Master Class, Aosaka. Secret techniques self-defense, pressure points Shorinji Kempo. 少林寺 拳法.

Master Class, Aosaka. Secret techniques self-defense, pressure points Shorinji Kempo. 少林寺 拳法.

Master class, Aozaki-Sensei. Self-defense using acupuncture points is shown in detail. In Solid (GOHO) and Soft (JUHO) methods of self defence Shorinji Kempo. The opponent makes a choking move on the neck of the opponent using the collar of the jacket. Sensei demonstrates the principle of protection against such an attack, using the principle of “S-hands”. When performing protection against this attack, you can move to the inside of the opponent’s body position, making a counterattack with your fist in the stomach, and then make a throw of the opponent on the floor. The use of movement in the outer side or the inner side, depends on your body position and the enemy’s attack. The principle of correct movement is used in many self-defense techniques. The enemy attacks by grabbing the fingers of two hands, The master uses his power, shifts to the side and can make a counterattack, throw. Shifting with one hand transfers the force of the enemy so that his shoulder went up, with my other hand, I translate his effort so that the second shoulder drops down. And then I throw my opponent to the floor. See where you need to pull the enemy, so that it can be easily taken out of its physical balance. In Shorinji Kempo uses 6 directions for the withdrawal of the balance. I will demonstrate again, to understand the principle of unbalance and throw. With proper execution of the technique, there is no need to put a lot of effort, self-defense is obtained without tension and naturally. It does not matter how you captured the enemy, the main thing to understand, what to do for self-defense. In the reception of self-defense, to throw the enemy on the floor, used pressure first down, and then forward. I perform a similar defense principle in another self-defense technique. There are 5 more ways to get out of balance. Let’s consider this principle on another self-defense technique. When you capture a hand, the master moves to a safe side so that it can not be attacked. The master is a little out of balance and produce a technical technique. To remove from the physical balance, we use the movement of the hips and legs. Correct movement of the hip and legs Master easily defeats the enemy. We’ve looked at three ways to unbalance an attacker. To withdraw on the strong side of the enemy does not work, we’ll use his weak side to throw him off balance. And everything works out. This principle works in the opposite direction. Look carefully for the actions of the Master. You can’t fight the power of the enemy. It is necessary to bypass the enemy’s strength, and counterattack. In a counterattack, the master unbalances in the direction of the enemy’s weakness. The enemy’s attack power can be moved up, using his weakness, we make a counterattack, throw the enemy to the floor. This principle applies to other enemy attacks. The master demonstrates again, for better understanding. Master, makes an effort to twist the opponent’s arm, the opponent is strong, and it is impossible to win. It is necessary to observe the principle of deducing from balance. Only then, you can correctly affect the strength of the enemy. The master can easily produce self-defense techniques, while respecting the principles of counterattack. Another of the ways to unbalance the enemy, deducing from balance ago. In the Soft method (JUHO), it is necessary to observe the principles of influence on the attacking enemy. Subscribe to our channel! You’ll be the first to learn a new video about the secrets of self defence Shorinji Kempo. Thank you for your comments and thanks for our work!

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