Nest Cam IQ Review and Comparison to Nest Cam

Nest Cam IQ Review and Comparison to Nest Cam

Hey y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going
to take a look at Nest Cam IQ, which is Nest’s latest and most expensive indoor camera. At $300, it’s almost double the cost of the
original Nest Cam. But, for laying down a few extra dollars,
you do get a few extra features. The IQ looks a lot like the outdoor Nest Cam. It ships with a stand that can tilt 160°
and rotate 180°. It also has a tripod connector on the bottom
of its stand, but you’ll need to supply your own tripod or wall mount. From a home security perspective, the cameras
are similar. Without Nest Aware, which is Nest’s subscription
service, they can both store 3-days of snapshots for your review, They can also detect motion, sound, and they
both offer digital zoom, and two-way audio. IQ also includes person alerts without Nest
Aware. If you want person alerts with Nest Cam, you’ll
need to subscribe. And of course, all of the other cool features
also require that you subscribe. The big selling feature of Nest Cam IQ is
that like Nest Cam it offers a 1080p resolution, but it adds a 4K Image Sensor. IQ also has Supersight, which is the 4K sensor
plus HDR plus intelligent imaging. If IQ detects a person, it will zoom in within
its field of view and follow the person. So how does it work? It works poorly. I ran both cameras in a window facing outside
for a week. Nest Cam IQ thought bird feeders, clouds,
fireworks, and other things were all potential people. Nest has offered person detection as a feature
since July of 2016, so they’ve had plenty of time to get this right. What’s new to IQ is facial recognition. Nest calls this familiar face. Unlike Netatmo Welcome, Nest has failed to
back this feature with any usefulness as of yet. Right now all it can do, unless you live in
the great state of Illinois, is tell you if it recognizes a face or not. The camera also struggles to recognize multiple
faces at the same time; this also appears to be the case when using supersight. It picks one face, and follows it. Sometimes, it even fails to do that. Though recognition and supersight are the
big sellers, there are other minor differences. Nest claims that IQ’s speaker is 7x more powerful
than Nest Cam. Nest Cam IQ. Regular Nest Cam. They also claim that IQ’s LEDs are 2x brighter,
which is funny because I actually think it looks darker, but it is clearer. And that 4K fancy zoom, let’s compare how
big of a difference that makes. Keep in mind that IQ offers a 12x zoom while
Nest offers an 8x digital zoom. Of course, IQ shares all of the usual Nest
features. For free, it offers Home/Away Assist. The rest of the features require Nest Aware,
the biggie being continuous video recording. IQ will record 24/7, and you can quickly access
footage from your sightline using your phone or tablet. You can access footage from your computer
using your timeline. From here, you can also add activity zones
to help you sort footage. You can also create timelapses and share clips. Nest Aware’s newest feature is intelligent
sound detection including dog barking alerts and person talking alerts. The alerts are very hit or miss, but we’ll
see if we can get one or the other to work today. (dog barking) Nothing. If Supersight and Familiar faces are the justifiers,
I don’t think that Nest Cam IQ is worth an extra $130. In fact, I’m going to return it, which is
not something I normally do. Even I don’t like a device; I hang on to it
so that I can answer your questions more thoroughly, and keep up with updates. But I don’t think that the new features are
worth the extra money, my two other Nest Cams are doing just fine, and the camera was expensive. All that said, I am curious to know what y’all
think. Do you think it’s worth the extra money or
do you think people should just stick with the original Nest Cam. Let me know in in the comment section below. And all that said, I’m just so thankful that
y’all spent time with me today, and I will see you soon.

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  1. Just like to add that I truly enjoy the candor and succinct nature of your reviews. Really well written and thought out. Based on your multitude of videos I've settled on Nest Cam outdoors. I'm not a fan of the high monitoring costs, but the service is clearly superior. Just returned the Logi Circle 2 to Best Buy as they were not ready for prime time. While I found the image quality and speaker volume to be above the rest, the software is buggy and unreliable. I wanted all the mounting options and free monitoring the Logi's have to offer which is why I gave them a try. In the end, the advertised battery life was total bunk, the wifi is unreliable and it never captured motion through windows.

  2. I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

  3. Stick with the Nest cam. For what it does and was designed to do, it works more than well enough. Buy a 2nd or 5th Nest cam and save some extra money. I have 4 of the Nest cams and they have been rock solid for years now. Actually, only 1 is an actual "Nest cam" the other 3 are "Dropcam Pro" models that are literally exactly the same as the Nest cam with the exception of the new, slimmer stand.
    I actually have 3 of mine out of the stands and mounted in locations in various ways that work great.

  4. Hey Rose! Would you consider doing a review on the Logitech Circle 2 Wired? I was thinking of buying this camera instead of the Nest Cam IQ after your review. I like the fact that 24h cloud storage is free and 14 days is $3. Thank you 🙂


    10/17/2017 This winter, Nest IQ will be updated with even more features. 1. Full Duplex Audio. No more walkie-talkie style two-way audio. 2. Improved facial recognition. 3. The ability to rotate the streaming image.
    9/25/2017 This winter, Nest IQ will include Google Assistant. You will be able to ask Google Assistant questions via IQ's microphone and stream to your Chromecast devices. You will NOT be able to stream music using the camera.

  6. I love being able to just have a conversation with my husband from work without have to hit buttons, take turns talking & wait on a delay. I also have some awesome video of mine following people & dogs and zooming in on their faces… but, hoping that it continues to improve..
    How does it receive updates?

  7. I see your videos popping up under other peoples accounts. They usually edit your videos to hide identifying titles, etc. Your videos are well done. Are you able to add a water mark to stop people from doing this?

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