Miracle Caught on CCTV- Shirdi Sai Baba Appears in human form

Miracle Caught on CCTV- Shirdi Sai Baba Appears in human form

A miracle happened. A person who miraculously resembling Shirdi Sai Baba came to Sai Baba temple in Zaheerabad, Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. It was clearly seen in CCTV footage. His attire, body language and walking style.. everything resembled Sai Baba. After entering the temple, the person asked the priest of the temple to arrange Aarti. Later, he asked the priest to offer him ghee. Initially, the priest was dumbstruck with all the sudden happenings. But by the time, the priest realized that it was SAI BABA who came in person.. Baba had disappeared. This miracle spread like a wildfire.. and the devotees start visiting the temple in huge numbers.

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  1. Hey guys. There are so many babas all fake. cheating people. don't believe. This is kaaliyugam.

  2. No body seen god. He is supreme power. fire the creator of universe. man and woman. One and Only one. .

  3. I am ashamed and amazed, that responsible companies like Zeefilmnews resort to such bluff. Here is an explanation. The god-man, seems to be known to the other priest sitting inside, and that is why he immediately obeys what he was told, without appearing one bit surprised at this meeting. Any priest would immediately be dumbstruck if he saw Sai Baba in this circumstances. Baba is the epitome of faith and patience…do not fool people into diluting the faith this world has on the great Baba. …Jai Sai Baba.

  4. Why Muslims doesn't own Muslim Fakir saibaba, though he is a Muslim.

    But , Why Hindus attracted towards a Muslim Fakir.?
    ( No Muslim attracted towards Hindu god/god's.)

    Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Krishna….
    Om namah shivaya…..

  5. BC mere yaha ek riksha wale cha cha sai baba ko bht mante hai. Or wo khud b sai baba ki tarah bhes bana kr ghumte hai.. to ab may kya kru unko sai baba mAn lu.

  6. God ku shadow illa this is fake plz intha maari fake ah yedukaathinga because sai baba real ah irukaaru ippdi panna appram real ah iruntha kuda athu fake nu soluvaanga

  7. Han han.. Car se utra dekho.. Ye sai baba koi nh tha. Fake tha. Na ataa na pata kuch nahin.. Baba banne chala

  8. We are living in the age of Science and Technology. No one can ever make fool out of us.
    God has enforced his Laws in Nature-based on permanent values. Sun will never rise from the West. God has not given power to any of his Prophets like Jesus, Mohammad (S)or any Saintly person to break his laws in nature and perform miracles.

    The Peers (Saints)have no power to fly themselves but his Mureed (Bhagat) always out telling people that he saw his Peer flying in the air.

  9. எப்படியோ வீடியோல என்னதான் இருக்குனு பார்க்க வந்தே 2 லட்சம் views மேல கெடைச்சிடுச்சு….
    இது ஒரு பொழப்பு….

  10. जब साई भगवान है ही नही
    तो चमत्कार कहा से करेगा

  11. In this video if this will b god then the response of the people inside will be different but their response like they saw notmal man

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