Nest Cam vs. Arlo Q, Amazon Cloud Cam, Canary, & Logi Circle 2

Nest Cam vs. Arlo Q, Amazon Cloud Cam, Canary, & Logi Circle 2

Hey y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going
to take a look at five indoor home security cameras. All of the cameras we’re going to look at
offer a Full HD resolution, geofencing, person detection, and at least a smidge of free cloud
storage and Amazon Cloud Cam fits right in. When motion triggers a clip, the camera will
continue to record until motion stops with a maximum clip length of 5 minutes. Next, Arlo Q, which is Arlo’s wired camera. It offers customizable clip lengths which can be set between 15 and 120 seconds, or you
can set the camera to record until activity stops with a maximum clip length of 5 minutes. Third, I kept Canary in the mix. At CES 2018, Canary launched Canary View, which
offers the same video quality as All-in-One. Today, we’re testing All-In-One. For free, clips are 30 seconds in length. If you pay, clips can be as long as 10 minutes. If you don’t pay, clips are only viewable
from the mobile app and you can’t download them. Fourth, Logi Circle 2. Circle 2 is one of two HomeKit
ready cameras currently sold. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the maximum
clip length is, but I had a couple of clips that were 4 minutes long. Finally, Nest Cam offers useless snapshots
for free which almost disqualified them from this list, but it’s hard to do an indoor
camera compare without Nest. If you pay, the camera will record continuously. Nest Cam and Arlo Q are the only two cameras
on this list that are capable of continuous video recording. All five cameras also offer night vision,
and all five cameras will automatically swap to night vision mode when needed. To differentiate them, I tested two things. One, overall quality. Two, how the cameras reacted to a bright light. Performance wise, Logi Circle was the worst. Do you see the ghost trail behind me? That’s a night vision no no. Next, we have Arlo Q. The video quality wasn’t on
par with the others. It looked okay, I guess, until I stuck my
face in front of the lens, and noticed I was no longer recognizable. Canary’s night vision performance was solid
when unchallenged, but it was completely blinded by the light and it’s the only camera of the
bunch that doesn’t allow you to turn night vision off. So, in second place, I’m calling Nest call. Nest also looked pretty good, and it was the
only camera that stayed on night vision mode when I tried to trick it with the light, but
the quality of the night vision faltered after spotlighting the camera. The night vision winner is Cloud Cam. It took the light challenge like a champ and
my face wasn’t washed out like it was when viewing through Arlo and Logi Circle 2. Let’s talk a little more about free versus
paid features. All of the cameras, except for Canary, offer
two-way audio for free. Okay, so serious question,
how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a
woodchuck could chuck wood? Thoughts on that? Anyone? How bout Sally? All of the cameras also offer geofencing for
free and some cloud storage. Cloud Cam, Canary, and Circle 2 offer 24 hours
of cloud storage. Nest Cam offers 3 hours of snapshot storage. Pulling away from the pack, we have Canary
and Arlo. Canary includes zones, bookmarks, and person
detection for free. The All-in-One offers Home Health sensors
and a manually triggered siren. But it’s Arlo Q that takes the cake here. Arlo Q offers 7 days of cloud storage for
5 cameras, zones, two-way audio, and modes for free so a paid plan isn’t necessary. If you want more, all five companies will
sell you more. I first tested the cameras without a paid
plan, and all five cameras sent at least some false alarms whether it was my lamp turning
on or my dumbbot, as I like to call it, vacuuming the floors so I paid to see if accuracy would
improve. Well, except for Arlo, because after starting this
video review, Arlo yanked their paid plan, Arlo Smart, which will relaunch this Spring. If they match beta pricing, Arlo Smart will
cost $3.99 per month per camera and add person detection, snapshot alerts, and e911. Of the cameras I did test, Circle 2 came in
last. Circle 2 plans start at $3.99 per month per camera but
to get person detection and zones, you’ll need to pay for the $9.99 per month per camera plan. In testing, Circle 2 consistently marked person
events as motion events. In third place, Canary. Canary provides person detection for free
though paying $9.99 per month adds a 30 day video history, two-way audio, video downloads,
and other valuable features. Canary’s performance was fairly consistent,
which is impressive considering that the feature is in Beta. What landed Canary is third place is that you can’t turn motion detection or person detection on or off. In second place, Cloud Cam. $6.99 per month
adds person detection and zones for up to three Amazon Cloud Cam Cameras. While Cloud Cam outperformed Circle 2, they
shared a similar problem. Cloud Cam also marked a couple of person events
as motion and thus failed to send an alert. However, it was more consistent than Circle
2, sent faster alerts, and provided a more consistent experience. The winner? Nest Cam. Nest Aware starts at $10 per month per camera
with multi-camera discounts available. Person detection is a paid feature and it
works great. Plus, if you opt for the more expensive Nest
Cam IQ, person detection is free and you can pay to add person recognition. Another feature all of the cameras offer is
free mobile app access. Arlo, Nest, and Logi also offer free web access. Canary charges for web portal access. And yet, the web portal lacks features. You can’t delete videos, swap modes, or control
notifications using the web app. Cloud Cam doesn’t have a web app at all. Instead, you can use your Amazon Drive to
view and download clips. Clips that record to your Amazon Drive will stay until you run out of space. The list of what the mobile apps can and can’t
do is pretty long so I narrowed it down to usability features. 1. Only Arlo Q will let you record on-demand. 2. Arlo Q and Nest Cam also offer sound detection. You can choose to turn sound detection on
or off. 3. For free, Logi Circle lets you create a timelapse. Nest Cam has a timelapse feature too but you
have to pay for it and it’s only accessible via the web app. 4. They can all send alerts, but only Nest and
Arlo can send bonus alerts via IFTTT. 5. Only Arlo and Nest allow you to create
a schedule. 6. They all support geofencing, but only Nest, Arlo Q, and Canary support multi-user geofencing. And finally, I had to slide this one on the list. It’s not really usability, but Circle’s app only works horizontally, which
drives me bananas. The winner here? Arlo and Nest. There’s simply no way for me to breakdown
all the ways that I compared these cameras, but in the description below, there’s a link to my written review, and it is very, very detailed. In short, I do have a favorite and I have
a least favorite. When it comes right down to it, Logi was my
least favorite. It’s confusing to use and it felt invasive
when used indoors due to lack of automated privacy features. Drum roll please, Arlo Q is my top pick. Arlo offers modes and zones for free plus
seven days of free cloud storage which means that you can pluck it off the shelf, plug
it in, and expect it to protect your home. But guess what? I’m probably going use Arlo Pro
indoors. And for some of you, I might recommend the
same. I’m not going to bore you with the reasons
why, so I’ll type up an explanation and drop it in the comment section where we can discuss if you like. And, who knows what I’ll recommend in a month or six months from now.I think this is a year where the camera market is really going to change. We’ve already seen
Ooma purchase Butterfleye, Amazon’s purchased Blink, Piper and Piper nv are no longer sold, and LG is bricking LG Smart Security in February. So lots of changes already happened, lots of changes to come. If y’all have any questions about indoor home security cameras let me know and I appreciate you all spending time with my today, and I will see you soon!

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  1. As mentioned, I'm probably going to stick with Arlo Pro for now. I already have the base station running and I like the cordless look. However, Arlo Q has some advantages, the biggest one being that it doesn't require a base station like Arlo Pro does. Second, Arlo Q offers zones, only Arlo Pro 2 offers zones (Arlo Pro does not) and Pro 2's zones only work when the camera is plugged in. Three, a battery-powered camera is a littler sleepier than a wired one.

  2. Another fantastic comparison. Surprised about the flashlighting performance. Great video Rose! Subb'd and ringing the bell!!!

  3. Great review! I have Arlo Pro for my outdoor and am looking into some indoor cams so this helps a lot! Arlo Pro it is!! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Hi Rose! I have the Arlo Pro and love it all except the scheduler. I was told by the store personnel where I purchased my system, I could create a unique on/off schedule for each camera. So far I have not been able to do anything but have them go on and off at the same times. I would like it if my front door cam stayed on, all the time and my other cams each had a schedule of their own. It is or is it not possible to do this. That is my only gripe about Arlo Pro, so far.

  5. I feel you did a sort-of disservice by not including the 'Yi' cameras, which there are several models with different features. I have the "Yi Home" WiFi, the V1 with 720p, which is under $50, and am very happy with it. I use it as a front door delivery type… "Hey there. What can I do for ya' buddy?" "Oh… you startled me there! I have a package needing a signature." "Okee-dokee- be right down."
    It is not battery powered, so you need a supply for it. I use an 8400mAh bank which powers it for around a week. Also, it is not meant for outdoor use, meaning rain or snow is a NO-NO. But it is VERY easy to devise a small enclosure to protect it.
    Bottom line is I love the thing. I can check my porch away from home and call a neighbor to gather items up for me until I get home. And the support is good so far. There are TONS of 'faq' on the web easily accessed, but if you need a human to help, it's only an email away, with SUPER fast reply,

  6. Great YouTube review, as well as the very detailed written review. I would have selected Arlo as the winner as well. I currently have their outdoor cameras. I may look into getting their indoor camera after seeing your review.

  7. Well done in your video and your written evaluation. Your reviews help so much in taking a lot of the guess work out of these purchases since you do all the legwork. Thank you!

  8. An answer to your question:

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


    A woodchuck would chuck all he could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

  9. This is seriously one of the very best product reviews I've ever seen. Incredibly well done, thorough, and covers all the important features & services. Well done Rose.

  10. Another awesome review and very detailed. I have the Arlo Pro as well and love it mainly for its wireless capabilities. I use Stringify to send the recordings to Dropbox for storage.

  11. Thank you I'm reviewing your write up as well, saving me ton's of time!  I really can't thank you enough.  Great job, keep up the good work.  If I was doing youtube this is what I would be doing to help people out, honest review.  Look forward to seeing what you are reviewing next.

  12. Hello from Sweden, Perfect video! I was going to buy one of those. The best review so far of all those cameras. I also Subscribed 🙂

  13. What about (1) load time for the “live” functionality to pull up and display? (2) delay in video feed time?

    So for example I have 2 Canary all in ones and I find that (1) takes a solid 6-10 seconds to load, which seems too long in 2018. However, (2) is only 2-4 seconds behind, which is good.

    I’m debating going another camera route but I want the quickest to load.
    Opinions on those 2 things?

  14. Another fantastic video! Thank you. I currently have a Nest cam on the porch which works fine. The problem is I’m trying to reduce my expenses and I’m not sure Nest is with the cost for us (currently on the 10-day plan).

    What I’m looking for is 1) good quality video that will actually matter when someone needs to be identified; 2) two-way audio that works well: 3) at least 24 hours and preferably at least three days of storage for free or cheaper than Nest; and 4) if it wont record 24/7, something with a fast motion detection so, for instance, a porch package snatcher isn’t turned away and leaving by the time the camera starts recording.

    On that last one, do any of these cameras have a short buffer so that, say, the prior ten seconds are always caught? I could have sworn I heard about a camera that had that but I can’t find it now. Too many specs going through my mind!

    Thanks for your time. Definitely using your links whenever possible.

  15. This is the best review I’ve found and I’m only leaving a comment because I was unbelievably frustrated at the minutiae from the other videos. I’m going to keep searching for this specific question which I think you answered (I’ll go back and check) can I use the arlo wirelessly?

  16. Great review. So do you have a preferred for the outside? And do you prefer wired or wireless?

  17. Well done. This review was way way more professional and informative than all the other youtubers reviewing smart cams. Finally I got some conclusive answers here. Thanks

  18. your night testing was not very good unlike the daylight testing. You did not show clips of all cameras under the same conditions so it makes it hard to pick a winner for that particular test.
    Thanks for the work you are doing!

  19. By the way, I don't even know what you are making video's about, but just because you made this one with such high quality, I subscribed to you! Quality all the way!

  20. Awesome thanks! Picking up the Arlo Q today for $100 but is it still the best option for free storage? (I don't mind SD cards if there's a cam for that). I ask because it's been over a year now

  21. I would PAY for this level of review analysis and professional presentation. Thank you for not being a sell-out to sponsorship cheerleading. It's refreshing to watch a good, honest review like these. Only complaint is that I only discovered this channel today…after spending lot of shekel.

  22. What camera did you use at the beginning of this video? Not the reviews cameras but what you use to shoot you tube videos

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