More than 31-thousand confirmed coronavirus cases, more than 636 deaths reported in China

More than 31-thousand confirmed coronavirus cases, more than 636 deaths reported in China

China has updated the numbers on the death
toll and number of confirmed patients. According to China’s state media CCTV on Friday,…
636 people in China have died and the total number of confirmed patients stands at 31-thousand-116. There were more than 2-thousand 4-hundred
newly confirmed cases and 69 more deaths in China’s Hubei Province compared to the day

24 Replies to “More than 31-thousand confirmed coronavirus cases, more than 636 deaths reported in China”

  1. I bet the numbers are wayyyy higher. Just that the China man slowly day by day adding it up so it won’t look as bad

  2. One infected person will infect ten people, do the mathematics, 31 thousand infected people how many they will infect?

  3. Nope, not 636 deaths….it's well over 24,500! The following link shows how the Gov't falsified the number of dead. It may have been 10,000 when they Quarantined Wuhan…You do not closed down an entire city for a mere 50 to 60 deaths as they claimed the number was on Dec 23rd! ! :

  4. And the Chinese government is saying other ‘countries are overreacting’.. the number are increasing in thousands everyday.

  5. What my gut tells me is ..all this was man made .nature's way we would of been dead already.the one world gov..the 1%people .call them what they are .want this to trim the fat so to speak.agenda—21……and 1984.

  6. As entertaining as it is to think it's going to kill the world.
    Of all multi hundred confirmed cases outside china, only like 2 have died. Would indicate a 99% survival rate when you get proper health care. Although.. i suspect it's not quite 99% survival.. since.. probably a few more of those couple hundred just haven't finished dying yet.

  7. How can China count all the people infected cause it spreads so fast? Bioweapons Act Dr. Francis Boyle confirms coronavirus is an “offensive biological warfare weapon”

  8. Why do t they tell the truth. There are thousands dead and 1000s effected..they are all going to die..62 alone in the shop last night came down with the virus and they are all quaritines. So how can 61 over nite get the virus.

  9. How U .S . n Bill Gate predict the Coronavirus.
    4 years ago
    微軟創辦人Bill Gates在5年前的演講,對照今天發生在中國的疫情,簡直比天氣預報還準!

  10. Chinese people are out risking their lives giving us the real news! They said the media is lying! They said its over 1.5 million infected and 250 million in isolation! Yall that is a biological weapon that was used or somehow got out!

  11. They are def lying about the numbers. "Wuhan crematoriums 'are burning bodies 24/7 to cope with extra workload during coronavirus outbreak'"

  12. They should report the "alleged" statistics or the "so-called" statistics as we all know they are grossly under estimated.

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