100 Replies to “Mother Dogs Protecting Their Babies Compilation”

  1. I love God's creation ,He created beutiful things for us humans ,no body but not body does what God does

  2. what I've learned from this video is that Dobermans turn into cows when they have puppies

  3. wow just like a female not letting the father see his kids LOLLLL. Let me guess she already put him on child support hahaha

  4. Human males could learn sooo much from animalkind. Don't protect yourself & you'll get your nads swiped at!!!! Many young males are liars, young Ladies. You ARE #1; no babies should be stuck with babies. Many, not ALL, males are just out to put "something" in ya. I waited until 29 & protection ALL THE WAY. Don't want children.

  5. LOL – I can just imagine the inner dialogue of the moms who bared their teeth. "Sucker, these bared teeth are not a threat, they are a PROMISE!

  6. Idiots wonder why they get bit. Some people don’t know when to fuck off, not everything has to be recorded just to put on social media. Fools

  7. 0:57
    Oh man…my father's dog was (hopefully still is) EXACTLY like that
    Havent seen that fucker for a long time , fuck…that hit me.
    I loved that guy ♡

  8. When my pyrenees had her puppies I was feeding her, and my son was watering her at the same time. She lunged at him trying to bite him and he wasn't even near her or a puppy. If I wouldn't have jumped in the way she would've but him in the face. She latched onto my left forearm instead.

    I beat that dog unconscious and broke my right hand doing it. I was gonna shoot her if she would've kept on. Mama dogs might be protective, but there's not 1 in the world that will go further than I will to protect my son.

  9. (0:21) She got more than 5 nipples and is STILL able to hold her own against another dog…WHAT A WARRIOR!!!🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  10. That .mama dog was Soo cute and stern did u see how fast them pups set down?? Plz don't separate her family

  11. When my dog had her puppies, she let me hold them and play with them whenever, and she never growled at me

  12. Мамы есть мамы – собаки, кошки, медведицы и пр. Они за своих детей загрызть, убить готовы! 👍.

  13. okay….at 48sec in…those dog types arent even remotely similar…i feel very bad about that white one..as that is a havanese…and seems to have been dropped there for the (*im assuming a terrier to just mangle..*)…..

  14. When I was a child and asked my mommy if Animals could love their children, she said no because reproduction was only in their instinc, that they didn't have a feeling for them.

    Years later, this video proves her wrong. Animals indeed love them

  15. 1:19 2:18 0:20
    He just wanted to see his kids that all he wants. Why is this woman not letting him? this is top 10 or 5 of moms not letting the dad's see their kids. Lol 😂😂😂

  16. The reason the female dog didn’t want the father near her pups is bc sometimes male dogs eat the pups when hungry or they hurt them 🤷‍♀️

  17. here is a lesson for some human mothers who leave their babies abandoned in closed cars while they are shopping or in the casino …

  18. There is a lady In my group therapy session who breeds dogs for money, she talks about the puppies like they aren't living creatures but little bundles of cash. I Hate Her. And I don't Agree with the practice. (Pretty sure she has even euthanized a few when she could not sell them, which is illegal)

  19. Mommy got lots of milk for her babies she is very rough with her babies. she don,t like daddy near the babies beautiful pets love your pets thanks

  20. I love how mommy dogs are so protective of their children, they even feel obligated to protect the children from their fathers! 😆😆😆

  21. 1:24 damn that's just like my ex and i, i just want to check on my kid and she shows me the teeths, smh… i feel you poor dogo

  22. I wish people would stop assuming dogs act the same way about babys like they personally would. Introducing the sire or any other adult dog to the puppys before they are fully weaned, vaccinated and in a very controlled environment is putting your puppys in life threatening danger. Not to mention intentionally stressing the bitch will not end well for the other dog maybe even the puppies and you will have no one to blame but yourself.

  23. didn't take long for someone to go on a pit bull sermon .. ya know if you gotta keep repeating how they aren't that vicious over and over .. like who you trying to convince me or you?

  24. I have a 6 year old German Shepherd female who has had two litters, both times she gave birth she cried for my mother running from the upstairs bedroom to the couch where my mom was sitting watching television. She would never attempt to bite snarl or show her teeth to any of us!! That being said that first dog would be in a shelter

  25. See this is what happens…when you don't pay 🐕child support…you don't get to see yo kids….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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