Momentum Wi-Fi Home Security Video Camera Review – Part 1 | MOMENTUM | Get Fixed

Momentum Wi-Fi Home Security Video Camera Review – Part 1 | MOMENTUM | Get Fixed

what’s a lice bendji d here from get
fixed and today we’re gonna be reviewing a product from the company momentum it
does say is compatible with nest not sure what that means but okay anyways
it says Wi-Fi video camera monitor your home office pets and more 2.4 to 5
gigahertz dual band I’m pretty sure that sucks 720p video resolution once again
sucks so let’s take a look at the features here it says live HD video
motion detection that’s pretty sick actually IR night-vision two-way audio
talk that’s pretty cool if somebody’s in the room and I want them to get out I’ll
let you know I’m watching you get the bug out I see what you’re doing I see
what you’re doing anyways 110 degree wide angle view optical cloud or SD
storage that’s actually pretty cool so I can store my video inside of the cloud
or an SD card let’s look in the back here setup in just minutes the user friendly
app makes it easy and practical for any house guess save every moment in HD
stream live and record videos automatically in HD
peace of mind get automatic alerts to your mobile device for motion and sound
detection when you’re away that is sick that’s actually pretty cool so it’s not
constantly recorded it starts recording when there’s motion or somebody some
type of interference inside of your room ok two-way communication speak with your
guests remotely from the app and through the cameras built-in speaker and
microphone specifications resolution at 1280 by 720 at 15 frames
per second 640 by 360 18 frames per second resolution that’s sucks that’s
horrible fixed focus view angle 110 degrees auto exposure storage external
storage micro SD card slot up to 128 gigs and the last thing is device
compatibility iOS 8 + up and also Android 5.0 + up what’s in the box
video camera USB cable and AC power adapter quick install guide and mounting
kit that’s pretty sweet let’s get it let’s get it alright get
full control of your camera with your mobile device record video and receive
alerts when camera detects any motion maintain vision of your home they or
night with built-in ir sensor optional SD card slash cloud
storage allows you to save recorded events camera looks kind of cool I don’t
want to tear it but it definitely makes me feel like I have to come on come on
come on yeah there it go slide that boy out like that like that
Pull that boy out this is for power I’m assuming and this is just the reset
micro SD card goes right in here and it just sits on your desk just like that
we’re actually gonna try that bet back boy out okay let’s open the box see
what’s inside oh No limit I’m a [email protected] soldier, there go the manual nobody
actually reads that slide what is this I actually did not buy warranty for this
but for some reason this has one year limited warranty mhm so I guess the four
dollar warranty is for life or four years I don’t know there goes the power
brick and cord so you can proba(oh) so you could either leave this sitting on a desk
or you can mount it somewhere on the wall there is a metal plating kind of
heavy actually and some screws back here hey we’re gonna ignore that let’s plug it
in yeah in order to power this up you could
actually hook it up to like a laptop or to this brick right here and plug it
directly into the wall alright there’s actually an LED indicator over there
that’s lighting red letting me know that it is powered on or it might just be
loading up I don’t know which one it is it might turn green who knows okay so
what now it is currently blinking now I am gonna
download the app to see what I could do it’s blue I rhymed momentum camera app
and there it is so I’m currently downloading the one that’s 1.2 9 k
reviews versus the one that has 40 I’m pretty sure this one’s more accurate it
has more features more everything this is the official app.

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  1. I bought this camera a while back when I was leaving town and it failed me
    then..yesterday I found out a crackhead was hiding under my house so I
    decided to give it another try when I log into the app it says system error
    we are experiencing difficulties accessing accounts. this is the second
    time ive really needed this camera and the second time it has let me down.
    im disabled and don't have money to throw away on another camera

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