Meet Sossa, DDK9’s Next Protection Superdog | DOG DYNASTY

Meet Sossa, DDK9’s Next Protection Superdog | DOG DYNASTY

Marlon: This is Sossa – the next superdog. He’s Billy bad-ass. He’s never been out. I don’t know how
he’s going to react to what he sees. Suddenly there’s this Husky
that’s coming towards us and right off the bat, there was tension. Right this is Sossa, he’s the next
prodigy, he’s the next best thing. Yeah Sossa is definitely a little ****. Alright be calm. He doesn’t know
what calm means though, not yet. A little ****. He’s just a young little psychopath. He’s about 10 months old now. He’s probably relatively close to
the size that he will actually be. You’ll notice that he’s very different
from, you know, where he was last time. To actually teach him to be a pure
soldier takes a lot of time. He’s extra, extra stubborn. And
that’s really what you want. When you’ve got a dog that’s
like a mega asshole, you almost know they’re going
to do good in this field. Building one of these dogs,
what you’re doing is you’re giving this dog the biggest ego
that he can possibly have. He literally needs to
think he is invincible. He’s the baddest dog walking the
planet and nothing can stop him. You got to check your ego at the door. It’s all about the dog’s ego. Now he’s got to think
he’s Billy badass 24/7. I’m going to get him on this wedge, let him get a couple bites just to
make sure his engagement is right. You might get bit, you might get
punched in the face by a paw. Definitely going to get dragged around but if you don’t like that, don’t train dogs. I’ll train him to be 100% war ready. Like he doesn’t understand that he’s
like training for protection work, he just thinks he’s playing a game. So that game is going to carry
on until we start to show him, you know, an actual threat. But right now, it’s literally
just playing games you know. So basically what you’re
doing is eliminate hesitation. You know what I mean, that’s what we want. Because in this game, security
game, you hesitate you die. So the dog has got to learn zero hesitation. This dog has spent most of
his time here on the farm but it’s time that you know we
take him out in the public. We take him out to a city setting
we see how he is around traffic, you know around just regular people because
that’s going to be an important part of being a protection dog. It is being able to function in,
you know, general society. So I just want to test, test his mindset. I just want to see where
his head is really at, you know that’s what we’re
going to go do today. Lisa: So today we’re going to take Sossa
out and just let him see things that we don’t have back home. Marlon: He’s never been out
so this is all new for him. He’s going to be like dragging me down
the street, it’s going to be a good time. So we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Honestly like I’m just literally
looking for things like, even like, like that right there
like just little staircase and like just let him walk him down. And literally, just getting him used to
things that you would think you would never have to
get something used to, that’s what I’m doing now. And we call it imprinting in dog training just basic, basic wandering
around with him. I don’t know how he’s going to react
to what he sees but he’s on the prowl. See his swag ain’t changed,
that’s what we want. So basically, I’m just letting
him you know, see the sights see just what it’s like to see just
everyday people, traffic, cars, sounds. He isn’t really obedient yet. So you know, we can’t let anybody
touch him or anything like that. Nobody’s ever dealt with
Sossa but me and Lisa really. One of the worst situations that we
can have is you know, there being a ton of people just trying to flood
Sossa when we’re trying to, you know, do this imprinting. So I needed my security with
me to keep people at bay. Lisa: We get a lot of people coming
up to us wanting to take pictures. A lot of attention. Right now, we
kind of want to keep people at bay and just really focus on the dog. Marlon: Come on, boy. Yeah, this is weird.
I think it was weird too, come on. Come on if I’m
going, you’re going come on. Come on. There you go. Come on! The reason why I had him
doing this is repetition, you know. So initially
he had a little pause, he didn’t want to do it. We
just pull him through it. He’s got no fear. And
then by the second or third time, the confidence
starts to change. We’re building confidence in the dog.
So skip come on! Come on, come on, right there.
Right there, jump, do the next one. Lisa: Getting him to jump through the
hoops, he did really well in that. And it was great to see him
learn something like that and master it. And with just a few tries. He learned really quick.
Marlon: Good job. I can tell right now he really doesn’t like
to be in tight spaces too much. So that’s something that
I’m going to work on. There you go. So I’m walking down the
street and suddenly, there’s this Husky that’s coming towards us. He’s never, he’s never
seen nothing like that. You could see when the
Husky came up and got down real low. And he
got in this position, which is a stalking position, you know.
So right off the bat, there was tension. He’s alert right now, you know,
so he’s kind of bothered. So this is why he’s here. This is
all things that he has to work on. You know, so we’ve seen another
dog, his reaction, it wasn’t it just was mildly disappointing, but
it’s not anything that we can’t correct. He’s still got a long way to go.
We got a lot to do with him. But I know he is going to be
the future star here at DDK. Normally when you deal with protection
dogs, you’re not going to get the dog that has this
like stomach. You pick based on performance. So to have a dog that’s that rare,
that I know just from seeing him has the skills to lead, probably the
best dog that I’ve ever trained is a gift. He’s going to be a star beyond. He’s a prodigy.

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  1. Dude, my mali at 8 weeks grips better and obeys better then that mutt…. 10 months and he don't know nothing yet.

  2. I had a puppy that had sossa coat color and we has to give it away because nobody was available to take care of him

  3. He might be a good protection dog or a better protection dog but he ain’t as good as hulk…hulk was the best..RIP GENERAL

  4. RIP GENERAL, loved that dog. I am inspired by you guys, I want to own my own dog training company for Rottweilers, Pitbulls and Doberman Pinschers! thank you.

  5. This guy is so FOS! Protection Trainer? GTFOH… I call it like it is. The dog has absolutely no obedience and you want to start protection training. I saw the shallow bites and the bad grips. You have all those available resources but they're going towards your ego and not the dogs. Sports cars, bodyguards but you got window A/C? Priorities. You can full the ignorant but not the those with known. You cant fix stupid (smh). CB4 for Real…

  6. You don't love dogs. You only train killing machines, you're a disgrace to the community. You can't even tell that dog wasn't a husky, jesus christ.

  7. Protection dog that’s so untrained that you brag about how it will “drag you down the street”? This guy is pumping out POS dogs, and the saying must be true about a sucker born every minute because someone is buying them

  8. Akita shits on pitbulls in any way / shape / form , if you think otherwise you’re a 🤡🤡 like damn go read about what Akitas were actually made for

  9. I felt a lot better about how my dogs training is turning out when u showed his attitude mines an a hole but he's good dog but likes to test me on everything

  10. He’s gorgeous, all of your dogs are gorgeous. RIP general. Thank you for these videos and everything your doing for the bully community ❤️

  11. This guy's an idiot doesn't even know dog breeds .. dogs aren't even pit bulls their over weight mixed breeds. Over priced..dogs

  12. Yo tengo una perra parecida a sossa pero mi perrita su color atigrado es más claro no sé cómo mandarte una foto para q la conoscan

  13. Why? You're just flexing….not the dog. Leave his ears alone you stupid ape. You are an insult to the true beauty of pitbulls. You're not tough. You're not smart. You're not exclusive. You're an idiot G unit flexing on the internet for 12 yr old ape children. You suck at training dogs and making a fool of yourself. You're dog doesnt need to be ego stroked to be a good protector. All you're doing is raising him in all the wrong ways to make an aggressive bully that is anti social and insecure (just like you are yourself). Idiots like you bring out the stereotypes society already has about pit bulls.

  14. The problem with this thinking, watch what happens when a Bullmastiff walks in the room, lol ! I bred pits for nearly 30 years and love the breed, but made the change with years of research first. I will never change breeds again .

  15. Can't help but to think these dogs are miss treated. 'The dog has never been out before, I'm not sure how he will react'…also 'he's 10 months old and he needs to be able to function'….also he a 'psychopath', 'solider'. To me it's sounds like they raise sheltered fearfull dogs, bread to stay sheltered and fearfull and they will go on to live in shitty situations. Would of thought they would go for selective reactivity, not let's be scared and aggressive to all dogs,and be worried about people wanting to pat him… I think they failed

  16. I've heard of these two, they've bred some of the most beautiful and muscular pit bull type of guard dogs that I've ever witnessed in my life and I'm pretty sure that their dogs go for a luxurious price.

  17. That was an Akita (a mean dog) it’s like a chihuahua they don’t care who it is they’re gonna get feisty and they’re mean. But sweet too

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  21. Why are these always males? Sorry but female pits are just as strong as any male, why are females never showcased when talking about trained dogs?
    Also the ear cropping is fu*king disgusting.

  22. That "Husky" was not a Husky. It was an Akita. They are protection dogs too, in their own way. But probably much more difficult to train bc they are more independent and stubborn.

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