Nest Cam IQ Review – Is This Thing Even Worth It?

Nest Cam IQ Review – Is This Thing Even Worth It?

Security is becoming more and more relevant
these days, both in terms of online security, as well as physical security. And it’s good to see that new technologies
like high resolution home security cameras like the Nest IQ are more acessible than ever. The Nest IQ is the latest camera released
by Nest, and has some notable new features compared to the previous Nest Cam, and Nest
Cam Outdoor. But are these new features enough to justify
the current price tag of $300, both in terms of getting your first security camera, or
upgrading a current Nest cam. Obviously that’s something you’ll have to
decide for yourself, but hopefully this video will help. First of all, let’s quickly take a look at
the physical design of the new Nest Cam IQ. It’s much bigger than the regular Nest Cam,
with a form factor pretty much the same as the more recent Outdoor Nest Cam, except for
the mounting stand. The IQ’s stand is not removable, though it
does have a threaded mount on the bottom. The stand is adjustable on two axis, so you
can tilt it up and down almost a full 180 degrees on the Y axis, and rotate it on the
Z axis. But you cannot tilt it sideways on the X axis. This might only be a problem if you’re mounting
it on a wall, because if you want to point it at an area not directly in front of it,
the view of the camera will have to be tilted. So I’m not sure why they didn’t just make
the stand removable so you can use your own mount if you want. Or just include a magnetic mount like on the
Nest Cam Outdoor. But now let’s talk about the most important
thing, the image quality. One of the major selling points of the IQ
is that it has an upgraded 4K sensor, for more detailed video especially when zooming,
as well as the ability to distinguish between different human faces, for so called “Person
Alerts”. But does that better sensor make a difference? Well, not really. You see even though the camera has a 4K sensor,
it doesn’t record 4K video. Wait a minute, you might ask, then what’s
the point? Exactly. I assume what’s happening is the camera captures
the raw 4K video, and uses that to process facial recognition, but the 4K video never
leaves the camera. It’s downsampled to 1080p, just like the other
Nest Cams, and streamed that way. So yes, because the video is supersampled
from 4K, it is slightly sharper, which means you can zoom in a little bit further. But you’re still just zooming in on a better
1080p video, which is extremely compressed anyway. Now yes, I think it is really dumb, but even
if I don’t agree, I do know why they did this. It’s all about bandwidth. Like I mentioned, all the Nest cams stream
the video in a highly compressed format. The regular nest, at Maximum quality, only
has a bitrate of 1.2 megabits per second, and the IQ has a slightly higher 2 megabits
per second. Even for 1080p resolution, those bitrates
are extremely low if you compare them to say, a video you record with your phone. But they have to be, because even at that
low bitrate, that’s 300 to 400 Gigabytes a month of bandwidth. And as I’ve said in other videos, resolution
means nothing if it’s not backed up by a higher bitrate, because otherwise you’re not getting
any more actual video data. So for it to even make sense to offer 4K video
streaming, they’d probably have to quadrupal the bitrate, meaning you’d be using up terbaytes
of bandwidth a month. For someone with a slow internet plan, or
a data cap, it’s just not feasible. However, I really wish they would at least
offer the option to stream at higher quality for those of us who can handle it, even if
it means paying more for the cloud storage. So the question becomes, if the actual output
video isn’t that much higher quality, then why did they bother making this camera? Because really the only extra ability at this
point it offers is facial detection, which if I’m correct, is not possible on older cameras
because they don’t have the high resolution raw video to work with. I will say that the face detection seems to
actually work OK. It’s at least able to pick out faces, but
for a while it might think the same person is multiple people if it sees you from different
angles. And I think this feature can actually be useful
for certain cases. For example, if you have a multi-person household,
you don’t need to get a notification every times it sees a person when you’re not home,
because it’s probably just a family member. But you don’t want to disable notifications
altogether, in case someone breaks in or something. With person alerts, you could just get a notification
if it sees someone it doesn’t think it recognizes. Whether it’s someone breaking in, or your
kids having friends over while you’re at work, you’d probably want to know about both. So you can probably imagine a few situations
where having facial detection is good, where it’s expected that trusted people will be
going through any monitored area, and you only care if it’s someone you don’t know. Just be careful if your TV is in the camera’s
view, because every time a person was on the screen, it thought it was a new person. So you can exclude that from your zones. Also, the Nest IQ has a feature called “SuperSight”,
where if you’re looking on your phone, it will zoom in on the part of the video where
it sees a face. It’s a nice idea, but it still just uses the
same resolution video. I wish they would take advantage of the 4K
sensor, and at least take still images at the full resolution. That could be a compromise that allows them
to use low bandwidth video, but capture high resolution images where it might be important. Two more things I need to go over are the
night vision quality, and the “HDR” claim. With night time video, the IQ also uses infrared
lights on the front, and it seems to be about the same as the regular nest, both for the
brightness of the LEDs, and the video quality. The night video quality is almost indistinguishable,
with the IQ having just barely a sharper picture. As for the “HDR”, I was expecting that to
just be a BS buzzword, but the IQ does actually seem to have a significantly better dynamic
range than the regular nest. I think they’re using the term HDR very generously
here, but I guess they just wanted to be able to say it’s better than the regular one. You’ll see here in the same scene, there are
very bright windows, and an open door leading into a dark bedroom. While the windows are still blown out on the
IQ, you can actually see into the dark room a bit including the outline of some paintings
on the wall, whereas on the regular nest cam, it’s completely black besides the bed. So I’ll say the HDR claim holds up. Alright, so now that we know all the capabilities
of the Nest Cam IQ, we can consider the question, is it worth it. And that depends on whether you already have
a regular nest cam or not. If you already have a nest cam, I definitely
think it’s not worth the upgrade. You’d be paying $300 basically just for the
facial recognition notifications, because again, the video quality is almost the same,
despite the improved sensor. If you don’t have a nest cam already, and
you’re choosing between this and the regular one, I’d still be hesitant to suggest the
IQ. On Amazon, the current price of the regular
cam is $166, nearly HALF the price. I just don’t think this camera’s features
can justify paying so much more. So my overall verdict is that the Nest IQ
is really disappointing. The 4K sensor is wasted being used on highly
compressed, low resolution video, and the facial recognition feature is only marginally
better than normal notifications. Now if the price tag doesn’t bother you, and
you absolutely must have that extra bit of video quality no matter how small, sure, go
with the IQ. But otherwise, save yourself a bunch of money
and go with a regular nest cam. Or even use the money you would have spent
on a second camera, like the Outdoor cam, which is the same price as the regular cam. So that’s all I have to say about the Nest
Cam IQ. You guys can let me know what you think down
in the comments. If you agree, disagree, or if it helped you
make a decision, I’d love to hear about it. If you want to keep watching, I’ll put some
other videos right here, you can just click on those. And if you want to subscribe, I make new videos
every tuesday thursday saturday. But anyway, thanks for watching guys, I’ll
see you next time, have a good one.

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  23. Rubbish product – I had 2 cameras ripped off the wall with ease and the bad design of the product did not prevent it – DONT BUY IT!!! The service has been awful and not customer focused at all especially spending over £1,000 one would expect some service instead it has been arrogant and dismissive offering less than 6% discount – I would have expected more from a Google company / NO GOOD WHEN THE CAMERA IS STOLEN

  24. Wait.. you didn't say anything about the speaker. I paid $224 + received a free mini google w my Nest IQ… I love it so much, I almost immediately went online to purchase more and now the price is back at $300!
    What we love most about it, is our ability to have a clear, delay free conversation over it… which blew our walkie talkie sounding, glitchy Arlo Qs out of the water.
    Will we still have that with the purchase of a less expensive model of Nest?
    I want to eventually switch all of my cameras over to Nest.

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  26. I think you’re missing the point of a 4K sensor. With any digital zoom you are just cropping away the sides to make what you want to see larger. With the old sensors that means lost quality. While you’re using a larger 4K sensor, you can crop away more of the image, thus increasing the zoom even further before you begin to lose image quality. Remember neither this nor the old nest cams have mechanical zoom. After the camera takes advantage of using that sensor to zoom in, the video is coded down to 1080p to allow for effective and reliable streaming.

  27. Excellent review. I'm still pondering the question as to whether the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is worth it, after finally getting a Nest Cam Outdoor awhile ago. The key feature for me is the mount. I wish the (regular) Nest Cam Outdoor had a mount (with cabling) like the new Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

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