Nest Cam Outdoor Review

Nest Cam Outdoor Review

Gabe Turner: Hey folks, this is Gabe with
Security Baron. We’ve seen a lot of what Nest has to offer
on the inside of the house. Let’s see what it’s got for the outside with
the Nest Outdoor Cam. [music] Gabe: I’m excited to jump into this review
of the Nest Outdoor Cam with this Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations. Putting it to the Security Baron necessary
features test before finally jumping into its mobile application. You have all the information you need to make
the right decision. If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security cameras, google Security Baron, best home security cameras. If you have a question about today’s review,
leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. [music] Gabe: Let’s put the Nest Camp Outdoor to the
Security Baron necessary features test. Here at Security Baron, we think that every
camera should have stellar video quality, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud
storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenience, and value. [music] Gabe: A Security Baron necessary feature is
stellar video quality. What that means concretely, you’d like to
see at least 1080p high-definition video, and a 120-degree field of view. Now, with the Nest Cam Outdoor, we get both
of those things. It has that lovely 1080p high-definition video. It actually surpasses what we expect, and
it gives us a 130-degree field of view. That’s important, especially with the outdoor
cam, because you may be covering an entire yard, just a particular part of the fence
that you have a certain worry about. You want to make sure it’s capturing everything. Then, once you’re capturing that, you can
actually zoom up to eight times with the digital zoom that comes with the Nest Cam Outdoor. Overall, it definitely passes the Security
Baron necessary features stellar video quality test with full marks. Two-way audio is a Security Baron necessary
feature. Fortunately, the Nest Cam Outdoor does come
with two-way audio. The website itself has tons of videos of people
using the Nest Outdoor Cam to scare away intruders. Yu can do this if someone jumps into your
backyard, and you want to yell at them, “Hey.” You can do so with the Nest Cam Outdoor, so
it passes that element of the Security Baron necessary features test with full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is night
vision. You want that night vision to be crisp and
clear. Let me tell you something. Growing up back down in the South, I can never
remember anyone hopping a fence anytime in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s just because I couldn’t see them
because I didn’t have the Nest Cam Outdoor with its eight infrared LEDs that ensures
that anything that goes on, on your porch, in your yard, in your front yard, anywhere,
is going to be captured by this camera. When it comes to night vision and the Security
Baron necessary features test, we have to give the Nest Cam Outdoor full marks. Local cloud storage is an element of the Security
Baron necessary features test and the first place where the Nest Cam Outdoor begins to
falter. There is no local storage option, but it does
come with three hours of free cloud storage. Now, if you want to extend that cloud storage,
it’s going to cost you just five dollars a month for five days or $50 a year, $10 a month
for 10 days or $100 a year, or $30 a month for 30 days and $300 a year. When it comes to local storage- not available
— and cloud storage, being a bit pricey — we’re going to give it half marks for local and
cloud storage in the Security Baron necessary features test. Smart Platform Integration is an integral
part of the Security Baron necessary features test, and with the Nest Cam Outdoor, you actually
get a lot. You can not only attach it to your Google
Assistant — which one would expect considering Nest is owned by Google, full disclosure — but
it also integrates well with Amazon Alexa. That means, that of course, that you can throw
your video from your Nest Cam Outdoor to your Google Chromecast, but it also means that
you can throw your video to your Amazon Fire TV. Not only can you integrate it with those two
elements, but you can also attach it to things like your Philips Hue lightbulbs. If it captures something outside, some motion
alert, you can have it flick on [snaps] a Phillips Hue lightbulb on your porch. When it comes to Smart Platform Integration
with the Nest Cam Outdoor, we’re definitely giving it full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is artificial
intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to things like
person detection, package detection or facial recognition. If you order the Nest Aware subscription with
your Nest Outdoor Cam, you get all of that built-in. You can get person detection, familiar face
recognition. That’s a useful element to have with your
home security system, so you can know exactly what’s going on inside and with the Nest Outdoor
Cam outside of your home. When it comes to artificial intelligence and
the Security Baron necessary features test, we’re giving the Nest Cam Outdoor full marks. Convenience is a Security Baron necessary
feature. You want your installation process to be convenient,
and you want just using the camera itself to be convenient. Fortunately for us and the Nest Cam Outdoor,
convenience is the name of the game. Now, when you’re installing the Nest Cam Outdoor,
you’ll take it, unbox it, plug it in, take out that Nest mobile application, use the
QR code to scan it, and boom, they are integrated. You’ll of course connect it to your Internet
and you’re ready to go at least for the first part. Of course, that extra element with the Outdoor
Cam is making sure it’s properly installed where we like it to be on your roof area or
above a door. With this it’s pretty straightforward because
it is magnetic. Not only is it magnetic here, but it’s also
magnetic here. If you have a have a magnetic surface, you
can actually just place it and boom, you are finished. You are ready to go. You’re watching what’s happening. If you don’t and you would like to use the
screws that it comes with, you can anchor them here and put them directly into the wall. When you’re talking about length, it’s also
pretty straightforward. You’ve got 10 feet here and a 15-foot extension
right here. When you’re setting up the little Nest Outdoor
Cam just make sure you’re close enough to an outlet and with 25 feet you should be to
make sure you’re getting it without any real pull on the cord. Overall, in terms of setting it up, it’s an
absolute breeze. Even using it on a day-to-day basis, it’s
simple because it’s the same Nest mobile application that you use with your Nest Secure home security
system or your Nest Hello or your Nest Cam Indoor. You get the idea. It’s a really robust easy-to-use intuitive
mobile application. When it comes to convenience with the Nest
Cam Outdoor, got to give it full marks. Value is a Security Baron a necessary feature. With the Nest Cam Outdoor, yeah, you’re paying
$199, but you’re also getting a weather-proof marathon machine. I’m talking you’ve got -4 to 104, dust-proof,
snow-proof, rain-proof. That’s pretty impressive for a camera. If it’s going to stand up to the elements,
I’m OK to pay for that robustness. That’s what you want in your Outdoor Cam. When you talk about the features that also
come with it in terms of its Amazon Alexa Google assistant integrations, the fact that
you can do two-way audio, get that 1080p and 130-degree field of view, that’s a ton of
value. I understand you’re paying $5 to $30 more
each month to get the full value in terms of facial recognition and cloud storage, but
hey, I think it’s still worth it. We’re talking about a machine that could really
provide everything you need to help keep you and your family safe. Overall, when it comes to value for the Nest
Cam Outdoor, I’m giving it full marks. All right, hold on. Quick break. I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying our review
of the Nest Cam Outdoor. If you’d like to be kept up to date on security
cameras, home security systems and all things smart home, subscribe to our channel. [music] We’re producing new content weekly. We hope you’ll enjoy. All right, let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve run through the Security Baron’s
necessary features test, let’s check out the mobile application for the Nest Cam Outdoor. Mobile applications are important for your
cameras because it is here where you’ll receive notifications, view your cloud storage, and
just generally work through your apps. You want it be an intuitive easy experience. In the Google Play Store, people seem to have
really liked their experience with Nest. It’s got a 3.8 out of 5-star rating. In the Apple App Store, it falls flat. Over 200 reviews and it only has a 2.2 rating. I will note that this is for every Nest product
in the ecosystem. It’s not just a Nest Cam application by itself
rather it’s for all Nest products. Actually here, I have anecdotal experience
that runs counter. I actually feel like it’s a pretty easy experience
setting up and using the Nest app with my Nest Outdoor Cam. Let’s go out and check that out on my iPhone
10. Here I am checking out the Nest Cam Outdoor
and the Nest mobile application on my iPhone 10. You’ll note that I started out in the area
that tells you about the various events. We’ve already talked about getting person
and motion detection alerts. That’s really the artificial intelligence
element of the Nest Cam Outdoor. We’ve put it up today for a little bit of
a different view. We’ve put it up in Brooklyn and you’ll note
it’s very busy. In just past five minutes, you got five different
events. Person, cars and you can see what’s happening
right now. If we put this down, we could zoom in and
see what’s happening. We can talk to whoever’s outside. If I look into the top right corner, here
are my various options. I have to click that settings, and you can
do a lot here. Let’s go ahead, and take it one by one. Of course, cameras on and off. You can do Home/Away Assist. This is very interesting because it automatically
turns the camera on and off, depending on your phone’s location. If you decide to turn it on, it’ll turn off
the camera when you’re home, and it’ll make sure it’s on when you’re away. Let’s see what that look’s like. If I go out of here completely. Get out of the app, and go to the home page
for the camera, you’ll see it gives me the Nest logo. I’m at Fortress Baron, gives me the weather,
47 degrees and cloudy today, but let’s go ahead and say that I’m home, and see what
happens to that visual that we have right below. Now, I’m home, and my camera is off. I have turned it on to see the live video,
but instead of turning it on here, let’s go back to Settings, Home/Away Assist, and turn
that off, so now it stays on 24/7. Let’s say I don’t mind being watched all the
time. If I want to go into notifications, I could
decide whatever notifications I get. Of course, I can go into Family, add anyone
I’d like to the family plan so they can see what’s happening. For Contacts, I can add an emergency contact. Then, we’ve got Nest Aware. With Nest Aware, you, of course, can know
when people are there, you got your continuous video history, you got your various types
of close-ups, activity zones. Let’s check one of those out. Let’s make an activity zone. Here we are. Here I am. Create the zone. Let’s say that I want to know whenever someone
walks over here, by this wall. Voila. Let’s make it red. That’s my Zone 1. Let’s call it Green Wall. Anytime anyone walks into that green zone,
that activity zone, I’m going to know. My camera will alert me to that, which is
a pretty cool element to have. Anytime anyone’s in that green zone, I’ll
be notified. If you look on the screen, it doesn’t make
any type of difference. You don’t see that activity zone, but you’ll
definitely get that alert and notification if someone were to walk into that space. Here we are. You can see now that every time there’s been
motion in that green space, it says “Motion” and “Green Wall.” “Green Wall.” It’s really cool that you can set up an activity
zone, and then immediately know when something is taking place in it, and you’ve named the
activity zone in this particular case, so you know exactly what’s going on. Of course, another element of the Nest Outdoor
Cam beyond these artificial intelligence and activity zones, is you can set it up with
Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Let’s jump in to what that looks like. Here I am checking out the Amazon Alexa integration
with the Nest Outdoor Cam. I take Camera, Nest, Nest Camera, and then
I can enable it to use it. Here, you see, I got to make sure it allows
them to work together, so I’ve linked my two accounts. I hit Allow, and boom, my Nest Camera has
been successfully linked. Now, I can speak directly to my Amazon Alexa. I can say, “Alexa, show me outside,” and I’ll
see outside right on my Amazon Fire TV if I want to. That’s a really cool element of setting up
your Nest Outdoor Cam with Amazon Alexa. Looking at the Google Home, you’ll see that
I have a host of devices already in my Nest ecosystem — family room/living room speaker,
master bedroom speaker, office TV, office speaker, office cam, and then, various televisions. If you’ll look, here, we have the outside
cam. You’ll note these are devices not in a home,
and they’re outside. Let me hit that outside cam. Now, I’m not in the Nest app. I’m in the Google Home app, and boom, you
can go ahead and see right inside that Google Home app, the view from the Nest Outdoor Cam. As you can see, they’re pretty seamless in
terms of integration with Google Assistant, with Google Home, all of your Nest products. That’s my look at the Nest Outdoor Cam on
my iPhone 10. Here I am checking out that 1080p high-definition
video with a 130-degree field of view on the Nest Cam Outdoor. It looks pretty good. Go ahead. Give it a nice little globe test. You get a good shot and you can see what’s
happening here. We got the subcontinent, South Asia, and Asia
itself very well-represented today. Checking it out. A big fan. Love the way we got it looking. This is what it’s like when you have 1080p
on the Nest Cam Outdoor. Here I am checking out the Night Vision on
the Nest Cam Outdoor. Got eight infrared LEDs. Look at that globe test. You can see what’s going on very well here. Got a little bit of Africa, a little bit of
South America. Turn it back and forth. Checking it out. Zoom it in. It’s pretty good, pretty good. Look, you can see what’s happening here. What are you talking about? Here I am. Night vision. So that’s the Night Vision on the Nest Cam
Outdoor. [music] Gabe: Let’s recap how the Nest Cam Outdoor
performed on the Security Baron Necessary Features test. Stellar video quality, full marks. The Nest Cam Outdoor has 1080 high-definition
video and a 130-degree field of view. Two-way audio, full marks. The Nest Cam Outdoor makes it easy to listen
and speak to anyone you might want to outside. Night vision, full marks. The Nest Cam Outdoor has eight infrared LEDs
to make sure you’re not missing anything, no matter how dark it is. Local and cloud storage, half marks. The Nest Cam Outdoor does not have a local
storage option, and while you get three free hours of cloud storage, you could upgrade
that with Nest Aware. Smart platform integration, full marks. The Nest Aware integrates with both Amazon
Alexa and Google Assistant. Artificial intelligence, full marks. Nest Aware gives the Nest Cam Outdoor the
ability to both person-detect and recognize faces. Convenience, full marks. The Nest Cam Outdoor is easy to install, and
even easier to use. Value, full marks. The Nest Cam Outdoor is a little bit spendy,
but definitely brings it home when you’re talking about all the different features that
it has. [music] Gabe: I’ve thrown a lot of information at
you today. If you just want to know, “Gabe, is this the
right camera for me?” Well, if you’re already a part of the Nest
ecosystem, I think it’s a no-brainer. This camera has got an incredible 1080p high-definition
video coupled with 130-degree field of view along with the fact that it’s just rather
robust. It’s going to last in, basically, any type
of weather condition. I’m a big fan of how it exceeds my expectations
for an outdoor camera at its price point of $199. Now if you think that you need local storage
or you’re someone who doesn’t want to pay monthly for extra cloud storage, or facial
recognition, then, sure, try out another camera. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find one
that will exceed your expectations in the way that the Nest has exceeded mine. When it comes to overall outdoor camera, I’m
a big fan of the Nest Cam Outdoor. That concludes our review of the Nest Cam
Outdoor. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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