Meeting America’s Death Row Inmates: Part 1 (Prison Documentary) | Real Stories

Meeting America’s Death Row Inmates: Part 1 (Prison Documentary) | Real Stories

67 Replies to “Meeting America’s Death Row Inmates: Part 1 (Prison Documentary) | Real Stories”

  1. how do u see your life looking down the line? where does it go? …man…Either in a box or doin a life in population,,,,wow what a lost soul right there

  2. I believe that the guy that got, 170 is to long. His sentence is too much, way too much. I hope and pray that he can get out, soon. It doesn't matter what crime people that any of these men have committed, I still feel sad for all of them being in jail. Jesus loves all of these men. God loves all of you guys that are in jail. We must all repent of our sins cause we are all sinners. Jesus died on the cross for everyone.

  3. He said to many slap him in his stupid head and tell him not enough not enough ask them unethical human animals how many innocent lives they have taken 💩🍆♿️

  4. Slap them dark shades off his stupid face the only thing they need to get down on is getting them unethical human animals lined up for the chair

  5. 2:36 i love the fact that a maximum security prison has a picture of an inmate on death's row and his cat, and proceeds to put on that picture the inmate's number and then the cat's name.

  6. Man some of these dudes clearly have serious mental issues, like the guy insisting on showing the weight loss photo, not saying they deserve to be free but wish they would’ve gotten help before they did what they did

  7. americans go to jail for everything and anything; and for lengthy periods too. in canada you get s slap on the wrist and some community service hours. americas judicial system needs to be overhauled

  8. He shouldn’t be in jail for life … I’m sorry he was a child when he commuted that crime … awful as the crime was … he shouldn’t have been charged as an adult.

  9. How can you kill two people because they didn't want you to cut their grass. There is more to these people than their seemingly normal faces.

  10. A prisoner should never ever say "I like playing video games. We have homeless vets on the streets and these bottom feeding scum have video games???? Oh it was a great moment for you to hear that you avoided execution? I bet your victims wish they could say they avoided their death.

  11. Ein schönes leben in der todeszelle ,diese chance haben sie ihren opfern nicht gegeben ,brutal wurden die meisten abgeschlachtet .

  12. “Look I know he punched 18 babies to death for a lollipop and 75 cents, but he was only 10 and he’s telling me what I want to hear!” – YouTube comments section

  13. Lock kids up forever lol are you outta your mind? Well thousands of years ago laws were set up for “revenges” but now its no longer the case! The victims are dead already and only thing what we can still do is to save this kid who goes crazy. Life in jail is too much for a kid especially when they are no longer a threat

  14. There are murderers and child rapist who have been set free & live among us. That man who was 13 needs to have a chance at life outside of those bars. Not excusing the fact he took people's lives. But he was a child who I feel had been tossed aside & forgoten about.

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