More Ways To Wyze – Home Security On A Budget

More Ways To Wyze – Home Security On A Budget

I don’t know about you but a $5 security
blanket for myself my family and my children that’s a pretty powerful thing hello Automaters thanks for tuning in
again I’m going to show you some more ways that we can go and employ this
whole Wyze system the Wyze cameras the Wyze sense sensors and the whole system as a
package now today we’re going to go through ways you can actually help your
family with these devices and with them being five dollars for a contact sensor
and six dollars us for a motion sensor you know this system is getting to the
point where you could apply this en masse throughout your home you saw at the
start of the video where I opened up the sensor and it triggered on a light well
if you’re thinking about your little ones at home you have a number of ways
to now monitor what your child is doing you can stick these contact sensors
because again you could do 20 cabinets for $100 after you’ve purchased the Wyze
sense kit and the Wyze camera so a hundred and forty dollars by the time
you’re done to do 20 cabinets in your home and know which cabinets are being
opened you can’t watch the little ones all the time so this is a very powerful
way to manage that and get a notification for yourself speaking of
children this little motion sensor is a great way to actually know if your child
is restless at night now I’ll tell you there’s a forty second cooldown right
now on the motion sensor and I don’t know if that will change I kind of get
the impression that that’s based on battery life they don’t want to
constantly be updating their but the motion sensor could actually tell you a
lot from a sleep cycle perspective you also then don’t have to put a camera in
their room and yes while you’re logging some information about your children
number one you don’t have to name it that number two you can kick that out to
a Google sheets document and just know how restless they are at night and you
could also know what their sleep cycle looked exactly like on a similar thread
there we’ve talked before about how smart-home equipment can be
so powerful to help you with you know your parents if they’re getting a little
old they need a little help around the home well this is a highly highly suited
now to help the elderly in a number of ways and again if you just use that
motion sensor and the fact that you can log in and remotely check when the
motion sensor has been triggered you could actually track movements if you’d
like you’d know whether or not they got out of bed and you can trigger
automation throughout their home as soon as they get up you can turn on a little
night side table or something to that effect speaking of helping the elderly
out I do have a video a full video that goes through a number of different ways
that you can configure with the right equipment as well which I’ll show you at
the end of this video but moving on to another way that this can actually help
well this can become a smart logger actually if you think about this device
and so you’re going for a run well you can take one of these with you or you
could at least split them apart to log how long you’re running for if you’re
somebody and this was a question that was asked here on the channel a little
while ago if you’re somebody who wants to log something well this is a $5
smart logger at this point so you just pull the two sensors away every time an
event happens and kick that out utilizing if this than that to a Google
sheet and that would give you a record of whether an event happens and how
often an event is happening everybody’s favorite member of the family
sorry wife is the dog and the dog or the cat or any animal that you have in your
home you can actually start to utilize these with that and if you think about
people who kennel their dog on a regular basis you want to track just how
long your dog has been in a kennel well utilize a contact center or you can
utilize a motion sensor as well and once that motion sensor stops seeing
anything occur well you can go ahead and assume that the dog was out of the
kennel you can also manage dog doors and and little doors like that with
little sensors and I’ve already seen a couple of implementations of this online
where people are just sticking this on a dog door and as the dog goes out they
get a notification and you can track whether or not they’re inside or out in
in that regard for those of you that are still looking for help with your parents
and you’re looking for a few more ideas of how to utilize smart home equipment I
have a great video on screen right now that goes through a number of different
options and the right makers for you to be able to manage this remotely so go
click that watch that guys and we’ll see you next time

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    Sorry no starter kit in Canada…find an American friend to help you get some!

  2. Hi another fantastic video again Still canโ€™t get wyze products in the United Kingdom yet got 10 door & window Sensor eve elgato they cost my ยฃ35 British pounds each sick about that wyze are selling them for $5.00 this is way we canโ€™t get them in the United Kingdom Watched one off you video about putting the sensors on the fridge so ended up buying 2 eve elgato to put on fridge & Freezer that was a brilliant idea

  3. Given the accusation from many, many people that I can't stop talking, it may be a use case for me to stick one of these open/close sensors on my mouth!

  4. Thank you once again, for the information. Hope you are not having a problem with air quality, because for the fire. Have a good day.

  5. Apparently only Nest cameras are ones where you don't have to have the accompanying app open to see the video feed ,when you ask Google to display it. SomethNg about Wyze warning too that there's delays when viewing the video feed as well

  6. Nice video as always. I have 3 V2 cams and a sensor pack. Do you think Wyze will (eventually, I know they are just getting there) integrate better with Alexa or Google?

  7. This level of functionality at this price point (ironically for a product from China) democratises smart home tech & it's only by becoming mainstream that smart home tech will keep bringing new companies to the table to then keep each other competitive which will in turn keep innovations coming

  8. Do you need a cloud account? All I want is a camera that I can access over wifi to see what my pets are up to in real time. I already have a Google/Nest account.

  9. I'm in England (UK) If I bought this from USA would I have any problems with plugs types, power, servers and so on?

  10. Just something for everyone to keep in mind about the WYZE Cam sense sensors and camera. These are not compatible with other hubs or sensors so direct connection to other hubs devices and automations are not possible. Also the automations you set up have to be processed on the wyze servers which can mean slow results sometimes and as more of these get sold that time delay could well increase. All that said if you don't mind the delayed results then these are great for the price. And in some automations the delay will not be that noticeable. After saying all that I have 2 of the WYZE cams in protective cases overlooking my driveway and back door and love them. Couldn't ask for better cameras for the price. Been there for over a year now through snow, heat, storms, ect. and still going strong. Yes these are outside.

  11. I'm not sure about the wyze cam I think it be nice. But they've got me set up now to where my hall door it says when its open and also notifies me on my smartphone. Once again you had a great video! And thank you for being careful when you said the dog or the cat is favorite not the wife. If you get too much trouble I can probably find some place in Illinois for you to hide until she gets over it! Thanks again for all the information and hard work. I know I feel kind of silly because they spend $129 per camera. But they do work.

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