Meet the new IBM z15

Meet the new IBM z15

Welcome to IBM Z. Achieve the cloud you want with the data privacy and security you need – elevating your hybrid cloud strategy for mission-critical workloads. Build with flexibility, use industry standard tools and skills you already possess. Modernize existing applications and data, extending their value to your hybrid cloud environment. Enable a cloud-native experience, with elasticity and integration across multiple clouds. Placement of the accelerator on the processor delivers On-Chip Acceleration – gaining speed while reducing latency and movement of data. Applications and data are designed to be always available with Instant Recovery and industry-leading uptime. Achieve the agility and flexibility of hybrid cloud deployment, with enterprise resiliency and security designed for continuous service delivery. Identity, data, and privacy are defended by a new industry-first data protection technology. Built on a hardware security module, the key is destroyed if compromised. With Data Privacy Passports, your future is protected no matter where your data is stored. Your mission-critical enterprise platform now works when and where you want, with the cloud environments you choose. This is the new IBM z15.

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  1. I'd like to add, having been a mainframe CE for 16 yrs from 9021 to z13 that – beside any other tech specs – if this is the noise level while operating it's definitely outstanding. Well done!

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