Meet Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Meet Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

You take beautiful images of everything. Sunday’s breakfast. Monday’s breakfast. Fido’s breakfast. But when someone enters your home, the image you get is this. When it really matters, you need a really good security camera. Meet Nest Cam IQ. It doesn’t just see incredibly well, it’s got serious brain power. So we can tell the difference between your dog, and your dog walker. Then Nest Cam IQ will zoom in and follow the action for you. And with Nest Aware Nest Cam IQ gets even smarter with face recognition. So you can get an alert if someone’s there who shouldn’t be. Or if your kids just came home from school. It also has HD Talk and Listen, so they’ll hear you loud and clear: “Hey guys, knock it off.” With Nest Cam IQ looking out for what matters, you can get back to doing the things you truly love. Nest Cam IQ. The security camera that outsmarts other security cameras.

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  1. ANOTHER camera? Come on Nest…. Give us another niche smart home product like smart blinds or something.

  2. If this is so smart, how come you can't swivel it on your own through the app like so many other wifi cameras? Honestly, I don't know why you haven't done this. I should be able to pan my cameras anywhere I want. Please do this. For the love of God.

  3. Please take a look at your absurdly expensive subscription rates before trying to sell me a largely cosmetic upgrade. Increasingly disappointed.

  4. "Lets you get back to the things that you really love" …like not spending real time with your troublesome kids!

  5. Hmmmm… I could get six infrared IP webcams for the cost of one of these… no thanks. The software determines the usefulness of the camera, not the camera firmware itself. Motion detection, tracking, network interface… all on the software side. Keep thinking up new ideas to charge people a buttload of money for name brand useless stuff.

  6. It looks like the Nest Cam Outdoor that didn't sell well, put a stand , update the software, and call it the Nest Cam IQ. Way to go Nest. I was expecting a nicer and better product, not use an old hardware you had from your previous product.

  7. overpriced piece of shit with shit quality, I still have the current nest cameras for home that I paid a dear $300 ransom for it and I cant see shit with it in 1080P! I won't buy another piece of shit that costs a week with class A quality hookers!

  8. I bought a Nest Cam and returned it when it kept raising false alarms just because there was a change in lighting with the sun going behind clouds or car headlights shining in the direction of the room. A security device that has several false positive alerts a day is just stupid and pointless. I spoke to Nest support and they kept palming me off saying it was working as intended and that it's just how it works.

    Sorry Nest but I don't care if it's working as designed, it's just bloody stupid.

  9. Please build in a rechargeable battery so that when the power goes out (or is cut off by a smarter intruder!) the camera would still keep on going. Also, put in an ethernet port so that the camera can get faster speeds which would result in consistently higher video qualities. Also, provide local storage option so that if internet goes out (or is cut off by a smarter intruder!) the camera keeps on recording and storing videos which could be uploaded to the cloud as soon as internet is restored. Finally, please build in the pan feature so that users can move the camera around remotely to see areas of interest that would've been missed otherwise.

  10. Are you serious?
    Security, with the camera connected to insecure mobile phone?
    How more insecure you can make it ?
    Plus bye bye privacy

  11. i am in need of wireless home alarm. my ismart alarm has to be hard wired to my router which limits its location. i want wireless alarms throughout my house that can blare loud siren when there is an intruder.

  12. I feel like all the IQ is done in the cloud, not onboard the camera. I have 8 cameras in the home, this functionality should be built into your existing customer/install base. Especially with the high subscription fees I feel like this should be a standard feature. It's like the customers that helped create this company have been left behind…. Shame

  13. More goodies for merKKKaz control freaks to spend the day watching someone else. Is Nest owned by a bunch of cops who got fired for peeping activities ?

  14. This is all done with software, why do we need to buy another camera for it? How about remote sensors for the thermostat? That would be a lot more useful than another camera.

  15. Nest team: I bought 3 cameras over the past two years and spent about 900 on them. i also paid for nest aware. all three cameras have failed over the past year from what I believe is long-term heat stress or something. nest aware thinks they are broadcasting ad it warns me the camera is unplugged when I power cycle or do any other troubleshooting. this has been an extremely expensive lesson. I wish I just bought a quality up camera as my children's safety is extremely important to me.

  16. We had 6 of drop cam and nestcams – 3 have failed. No good and now we only have 3 thankfully that do work – all outdoor cams. Not sure we will invest in this one yet.

  17. i haven't had anything break down. i've 6 cameras. but the subscription price is a deal breaker.
    although for 24/7 recording, Arlo wants $10/month too. and is actually more expensive than nest when you have multiple subscriptions because nest is half off the 2nd camera and on. but arlo will win more customers with it's local recording option.
    samsung's 360 is nice hardware, but software will make u want to throw it out the window.

  18. Wait don't "really good security cameras" are hidden so the burglars don't unplug the camera πŸ™„ no hate my family wants one but I feel like it's just not the right one 😢

  19. The kids can just go put a piece of paper over the lenses and continue fighting or even better just turn the dang thing off

  20. Congrats on your new camera, now get back to work on the old cameras you have degraded the video on the old cams so that you can have the new Q camera upload better video. I am sick and tired of watching the BUFFER animation on my cams.
    Try to allow more bandwidth on cams from Winnipeg, Canada. Before you delete this or say it is my connection no sir I have 150 down and 15 upload.

  21. What makes this different than a $30 camera that does the same thing? Other than now I have the opportunity to pay Nest MORE MONEY for a Nest Aware subscription in order to use the features I just paid way too much for?

  22. all these bad reviews, WOW! My son said "nest" first out the mouth, I wound up with 2 of the cheapest Arlo's. which is the same price with base, 2 cams as one nest camera with nothing coming with it. Well to make a long story short, I just want a camera to upload straight to a playing device and view. Everything in Arlo depends on arlo letting us see our own video on THEIR website. The internet or electricity goes out u got nothing. The camera is useless. My grandson got a drone for christmas that cost 39.00 so cheap the controls won't hardly allow you to fly but the video is incredible. It's better by leaps and bounds to arlo and nest. and i cannot understand it. if it just had a motion detector on it I'd be in business.

  23. I feel for ya….all the money everyone has spent. i just might get two cop cams for 64.00 and forget all this crap… politically correct bullshit. arlo nest and ring….top of the line, protect you home and family. it's all crap starting at 200 bucks to thousands

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