Mini Review: Arlo Pro Silicon Skins by LANMU

Mini Review: Arlo Pro Silicon Skins by LANMU

Hey y’all, it’s Rose. A few weeks ago, John W asked if I would take
a look at LANMU Silicon Skins for Arlo Pro, and I thought, “why not?” For $11 you get a pack of three, which is
similar to the Arlo Pro deal except they sell their pack of three for $24.99. So today we’re going to take a look at the
Amazon comments, complaints to see if they’re true or not, and we’re also going to look
a look at the company’s marketing claims. That said, this may be my shortest review
yet. A couple of Amazon reviewers have complained
that the skins are too small to completely cover Arlo Pro, but I haven’t found that to
be true. I guess it’s possible that you might get one
bad skin in the bunch, but all three of mine fit quite well, even leaving room for the
power cord and complete with a sync button on top. The only other complaint found on Amazon is
the top corners of the skin cover a little bit of the camera’s view. This complaint is true, but as you can see
it covers just a very little bit. Regarding marketing claims, there’s only one. LANMU claims that the skin can block sunlight,
rain, and snow. I thought the best way to test this would
be to take a look side-by-side at Arlo Pro with and without a skin so we can see how
adding a skin affects the experience. First, we have footage taken on a clear, sunny
day. The skin blocks some of the sun’s glare as
you see on the top right-hand side of the screen, but the difference isn’t stark. Second, I tested the two cameras side-by-side
after the clouds rolled out. This time, the reduction in glare caused by
the Skin appears to make the picture slightly clearer. Third, while I wasn’t lucky enough to have
a cloudy day, I created my own. And as you can see, the camera with the skin
does have fewer water droplets covering the lens. Finally, night time. At night, I don’t see a difference at all
between the two cameras, which really doesn’t surprise me. So then the question is, “should you buy a
skin?” For $11, why not? They make a slight difference in video quality,
and they’ll also help protect your camera from the elements. So that’s it, your miniature LANMU skin review. I told y’all it was going to be fast. If you have any questions about the skins,
let me know in the comment section below. I have several videos that are coming up,
but I don’t know which one’s going to be next. I do want to know what you want to see next. GetSafe was kind enough to send this Security
System, and they sent it with a Mini 360 Plus by EZVIZ which I’m really excited about. I purchased the Arlo Q so we can take a look
at that alone, with or without paid services, or I’d be happy to compare it to my Canary
All-in-One for y’all. And I also bought Nest Thermostat E which
is what I’m most excited about, and I can’t believe I haven’t set it up yet. But let me know what y’all want to see in
the comment section below, and I will see you soon!

6 Replies to “Mini Review: Arlo Pro Silicon Skins by LANMU”

  1. I'm absolutely going to leave a skin on the camera I keep outside, I'll let you know how the skin holds up over time. One negative I noticed today is that the black skin does conduct heat, so the camera with the skin is warmer than the camera without, but the camera with isn't any warmer than my Canary Flex. Let me know what y'all would like to see next! I'm also considering buying one of the several new Amazon Echo related products announced today. Thoughts?

  2. I have a recommendation for something you can review; NASHVILLE! As in the city. You live somewhere near there, don't you?

  3. Nice job Rose. I get messages from tons of arlo pro accessory companies all the time. Thanks for the insight on the skin. It looked like if the skin wasn't contorted on the top that it might not show on cam. Maybe?

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