NATO’s close protection agents – the silent professionals

NATO’s close protection agents – the silent professionals

There are people working at NATO who are doing
their best to keep the world safe. Our job is to keep them safe. Often people get the impression that a close
protection agent should be a macho type, which is absolutely not the type of person who works
in the NATO Close Protection Unit. A close protection agent is trained for a
lot of things, and they just need to be ready to be able to do what is expected in normal
situations, in tense situations and in situations of a higher risk. Contact front, contact front! We are constantly developing medical skills,
studying and training on weapons, improving our driving skills and communication skills. There are many highly skilled female close
protection agents, but unfortunately we don’t have any working in the NATO Close Protection
Unit right now. We are actively recruiting for female agents. Working as a close protection agent for NATO
is a great privilege. It’s a high-profile environment with high-profile
people. You are protecting men and women who are really
making an impact on the world.

9 Replies to “NATO’s close protection agents – the silent professionals”

  1. It seems like due to supply rarity and demand it would be hard to keep female close protection agents from the private market. Even with similar wages, wealthy females employers, in particular, will likely provide an outstanding work environment.

  2. most underrated channel ever. If nato could go into the history of the cold war and natos part in it the viewer count would grow quickly.

  3. I really want to apply for this position. How great is this to make a differents in the world to protect and serve for your country(europe)

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