Nest Hello Video Doorbell | In-Depth Review

Nest Hello Video Doorbell | In-Depth Review

this is no ordinary video doorbell it has some very sweet high-end features like one of my favorites famously the front door it’s very cool and there’s so much more now I’m Ben from authentech let’s check it out this is the nest hello a video doorbell now to be honest it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve tested a product that really blows me away in a few regards and this nest hello actually does that also connected to that I hate paying for those monthly or yearly subscription fees for a service that I think should be free or included however with this one I actually think it’ll be worth paying at that small yearly fee for the high-end benefits that we get let me show you what I’m talking about setup is beautiful super easy and straightforward I love it when the app guides you through it step-by-step even through all the basics so you can’t miss a thing and it’s even easy for beginners they also have an in-depth instructional video which might be helpful I’ll link it to that down below the main steps are download the app crear sign into your cow and add device make sure your system is compatible beforehand and one great feature to note that mess hello even works with electronic chimes which I have just remember there’s some other video doorbells out there that do not support this kind of lame just keep this in mind wiring up the chime is fast and easy they include this nest connector which basically supplies a constant power feed to the doorbell which is needed next remove your old doorbell determine if you want to use the optional wedge which I did I find it tilts the camera a bit more towards the person’s face for a more clear view of who’s at my door at any time screw in the wall plate wire up the doorbell it clicks right into place add it to your home Wi-Fi and the rest is setup through the app now enough with setup let’s move on to some of nest hellos awesome features and what my favorites are first that HDR video looks fantastic I’m serious this is one key area where a high dynamic range camera is really needed under dark patios and porches facing directly into crazy bright skies it’s the ultimate backlit scene and the last thing you want our dark shadows where you can’t see the person’s face at your door it’s far from perfect and there are still times it’s a bit too dark but a lot of the time day or night all weather conditions it looks really good on that note of camera remember it’s actually a 3 megapixel 2k color sensor downsample 2 HD 1600 by 1200 30 frames per second if it was 4k that’d be awesome but maybe we’ll see that in the next model at least for now it still looks good the diagonal field of view is a hundred and sixty degrees when you have a camera next to your door you want a super wide angle squeezing as much possible in the frame this one is almost perfect in my opinion the 180 degrees width and height would be legit allowing you to see packages left at the doorstep or sneaky perps trying to peek through the windows anyway this one is still great and allows you to see one person or a whole group of people that might be up front standing close or far away now let’s go hit the doorbell and see how fast it notifies and pulls up the feed on our phone now that is fast and I’m serious I’ve owned a lot of these video doorbells and security cameras and it pulls up at uber fast which is so important I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck on a loading screen waiting for the video to pull up by then it’s too late the delivery guy or whoever is long gone massive well done done as for getting this right the two-way HD talk and listen sounds really good too there’s noise and echo cancellation Plus pre-recorded messages hi there you can just leave it Thanks just to say we’ll be right there hi there no one can answer the door right now we’ll be notified you stopped by once I was talking to my wife through the doorbell as she walked across the street and she said she heard me loud and clear some other favorite features of mine let’s say someone’s at the door and in the settings you can determine which activity alerts to be notified people motion or sound whether they press the button or not either way when I receive one of those notifications on my phone I slide down the drawer and it acts shows me a gif an animated snapshot of the video clip this is small but crucial and genius it allows me to determine within seconds what course of action is needed on my part I can ignore them or tap on the notification to chat with them over that two-way speaker or maybe jump right into my smartlock app and unlock the door another massive feature it has facial recognition and voice announcements so over time you tag faces with names in the app and as it gets smarter it won’t just say someone’s at the door but I’ll actually say their name and this goes for app notifications plus Google home announcements which is very cool and helpful man is at the front door I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed a delivery guy at the door because I’m Way in the back or I can’t hear the bell I’m away from my phone this way it’s announced on all my Google homes spread throughout my house so it’d be very hard to miss a massive game-changing feature that some people just don’t realize nest offers 24/7 day and night non-stop cloud recording not just motion triggered events now yes this takes a little bit of upload bandwidth which you can determine the video quality in the settings and yes it also takes a nest aware subscription but I’ll touch on why I actually think it’s worth it in just a second so just think about that how often does a motion recordings start just a tad too late missing the crucial beginnings of a video clip or not record long enough missing the ending or how about false positive alerts on an aimless time line scrubbing through too many motion Clips nests has really nailed it here with continuous cloud recording you never miss the moment and I’ve never experienced such smooth timeline scrubbing before it’s almost like watching a full-on time-lapse on your front door flicking through the timeline as a breeze finding just the right moment couldn’t be easier the playback speed is so fast it makes me want this sort of technology on all my future security cameras there’s two different timeline views and you can filter down to just the type of events you want to see like familiar or unfamiliar faces doorbell rings and more you can definitely still use this camera without all this Nesta where fanciness but man it sure on some of its key best features another helpful one is activity zones the camera can let you know when it sees activity in specific areas tap create zone drag the outline markers color code and rename and that’s it easy-peasy that familiar face feature is part of nest aware as well okay so they offer three different subscription tiers a 5 10 or 30 day for continuous cloud recording plus to unlock those extra features now yes this would start to add up very quickly if we were to have a ton of cameras spread throughout the home obviously however for my rationalization I only have one doorbell camera and a 5 day 24/7 video history plus all those smart AI features unlocked at $50 a year that’s a little over $4 each month okay so one buck per week I think I can swing it if it’s within your budget I definitely recommend it now one more very cool feature I didn’t want to forget they even offer an online web app I’m always asking for this you go to home nest comm log in and here you can view the live camera feed fast and easy playback we can even create a time lapse and save or share our clips tweak all your settings and here as well which there’s a lot of settings I appreciate I think that’s a consistent theme throughout this whole process of playing with and using the nest hello for over a month now it’s super well made and the software engineering is some of the best I’ve ever seen it’s worth mentioning in case you forget nest is owned by Google for the pretty penny of 3.2 a billion dollars back in 2014 and this is not their first camera product also just think about the software an AI and learning that nests hello can tap into Google for it really feels like a premium product huge things to nest for sending me the sample unit now it’s not super cheap it’s currently 229 however just compare that to some of its top competitors out there like the ring pro that’s $250 so it’s not that bad if you want check it out all the links will be down below let me know doubt in the comments which video doorbell is your favorite and why if you’re new around here consider subscribing for tech videos like this every week until next time let’s live authentic

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  1. Hello. Nice review (as always on all of your reviews).

    Can you recommend me if I should upgrade from my current Skybell? Also would you recommend me the ring or this Nest better? One more thing… Does it works within Alarm.Com systems or it has to be on their own app woth their own subscription?

    I would love you have your answer, if possible.

    Thank you.

  2. Can you answer I simple question? How can you tell if the subject, whether it be human or thing, is centered in your video while filming
    if you have the GoPro (I have Hero 2018) mounted or clipped on your head or body? I’d hate to spend an afternoon on a hike and not get wildlife, waterfalls and of my friends and dogs that are joining me?
    Also, I’m your example of filming the boy on the scooter, how did you know he was in the center of your shot? Or if wearing while first row of a roller coaster? Or even filming yourself, how can you tell your in the shot and centered?

  3. Just listened to the newest NDQ podcast and Destin mention that you could be working on a video together! That's so awesome man!

  4. I just wanna say I really enjoy your succinct, brief and thorough reviews. Huge help . You don’t get bogged down with the nitty gritty details that don’t matter.
    I will hold off on buying a GoPro hero 7 black thanks to your excellent reviews.

  5. I recently bought a home and was considering one of these because i loved the thought of having video before opening the door. I discussed it with my wife and we realized that 99% of the people coming to our house are expected and text or call when they get here. Due to smartphone technology and how easy and quick it is to contact somebody, doorbells are seldom used by pretty much anybody i know unless you live in a building. Our current doorbell has been used maybe a handful of times in the past 6 months so we came to the conclusion that if people don't use our normal doorbell why would we spend hundreds on one like this? I like the idea of it and it might be useful to others but i would recommend contemplating whether it would even be used often enough to justify the price.

  6. We don't have an existing doorbell but I'm willing to run wire for the Nest. Can I use a wireless chime or does this need a wired traditional chime ?

  7. Are you being paid by nest? I have the nest doorbell and even though there are 300 facial pictures it fails to announce the callers name. Speaking to nest support the caller must look into the camera for a while??? Also the nest/away function is very intermittent. Support very poor

  8. Part of me wonders if the response rate was because you're on the same wifi network. Would love to see an update with you on LTE to see any differences.

  9. The nest doorbell is amazing. This is the only wifi connected camera that I have. I use a 14 channel 4k CCTV system, but having this right in the face of who ever is at the door it perfect. I haven't had any issues with it. Apart from the refresh time between motion activity or doorbell rings.

  10. This is such a cool doorbell but honestly they can easily replace the camera with a 4K camera that’s way much smaller than the big bulked 1080 p a phone is 4K and small camera

  11. I just bought and set it up last night.. This thing is pretty awesome, even without the Nest Aware subscription. The night vision is pretty impressive. It's starting to pick up a lot of motion as cars drive by my house, however.. We'll see if that needs to be tweaked in the coming weeks.

  12. Did not even touch on a feature I am most interested in if it works. That is the GPS FENCE, I only want it active while I am away (I don't want alerts of myself). Only nest has this as far as I know.

  13. "mumphly subscription fees".."ill be worth".." a bit more twords the persons face" AAAAGH! mush mouth, id not skip your vids if you enunciated and didn't slur your speech. its just too painful to hear you talk and smash all your twords. oh and its pronounced jif not gif

  14. Great review. One question the pull down on android where it shows a gif of the motion captured. Do you get a similar thing on IOS? Thanks

  15. Can you set it up in a way where if there is movement detected or the doorbell is rung, then it automatically shows the camera feed on google home hub ??

  16. Is there anyway of modifying the nest so that it records to a standalone nvr unit or home computer hard drive rather than paying for the cloud storage?

  17. this review is more like an add than anything else…I was looking for Pros and Cons, and or comparison with other smart doorbells.

  18. I have a Ring and it sucks like 50% of the time and with all the features you just showed me, I want one of these now.

  19. I wonder how it's possible that your nest hello works so perfectly , my 2 way audio is so poor with allot of echo and noise it's not even usable. Are you on android or iOS?

  20. I watched a video of the "nest" third generation thermostat. It's a must have in my home. Great technology

  21. Isn’t it easy to pull off the wall and it’s gone? If a thief comes and just pry it with a screw driver and take your Nest and resell it to someone else . Very possible scenario.

  22. I’m concerned about keeping a $200+ device on my porch exposed to be either stolen or damaged. What are your thoughts on this. Great review BTW.

  23. As of Sunday, June 2, 2019 their website was down. I called and remained on hold for several minutes before I just hung up. Hardly inspires confidence.

  24. The Nest Hello doesn’t audio record both parties. It only audio records the person at the door. So if you are having a conversation with someone at the door via the Nest APP, you will only be able to play back audio from the person at the door and not the responses from the other person via the APP.

  25. I watched your very favorable eufy doorbell review too. If the prices were the same, which would you choose — the Nest or the eufy — and why?

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