Moon by 1-Ring Levitating Smart Security Camera

Moon by 1-Ring Levitating Smart Security Camera

we’ve engineered the moon by 1-ring as
the most sophisticated smart camera for your home and office welcome everyone to
the home automation X Channel now today we’re actually going to be reaching new
heights and we’re going to review the moon no not that moon the one by 1-ring
introducing the moon by 1-ring the world’s first smart camera to defy
gravity this is the first camera of its kind that’s right it’s literally
reaching new heights so while it’s levitating it is fully charged the hub
has the wave ZigBee and bluetooth now this camera defies gravity what I like
about it is you can’t hear it move it noiselessly rotates as you move your
finger along the unique stabilized levitation technology allows the moon by
1-ring to not only endlessly levitate above its stand
but noiselessly rotate in any direction with a simple swipe of your finger
leaving no spot unnoticed microphones on each side of the lens detect the
direction of where the sound is coming from two built in precision microphones
on each side of the lens automatically detect the direction of incoming sound
and adjust the cameras field of view accordingly making sure it captures
every moment automatically rotates towards the incoming sound with smart
event detection and automatic rotation there is also a speaker with a third
microphone which can be used for conference calls and more it’s great for
your office or for your home it even has a built-in magnet so it can stick to a
metal surface or be placed on the stand which is included and can be used at the
five hours the built-in battery navels up to five hours of autonomous operation
while the USB type-c port makes charging on-the-go fast and convenient particularly like is that it supports
Android iOS or the windows it can even be integrated with if this
than that smart things the philips hue nabarro and apple homekit it monitors a
temperature the homeautomationx carbon dioxide and also a smart voice
recognition of a barking dog crying baby glass breaking you name it it also has
an IR blaster so it can control systems like your TV or your stereo and it
automatically rotates towards the active speaker
I like the mood by 1-ring I mean this is the latest and greatest in technology
and for more information about this product please feel free to check out
the links below we’ve engineered the moon by 1-ring as the most
sophisticated smart camera for your home and office as always thank you for
watching homeautomationx below add your suggestions comments are always
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  1. I was expecting to see more of a hands on review, rather than just hearing about the product. I would like to see Cindy unbox the product, talk about how it really worked when she tried it out, any issues, etc. Perhaps you could do a full review when you have the product?

  2. Are you Serious? Breathtaking!! First time hearing this. I'm coming over to take you to the real moon with a ring to propose..

  3. Could you please tell us how the Camera works? I mean does it rotted side by side or up and down. Or Both does continusly. Ok thank you. Oh one thing your star brighter than moon Cam and you brighter than both.

  4. The Full Moon is beautiful! I’ve watch this video over and over and then looped it! I’m buying just because of this VIDEO!

  5. Smart Home Tech in this video
    Amazon UK
    Amazon CAN

  6. They should've sent you a Camera. I would not do a product until they give you a product. You guys are more popular than they know and deserve more respect. You're also very funny.

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