Meet August View – the Premium Wire-free Doorbell Camera

Meet August View – the Premium Wire-free Doorbell Camera

Answer your door from anywhere with August View NARRATOR:
the world’s most advanced wire free NARRATOR:
video doorbell. NARRATOR:
August View is made with your home in mind. NARRATOR:
With a variety of interchangeable face plates NARRATOR:
and a slim sleek design August View looks NARRATOR:
at home in any entryway. NARRATOR:
Manufactured using premium materials NARRATOR:
August View is built to last. NARRATOR:
A high performance sensor delivers crisp NARRATOR:
realistic video right to your phone. NARRATOR:
Be home even when you’re not. NARRATOR:
Get instant alerts anytime someone approaches NARRATOR:
your doorstep. NARRATOR:
Whether your visitors are welcomed. NARRATOR:
with August View you are sure to never miss a moment. MOM:
Thanks for dropping her off Scott. BOYFRIEND:
Good night Mrs.Hyde. NARRATOR:
Pair it with an August Smart Lock- DAUGHTER:
Can you just open the door? NARRATOR:
-and you can let your guests in from anywhere. NARRATOR:
August View. Home even when you’re not.

12 Replies to “Meet August View – the Premium Wire-free Doorbell Camera”

  1. Doorbell Cons:
    – Doesn't have HomeKit support.
    – You have to recharge it periodically.
    – It's wifi only. (Hope you have signal strength out on your yard gate)
    – It does not have any way to connecting to analog doorbell wires, so no more continuous power source and no more having this doorbell ring your house chimes in addition to your phone.
    – No PoE support.
    – The weaker the wifi signal is, the worse this product works. Answering a call quickly enough to talk to a delivery person is almost impossible. Even if you do, it doesn't seem that 2 way communication is getting through clear enough for delivery people to hear.
    – You cannot configure which area of the camera field of vision is responsive to motion. I get notifications every time a large truck drives by despite having the camera angled upward to see less of the road.
    – It no longer acts as a wifi bridge, meaning you have to now send $70 on the August connect to do this job.

    Doorbell Pros:
    – You can see who walked by.
    – You can view the video live.
    – It's easy to install, but I view this as a Con because of the lost hardwired features and its easy to steal.
    – It comes with a plug in wireless chime, good for homes that have no doorbell system or homes where the doorbell system isn't analog.

    This doorbell is good for some people in limited scenarios.
    There needs to be a version separate from this that supports PoE for reliable power and reliable Internet and it needs to support triggering an analog doorbell system.

    If you have an analog system and want PoE, the Ring Elite is the better choice at the moment.

  2. with the times we r in. Why didn't you include all kinds of ppl…. We buy your products. but I'm gonna think twice now..

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