100 Replies to “Most Organized Home in America (Part 1) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello”

  1. She has soooo much crap. It’s amazing how she organized it but seems really unnecessary….. it’s so organized it doesn’t even seem like a home. Homes have little messes sometimes. That’s okay.

  2. Omg I’ve been watching her videos for years and just realized she’s like a chilled-out Monica Geller (aka my life goals 😍)!

  3. Every time she says "out of sight out of mind" in these videos she proceeds to talk about how that's why she likes to see everything… that's not how it works… unless you're always thinking about everything all the time, which…. yeah I guess doesn't seem that far off for her.

  4. Coming from someone that lives with an unbelievably messy family,

    This is my dream when I move out. Who wants to spend 10 minutes looking for something when you could know right where it’s at?

    It isn’t OCD in my opinion. She just puts things back where they belong when she’s done using them. It makes total sense.

  5. Ppl no need to be rude or mock her. She loves what she does and is actually helping others to get organised. If its not your style quit watching.

  6. U are organisation is awesome.even I like to keep everything organised.is it possible to interact with you

  7. I haven't seen a Lazy Susan in forever. Sold, going to buy some! Hey why do they call it a Lazy Susan? My name is Susan and I am not lazy at all, lol💁I love your ideas thank you 🌹.

  8. This video makes me feel so bad of myself. btw, guinness world record for being the most organized home

  9. The bloopers were a good idea Alejandra seems very down to earth even while being extremely organized which is refreshing and lets me know anyone can do this 😅😇

  10. I love this gal, such an inspiration! Seems like a lot of the comments come from less tidy people who might be feeling a bit targeted perhaps..

  11. Def a stay at home mom who’s husband is gone for weeks at a time & makes millions. Is it really necessary to label every shelf? It’s not a preschool

  12. I like organisation but it's kind of the other end of the extreme. I'd go insane there. I got absolutely sure about this when I saw that she colour codes the clothehangers….

  13. Why do I feel sorry for her kids my house is very organized to but she’s just so so stiff about life or something it’s kind of scary. Why do I feel like if I leave a towel unfolded she’s going to drop kick me. There’s so much more to life those mason jars are not cheap not everyone can afford to organize like that so I guess you could use a lot of Ziploc containers just what I use or sometimes you can get woven baskets small medium and large for $10 I also use shoeboxes and allow my children to color whatever they want on them

  14. Hi… can I know how you stick the nutrition pack at the back of the container? Kindly provide the link so that I can get it… thanks…

  15. i am so scary when i saw this video because of i was thinking about how my mom screaming on me. Just because of i place my the things at the wrong place on her kitchen and what make i run away from my own home is when i came home after work i saw my house was different before i go out. Gosh and you know what? she's warning ⚠️ me. She said want to see like this when she's come again soon.

  16. Chose to watch a video on being organised…then slate the organised person for being organised 🙄. People need to get a grip.

  17. I partly agree, but this lady is already sick. This military order kills creativity. I agree with the arrangement of tools and kitchen foods and chemicals, but she has gone too far with the rest, and it is sick. It does not make the lives of her children easier until they reach adulthood. After this video, I will happily remain in my own solid mess. I can find everything there in seconds. : D

  18. Lol i just laughed when i saw her rice container 😂 i know its different for each countriy . Its just funny imagining how Filipino’s rice containers can be 100% bigger 😂 cause we are just rice addicts 😂😂😂😂

  19. Love this! We’ve just bought a new home and I wanted everything perfectly organized. I have kids and I need to get to things easily and quickly. My husband feels the same about his garage. If you’re taking all your time looking for something you’re going to be late to your child’s dance class, karate, etc

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