7 Replies to “Meet Nest Secure”

  1. How can this be called a security system? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkkfnEV8W8A&index=2&list=PLyVBi3yMHBUPe64hT1yKoFRt4GMBvAdxn

  2. Wow even Nest came out with a security system. I have their thermostat and it’s great! It integrates so well with my Armorax security system. I use the app to control the temperature.

  3. So, SecurityAllStar.com was offered the opportunity to be a Nest Pro services dealer. Those services just came out about a month ago. Here are the 3 main reasons why we did not take them up on the offer. They do not have full time dual path (cannot call out to police over 2 simultaneous options), they are more expensive than tried and true services for monthly costs and lastly; the cool looking equipment is at a very high premium. No on this.

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