Natureboy Says Velvet Is still His Wife Girl You Better Protect Your 👀👂👀

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comment on this video so I was watching Nature Boy talk to this young lady and I
was kind of concerned and confused because and and and the girl was
confused as well when she was talking to Nature Boy because he was talking about
that velvet was still his wife in his possession and III was concerned about
that because we all know that Velvets in a weak state state ants at stake I’m
thinking about food um she’s in a weak state of mind right now and she’s young
which is a terrible combination and we know velvet didn’t even take a week this
time before she got on to Facebook not IG but Facebook and people started
following her over there she’s active on her Facebook page every single day
posting and that’s her progress that’s not what I’m trying to get at but if
she’s on social media I don’t give it’s Facebook or wherever she’s migrating to
she’s watching YouTube and IG and she’s watching from the sidelines
everything that nature was saying out of her mouth which is not healthy because
that’s how he was able to draw her back to carbonation in the first place
her not giving herself time to heal and being on social media platforms and then
what a month or two end from being away from nature boy it just took him two
weeks to be able to snatch her back up and get her back over the carbonation
where she lost all of the loyal support that she had received from the community
she also did stuff that for her was not in her character maybe she learned that
from her teacher to make jewelry for people and then
not send the jewelry but keep the money and then when you go over the
carbonation you give this money to nature boy but in a matter of two weeks
she you know she was changed back into Ileana she was not velvet anymore and I
think that he does this purposely that he says things publicly and it’s not
really for the for the audience the people who view him to really grasp onto
and get is really for velvet to get he knows that velvet is watching what he’s
doing and what he’s saying and he knows as a man that velvet truly loves him the
only problem that they have is that he does not want to be with just one woman
and he just wants to have multiple women she wants to just be in a relationship
where it’s monogamy just him and her and just be a family but that’s not what
nature boy wants he wants to have the gigolo life is what I call it because
what he calls what he wants to have he’s not even doing it the right way he’s
given what he’s calling it a black eye he’s given that game the black eye but I
feel as though when he says things like velvet is his possession and she’s still
his wife velvet is a young girl and that quickly velvet can listen to this
information and transfer it making herself believe oh he loves me he’s
saying that I’m his possession and I’m his wife and in and I’ll always be his
wife she can gas herself up to think that you know he loves me he can’t get
enough of me why is he still mentioning me maybe I can do this
polygamy with him and I’ll always be the first wife and I always when I was over
in carbonation I always got all the attention and I did get treated better
than the other women maybe I can for you know you know a short period of time
go back over the carbonation become first wife give first priorities to the
treatments of the other carbonation members serving me and me telling them
what to do maybe I can get my position back and over time this is how young
people think over time maybe he will change
maybe my approach the first time with the ultimatum wasn’t the right thing to
do we start to blame ourselves specially when we’re young things that we did when
we were 20 we’re not gonna do 20 years later but this is how we can make
ourselves think when we’re young when our minds are young and we’re not
thinking clearly we can think this way and we can go run back over to that
toxic relationship just because the man is saying something that you want to
hear he’s saying something that is considered to a 22 year old that’s
flattering oh she’s my possession you know she’s my wife and when you say wife
velvet can receive that as and yeah I am because if I went over the carbonation
right now I would technically be considered the first wife and I would
technically be considered the wife that gets the most attention and gets treated
I’m better than the other wise so you know velvet right now needs to really
protect her ears her eyes and her ears from the things that she Qing natureboy
do from afar because she can really get swindled back into that same situation
and it doesn’t get any better people that go back to these kinds of mental
situations where you’re not being treated you know fairly and you’re not
being respected women go back to these kind of abusive situations all the time
because when you’re young and you know these are your like early relationships
and you don’t really know that in relationships you’re really really
supposed to be ultimately happy with that person that you’re with when you’re
young and you’re not experiencing that you just know drama because you’re with
these men that are full of drama and they bring drama and unhappiness
to you you think sometime that there’s love you mistake it for love
and if that’s what velvet is is as if that’s all velvet is knowing right now
and if that’s all she thinks that a relationships all about it’s that easy
for her to go back to nature boy so I just hope that you know Velvets back on
you know Facebook now and she’s doing her social media thing probably trying
to build her following following up so she could stop putting their cash apps
up and maybe start selling her jewelry and paintings again I don’t know what
Velvets trying to do but whatever she’s trying to do I hope she is really
protecting her eyes and her ears from Nature Boy because at all times he is
plotting on this girl it doesn’t matter that they have a child together and that
he should respect her in that aspect and you know protect her not try to swindle
her but protect her because of the fact that they have a barn that’s deeper than
just him and her but that they have a child together I don’t think any of that
means anything to Nature Boy I think he looks at her as a woman who he can
utilize for you know intimacy and also like he did with her money he utilized
her when she went over there the last time for all that money that she earned
from the the the you know the honesty that she had built with the community
showing people the other side of her that she could be a good person she made
all of that money from people trying to trust her and to think that she was
being honest with them they were supporting her cause and she went and
took all of that hard-earned money and gave it back to Nature Boy so right now
she really should be focused on rebuilding velvet getting her and the
baby back to that place that they were at and just moving on with herself
because yeah you know women want to be with their baby fathers and husbands on
that they have children but if it’s toxic for you it’s gonna be
toxic for the child as well some situations are not repairable in this
case this is not repairable because you don’t want especially velvet having a
girl you do not want your child picking up this information and receiving it as
the way to live life and then she gets in a relationship with him where man is
putting hands on her or disrespecting her mentally I’m thinking that this is
how life’s supposed to be because it’s not nature boy is not going to teach his
daughter to be respected he’s showing her now what he’s doing with the
multiple women around and being intimate with multiple women at one time you know
putting velvet in the uncomfortable situation he’s subjecting his own
daughter to the same type of treatment when she’s old enough to be able to make
her own decisions of how she wants to live her life she’s going to end up just
like velvet

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