Nest Cam Indoor Unboxing and Setup

Nest Cam Indoor Unboxing and Setup

Gabe: What’s up, everybody? This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re unboxing the Nest Cam Indoor. [music] Gabe: Looking at the Nest Cam Indoor box,
it’s this stylish and recyclable cardboard. Now let’s pop off that top. Immediately, we have the Nest Cam Indoor. If I move that out of the way, I find a cardboard
sleeve. It looks like there’s some literature in it. I also have a power cord, a power adapter,
a mounting plate, and it comes with three screws. Tucked into this cardboard sleeve, I’ve got
a one, two, three startup guide and a features pamphlet. Looking at the power cord, it’s white, 10-feet
long, and has this nice Velcro securing tie to keep everything tidy and neat. The power adapter is white, circular, and
has this nice little Nest insignia. The mounting plate is made out of metal and
has a nice weighty feel. There’s a sticker that you remove when you’re
ready to attach it to the camera. The reverse side has three rubber feet. There are three slots to go with the three
screws. Right off the bat, the Nest feels great in
my hands. It’s made out of metal. It’s got this nice gunmetal color scheme. If you note, if I turn it to the side, you
can actually bend or tilt it 180-degrees. It’s got a 360-degree swivel, and the lens
rotates 360-degrees. The lens and camera are actually found in
a plastic, black, glossy casing. The lens itself is recessed in that casing. It’s got this rubberized back with four screws
that connect it to the front of the camera. There’s a QR code here that you scan with
your app, which allows you to add this cam to the Nest ecosystem. Below that, you’ve got a micro USB port. Now if I go to the bottom of the camera, you’ve
actually got this rubber perimeter. In the middle you’ve got the Nest logo, which
is magnetic. You can stick it to a refrigerator or any
metal object. Overall, I love the gunmetal color scheme
and feel of the Nest Cam Indoor and feel like it’ll fit discreetly into any space. Setting up the Nest Cam Indoor is as easy
as one, two, three. You connect the power adapter in micro USB,
download the Nest app, scan the QR code on the back of the cam. Boom, you’re ready to go. Delving into the Nest cam. The camera’s the first thing you see. Now that’s a solid, solid tilt. You got tilt in all ways. You got a nice twist. They call that a swivel. You’re able to rotate that around this way,
that way. That’s really cool. I like that. Some gunmetal. Really aesthetically pleasing, actually. Very solid. [laughs] I’ll see what else we have in here. Got some literature in here. “Welcome home.” I’ll read that later. We got all white. This is black. I don’t know why that’s the case. I feel as if these should be the same color. I guess I’ll get over it. I’ll hide this. I’ll figure it out, but that’s lamentable
to say the least. I also regret this being this color with this
being this color. Not that they can’t get along, who work well
together. It’s just for the aesthetic. I want it be monochrome. Mounting plate. [click] Gabe: Oh, snap. You get that magnet action. That’s pretty cool. Whoa. Screws. I’ve got three screws loose. Do you know what I’m saying? All right. Those are all the pieces. Let’s check it out. Around here I got rubber QR code. I’m sure that’ll come in handy later, some
nice magnet action on the bottom as we saw when we first put it with the plate. That’s pretty cool. Another rubberized bottom so the magnet’s
recessed. It doesn’t scratch anything up. This allows you to put it on something flat. We’ll put it up against something like this. You put it up against your refrigerator. You can have it out, turn it, twist it. Bam. You’re not going see that. You’re not going to see that coming. That’s solid like that. Strap is white. This is white. It says it takes three steps to get started
up. Take out my phone, download the Nest app,
go into Nest. Give that a second to get started. Undo this Velcro strap. That’s pretty nifty. I like keeping my cords together. This goes in here. Got that micro USB. I can plug that in here. Flip it over. There we go. It’s pretty easy. Plug it into this spot here. It’s pretty straightforward. Now it’s on. Now here you can add a new camera directly
in the app. Where is that add camera button? Add camera function? Ah, here we go. I take this and take this QR code. Add it directly here, and boom. It’s ready to set up. I go through the options in setup. It’s already ready to go. As you can see, it’s recording now with the
little green. Easy peasy. Very straightforward. It took me just a minute from the moment I
took it out of the box to have it set up and going. Ultimately, if you’re looking at it from an
aesthetic perspective, you get a lot out of the Nest. It’s definitely one of the easier products
for us to set up. I don’t like the white on the black and gunmetal,
but it is interesting. It functions well. It can go around like this. I’ve seen this dropped on the ground. One, you have a metal base. The stand itself is pretty solid. Actually, what happens when this falls on
the ground is that this entire part pops out of the metal. Falling from about three to four feet doesn’t
seem to hurt it too much. Maybe, we’ve just been lucky. Ultimately, it’s a pretty sturdy device. It looks good. It’s easy to set up. You can read the literature. It gives you an idea of what to look for when
you’re first setting it up and things you can do. It’s a bit of a primer on how to go about
setting up your Nest Cam Indoor and everything that it can do. [background music] The let’s get started page has all the instructions
you need to get going. All right, folks. That’s our first look at the Nest Cam Indoor. If you enjoyed this video, give us a like
and hit that subscribe button. If you’d like to know our full thoughts on
the Nest Cam Indoor, Google Security Baron plus Nest Cam. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. Hi Security Baron. I am searching for a wireless home security system (one or two cameras indoor). Some things that are a must have for me are:

    Price: Can't break the bank
    Battery life: Don't want to be replacing batteries all the time
    Reliable: Works when I open the app, live stream is functional. Dont mind a little delay.
    On/Off feature: Easily turn on and off when I am home/away.

    Out of those 4 things what camera would you recommend? (Nest, Blink, Arlo etc…)

    BTW your videos are great and helpful. I would like them more if you compared what your reviewing to other products out there.

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