Man Claims Hacker Penetrated Smart Home Technology

All of my guests today had their Smart Home Camera Systems hacked, and their personal data compromised. Now, Arjune and his wife, Jessica are another family whose Smart Home was hacked while their seven month old son was asleep. Take a look. Arjun Sdu was standing outside his son Oliver’s door Sunday, when he heard an unseen intruder talking to them through their Nest Security Camera. Yes, I’m here, come, come. I was shocked to hear a deep manly voice talking to my seven month year old son. My blood ran cold. He burst in, the voice stopped. But once downstairs– Aw man, I was standing right about here. They heard the voice again using obscenities. Asking me, you know, “Why I’m looking at him, and continuing to taunt me. (voice on camera mumbles) What’s that? The Sud’s unplugged their interior cameras, called police, and soon after, Nest. And I said, “How long has this been going on for?” We don’t know. We can’t tell you. We don’t have the logs. Extremely disturbing, he says, considering there are cameras all over their home. Five outside, six outside, seven outside. I’m told they actually communicate with you. They could be in here watching. You can’t tell. Sud says his trust in Nest is shattered. He wants to return the system. What’s that? Nest refused. (loud orchestral music) Did you notice the temperature in your home going up before you heard the hacker? Not entirely, Dr. Phil. What happened is, my wife and I were sitting in our living room, and we heard noises. As we went up, I stood outside my son’s door. And I listened for a little bit. And I heard a voice. It sounded like there were saying obscenities. So I barged in. And I picked him up. And I noticed he was soaked. Very, very, wet. The thermostat that we have lights up because it realizes we’re in proximity. And I noticed it was 90 degrees. Oh my gosh! 90 degrees, for a seven month old baby! As I think everybody here knows, they can’t regulate their own temperature. Yeah. I am… I’m lost for words when I have to express just how that made me feel. But I am also grateful that that is where it was left. We could have been having a very different conversation. But by the grace of God, we’re not. Amen!
Here’s some of what Arjun was able to capture from his hacking nightmare. [Voice Inside Camera] Yes I’m here. Come, come. I know you’re here. Who are you? Who is this?
[Voice Inside Camera] Stop looking at me. Are you just sitting at a… Are you just sitting at your computer in there into my account? [Voice Inside Camera] Update your mic. What’s that? Where are you? Which, which country? (in foreign language) What’s that? How long did that conversation go on in total? I think it was about a minute, maybe just a little bit more. Yeah, one of the first things they said was, “Stop looking at me.” I thought that was ironic. (panel and audience laughs) Do you still have these camera? Yes, yes, I do. You know, after this entire episode happened, suddenly, the company that this happened through had the foresight, based on some of the feedback I left, to say, “Hey, by the way, we have something called two factor authentication. You should probably enable it,” so I did! Kevin, does two factor authentication help? Oh, absolutely. Enabling two Skype authentication, or two factor is definitely raises the bar significantly, and should be done.

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