Nest Cam Indoor Review- Is it Secure?

Nest Cam Indoor Review- Is it Secure?

Gabe Turner: Hi, folks. This is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re reviewing the Nest Cam Indoor. If you were wondering, “Hey, how well does
Nest actually integrate with Google? How easy is it to set up? How is its night vision? How is its storage capacity?” These are all questions that we’re going to
answer. Let’s get started. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
cameras, Google “Security Baron best security cameras.” If you have a question about today’s review,
leave us a comment below, and we’ll get back to you. [background music] Gabe: Nest was acquired by Google a few years
ago and then, in the big Alphabet reshuffling, was pushed to the periphery. In the past year, they were reintegrated with
Google, so let’s hope for a seamless experience. Let’s talk about some of the features that
Nest boasts right on the package. Of course, they have the 1080p high definition
video and the two-way audio. The real bread and butter for Nest is Nest
Aware, which does things like 24/7 live continuous streaming and person alert that’ll let you
know if someone actually is in the home and whether or not they’re a familiar face. Right out of the box, I have to say that I
find the Nest Cam Indoor very aesthetically pleasing. It has this gunmetal color. Not only is it gunmetal, but it’s actually
made of metal, while the lens and the camera are in this glossy black plastic, which you
can actually rotate. It actually feels weighty, substantive, like
it’s not going to break. There’s this rubber backing and, on the bottom,
you have a rubber perimeter and this magnetic base. One thing I’ll note is that I find the white
micro USB cord and adapter a little bit jarring, especially considering how sleek the rest
of the camera is, but it is highly mobile. You can go like this. You can do this. Overall, I really like the design of the Nest
Cam Indoor. If you’d like a more detailed analysis of
its construction, check out our Nest Unboxing video. Design not withstanding, we need to know how
well the Nest Cam Indoor actually works. For that, let’s put it to the Security Baron
Necessary Features Test. Here at Security Baron we think that every
camera should have stellar video, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud storage,
smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, value, and convenience. Security Baron, necessary feature of stellar
video, the Nest Cam Indoor comes through. It has 1080p high definition video, 8X digital
zoom, and 130-degree field of view. While we’ve seen better fields of view, this
is at least the minimum that we think a camera should have, of 130 degrees. While we’ve seen as much as 16X digital zoom,
8X definitely works. In terms of the Security Baron’s necessary
feature of stellar video, we give the Nest Cam Indoor full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is two-way
audio. We love two-way audio here at Security Baron
because it allows you to talk to whoever is in the room that you’re monitoring. Now, the Nest Cam Indoor comes with two-way
audio, but it has this really funny feature where it plays a chime beforehand. I’m not sure if that’s to prevent people from
being scared, but I feel like chimes are just as scary as someone’s voice, a horror movie
and a grandfather clock goes off. It’s definitely that chime that gets you to
jump, but it’s cool and you can turn that feature off. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of two-way audio, we give the Nest Cam Indoor full marks. Security Baron necessary feature of night
vision is really important for all of us who actually care about security. Now, the Nest does really well because it
has eight high-powered infrared LED sensors that can give you a really crystal clear vision
of whatever’s going on in a particular room in the dark. However, you can also integrate Nest with
the Phillips Hue light. When it detects motion, it’ll turn the light
on in the room. That’s pretty cool and definitely allows us
to give it full marks for the Security Baron necessary feature of night vision. Security Baron thinks that a necessary feature
for all cameras is local and cloud storage. Now, here, the Nest does not have any local
storage options. You can only do the cloud. Of course, as we have found with a lot of
the cameras, there are tiers to it for what you can do, depending on whether or not you
subscribe to Nest Aware. If you want to do cloud storage with continuous
live streaming and video clips that are stored for about a month, you need to go with the
Nest Aware. Overall, we give it half marks for having
a pretty robust cloud storage system, but definitely lacking in terms of having no local
storage. Nest is a Google-owned company. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of smart platform integration, of course they do admirably. They come with all of the skills of Google
Assistant, but also Google Chromecast and even integrates with your Phillips Hue lights. When we’re talking about Nest Cam Indoor and
smart platform integration, we have to give it full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is artificial
intelligence. While the Nest won’t tell you exactly who
someone is, it does have person detection and can do person alerts. When it comes to artificial intelligence in
the Security Baron Necessary Features Test, we give it full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is value
because you don’t want to spend so much on the camera that you can’t afford anything
[laughs] else afterwards. The Nest Cam Indoor has tons of great characteristics
and features, but it does come in a bit spendier than its competitors. The Amazon Cloud Cam, which has very similar
features, comes in at $120 whereas the Nest Cam Indoor is around $175-200. Additionally, if you do the subscription Nest
Aware Plan, if you want 30 days of cloud storage, that’s $30 a month or $300 a year. Of course, you can do just 10-day cloud storage
and that’ll be $10 a month or $100 a year. That’s about what we’ve seen from the other
companies, but we do want to note that it is three times as expensive just to get a
month of cloud storage. All that being said, we do think the Nest
works really well and integrates so well with Google Assistant platform that it may merit
and warrant the extra cost. Overall, we still give it full marks for value. A Security Baron necessary feature is convenience. The Nest Cam Indoor really boasts that you
can set it up within a minute. We have to say that is absolutely true. This has got to have been one of the easiest
setups that we’ve ever had here at Security Baron. It was really a one, two, three setup. We plugged it into the power outlet. We installed the app. Scanned the QR code and we were ready to go. It also very easily integrated with our Google
Assistant, our Phillips Hue, and our Google Chromecast. Overall, we have to give it full marks for
convenience. Of course, any camera is only as good as its
app, so let’s jump into that right now. Let’s take a look at the mobile application
for Nest. Nest of course has a host of products, but
today we’re looking at the Nest Cam Indoor. When you open it up, you’ve got a Home and
Away right above a video of the live stream. That’s important because you always want to
be able to jump right into the live stream. We jump in, you can actually see what’s happening. Below that, you have the option to decide
on what has taken place throughout the day. Now, we’ve set up various motion zones inside
of our room. You can also do person detection, but this
allows you to decide what things you want to see. I can turn off one motion zone if I knew that
something was going to be happening in a particular area. Maybe it’s where the dog stays or where the
cat likes to play. I can just look at whatever I think I want
to focus on for the moment. If we get out of here, you can go into settings. From there you can turn on the Home and Away
if you don’t have it set up on a schedule. You can also go into Spaces. Spaces will allow you to see everything inside
of the Nest app and other products. If you have a Nest thermostat, you can get
all these things to work in conjunction in the Spaces part of that. Family allows you to add other people. You can add people that you want to be able
to have video access and you want it to start to recognize. Let’s jump into Nest Aware, which is the subscription
service for the Nest Cam Indoor. This is where you can really see all of the
elements that come along with that system. You got person alerts to let you know when
people are coming in. You have continuous video storage, so you
can do up to 30 days of video. You can do close-ups. It recognizes that someone’s in the room. You can look at the close-up of them and,
of course, you can look at the activity zones that you’ve set up. Notification is where you actually would set
up that activity zone. There, you can draw a little box or a circle
that allows you to have a specific zone that the camera’s paying attention, and you could
ignore everything else or vice versa. You can change all the colors inside the zone. Just fun to play around with. I had a good time making motion zones in this
room. This is all available under the Notification’s
application. Activity zones is only something you can use
to reiterate in Nest Aware. In settings, you would also set up a schedule. In Schedule, you can be like, “This is when
I’m gonna sleep. This is when I wake up. This is when I go to work.” The camera gets an idea of when it can expect
to be viewing something or not and will alert you to that activity. This may be if you don’t want to have to daily
go through the idea of Home and Away or if you’re not using any type of geo-fencing,
it’ll automatically say, “OK, this person’s gone right now.” Additionally, you can jump into the microphone
element and you can change the sensitivity of the microphone. That’s useful. We have ours on 75 percent because we want
to be able to pick up everything that’s going on. You can also control the status lights of
the Nest. What’s interesting is that not only do you
have control over all the elements inside the app, but you also have some control over
the hardware. Maybe you don’t want it to look like you’re
recording. You can actually turn off the light of the
camera whenever it’s recording. You can also have a light come on when a live
stream has started. These are just interesting elements of controlling
the actual camera itself so that people do or don’t know that you’re recording them. There’s another part of the settings where
you can actually change the video quality. You have about 120 gigabytes of cloud storage
space, but, if you wanted that to go further, you can change the quality of the high definition
video. If I’m taking a video and I take the quality
down a certain amount, I will also be able to put more footage into the cloud storage. You can actually rotate the view of the camera
inside the app. The camera is upside down and it’s giving
you a weird look, you can actually rotate it inside the app itself. Finally, there’s an element in Camera Settings
that allows you invite various family members. That’s our look at the Nest Cam Indoor mobile
application. This is the 1080p on the Nest Cam Indoor. As you can see, it picks up everything pretty
well in a room, but you also may notice it only has 130-degree field of view. Typically, you might be able to see a little
bit more in this room if you had a 145, but this is pretty good. On top of that, you’ve got the digital zoom. What’s cool is that, in the bottom corner,
you see what’s happening in the wide screen. You never don’t have a vision of what’s happening
in the aggregate in a room. If you tap on that, boom, it jumps right back
to the full screen on the large part of your phone. To can see how it picks things up, give it
our old globe test. See where we stop today. Oh. In the ocean. Look at there, right in the ocean. Right everywhere. Anyway, that’s the 1080p on the Nest Cam Indoor. This is the night vision on the Nest Cam Indoor. While it may not be the best night vision,
the eight infrared LED sensors do a good job of picking up what’s going on. In addition, it can integrate with the Phillips
Hue to actually turn the light on when it detects motion. Of course, you’ve got the digital zoom with
the little aggregate picture in the left-hand corner. It works pretty well. You can see what’s happening here. I’m using the pan and the zoom. We can go in on our globe, see what’s happening. It’s picking these shots up pretty well. We’re on Australia. Overall, we like the night vision on the Nest
Cam Indoor. [background music] Gabe: Let’s jump into an overview of how the
Nest Cam Indoor scored on the Security Baron Necessary Features Test. Stellar video, full marks. The Nest Cam Indoor has 1080p crystal clear
quality video. Two-way audio, full marks. You can go back and forth on the Nest Cam
Indoor. Night vision, full marks. The Nest Cam Indoor has an amazing eight high-powered
infrared LEDs. Local and cloud storage, half marks. While it does have a number of cloud storage
options, the Nest Cam has no local storage. Smart platform integration, full marks. Nest is a Google company, and it really shows
it with all the compatibility and integration it has with the Google Assistant. Artificial intelligence, full marks. The person detection alert with the Nest Aware
subscription lets you know when someone is in your home. Value, full marks. Despite it being a little bit expensive, the
Nest Cam Indoor comes chock-full with viable features. Convenience, full marks. The Nest Cam Indoor was maybe the easiest
cam we’ve ever had in terms of setting it up. Ultimately, the question we want to answer
and, in this particular case, answer for the Nest Cam Indoor is whether or not this is
the camera for you. If you find yourself more of an Amazon person
and you don’t want to spend around $200 for a camera, then you’re going to want to look
at another option. However, if you like using Google Assistant
and you want a camera that simply works, you’ definitely want to give the Nest Cam Indoor
a try. That’s our review of the Nest Cam Indoor. If you appreciated this video, give us a like
and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. This review was fantastic! I've seen others but this up-to-date review is the most complete and highlighted the features of this cam perfectly. I just got one for my elderly parents due to your review showcasing the features that the official website doesn't spend nearly enough time explaining or detailing. You are a great spokes-person for the brand and I hope they recognize your efforts to promote their products in a fair and balanced way, in some way. I'm subscribing right now. Again, thanks for the clear and concise review. It was fantastic! 🙂 Have a great day! (BlahBlah from Canada.)

  2. Are people notifications (giving you a notification when it senses a person) available without the Nest Aware subscription?

  3. HI Baron:
    Great review!
    Any idea how good is the night vision quality through a living room window?
    Any reflection?

  4. Hi baron,
    If I am subscribed to nestaware program and my camera is storing the video stream to the cloud. Is it possible to store video plus audio to cloud. I wanr to install this camera to monitor an elderly person and I want to have both video and audio to be stored. If this camera doesnt support this function, could you kindly recommend a cammera that meet my needs. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi there,how do you adjust the video quality without adjusting the bandwith?……my image quality appears to be 720 all the time??(i have the bandwith set on high)

  6. On image quality on the app….i just get a line choice of bandwith quality..low med or high..i see on your clip here your app shows 360…720 ..1080 or auto…..why does mine not show this??………..i have set my bandwith to high but the live image i get is poor quality (looks like 360-720p)…my internet speed is 75Mbps.

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