Megapixel Video Reality #1 | Security Camera “Shootout” by IP Security of CT

Megapixel Video Reality #1 | Security Camera “Shootout” by IP Security of CT

Hi everybody, my name is Mike Larkin, I’m
with IP Security of Connecticut, and today we’re going to talk about IP Megapixel Videos
myths and reality. What you’re looking at are side by side comparisons
of standard definition VGA camera upper left quadrant and a 5 megapixel camera in the upper
right quadrant. These are digitally zoomed in from 17 feet away. The cameras are mounted
17 feet from the eye chart. Again, it’s a digital, not optical zoom. Big difference. You can see in the VGA or standard definition
how pixelated that is at such a short distance. If I zoom in on that even more it’s just gobbledygook.
So that’s only right there is about where it’s legible. I’m going to fully zoom in on this one and
it starts to pixelate but you can certainly read the characters. And that’s at 17 feet
in excellent lighting conditions with the angle directly on. It’s important to understand the limitations
of these cameras and deploy them correctly. You can’t expect to do much more out of a
5 megapixel camera than this, but it all obviously depends on what your requirements are. At 35, at 50 feet out, this would never be
this clear, this would be much more pixelated and starting to look more like this. So it
does have a range limitation, it is not endless. There are higher megapixel palettes in cameras;
there are tradeoffs involved with that as well. But the point of this quick video was to just
quickly point out the difference between a VGA and a 5 megapixel camera and its value.
Hopefully this has been useful. Please give me a call if I can be of further assistance.
Thanks for listening.

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  1. This is the first time anyone showed an eye chart and also told how far away you were from it.Β Β 
    You just saved me a bunch of money!!!!

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