv they were driving. I saved the clip to my nest aware account and then shared it with the police. I also have two nest outdoor iq cameras and one indoor iq camera which are awesome. I signed up for the nest aware 5 day video subscription it’s $5.00 per month for the first camera and $3.00 per month for each additional camera.

  10. 4:30 Unfair comparison, the Ring doorbell is on another network in another house. The performance would probably be better if you were on the same network as the doorbell.

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  12. Sorry thats not fair test Ring has Ring video doorbell 2 and Ring video doorbell pro as well. the other one you have on the other property was the first one that was 720 HD video what you never mentioned about the quality of the video. Plus you never test out the other ring video door 2 and the pro. You are giving Ring a bad name.

  13. It's Nest Aware, not Nest Protect. Nest Protect is their smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Also, you stated it's £40 a year at one point, then £40 a month towards the end. To anyone reading this: It starts at £4 a month, or £40 a year (saving £8 buy purchasing the year's subscription up front).

  14. Moron Speak – why do you think (reference this kid) people use the word “essentially” this and “literally” that… why!? If you are explaining something and you know what you are talking about there is no need. Although when you are sub consciously not sure what you are talking about. This is a Google fan boy review … and goes over the top to slag off Ring… so obviously done to appease the endorsed vlog … prise prick

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  17. You can’t compare nest to ring one. You have to compare ring pro. And second, the delay is insane on the nest compared to the pro

  18. Comparing video from the Nest in good light under a covered porch against a Ring facing into direct sunlight with no covered porch. Hardly a fair comparison…

  19. i installed my Nest Hello and couldn't get my mechanical door chime to ring. i made sure the app was set correctly, went thru all the trouble shooting and bought a new electronic chime and it didn't ring either. All of the other video and app features work well. Has anyone installed this as well and does their original door chime still ring? Thanks

  20. Do you HAVE to connect this to the indoor part of your doorbell? Like the part that makes the noise? Or can you just have it alert your google homes and smart phones?

  21. Why did you compare the lowest Ring doorbell on the market vs the best Nest doorbell? Compare it to the Ring 2 Pro…it's a LOT better than the Nest. Plus the ecosystem is much less expensive and easier to use than Nest for outdoor and indoor security. Plus, Ring has invested in making sure their system is on the ZWave, which is more of a universal communication protocol of other brands, so they have a much higher chance of future compatibility. Nest is great at the thermostat and smart smoke detectors.

  22. Try using the Ring Doorbell 2…I've had this for over a year and it's great. Battery lasts for 4-6 months and video quality id 1080p, not 720p like the old one you tested…I will admit that the app isn't the quickest when loading the video bit it's the same over wifi and 4g so can't complain…you getting sponsored by NEST…

  23. Compare it to its equal the Ring video doorbell pro. Plus they just sent out an email saying they would have 24/17 recording and for one device it’s on 3 bucks a month

  24. 1: This is unfair that the ring had sunlight in the comparison

    2: It had Fish Eye on it just like the Nest Doorbell

    3: They both have the same quality.

  25. OK, why aren't any of you guys doing reviews on the Interlogix Ultrasync HUB? It does more than anything I have seen you do reviews on and sounds like it is less. It works with Alexa also and has cameras and a doorbell. You should contact Security AllStar to see if they will let you do a review. That's where I got mine.

  26. Speaking in Canadian currency, $10 per month for the nest subscription is minimal and eliminates the need for a security company.

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  28. Your video review helped convince me to purchase the Next Hello. At the time, I appreciated it. My story is as follows.
    I would love to be able to use the Nest Hello button for its intended purpose, however, at this point, I have purchased a $230 doorbell button because of a Nest issue that will not allow me to add the unit to my account. It's been two days since I installed the unit and it still doesn't work. I have contacted Nest about this problem and all they have said is, "They are aware of the issue and are working on it". I can't imagine how many people have bought this product and cannot use it. Be aware! If you purchase this product and install it, it does not work for its intended use. It is just a REAL EXPENSIVE doorbell button.

  29. I rarely comment on a video but this is an exception because of that perfect reference to one of my favourite shows – it crowd.

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