2 Replies to “Man caught on home surveillance video stealing home surveillance camera”

  1. This is just incredibly stupid why are criminals so dumb. It's just common sense, you're stood there looking directly as a camera trying to steal it.
    You're obviously getting caught on camera in the process or trying to take it.

    All my security cameras are between 8 – 10 feet from the ground. Apart from a few dome cameras (around 5 – 6 foot high) and my two doorbell cameras – They are used for the purpose of been low down to get a good image of the persons face. If you only have one camera then use some common sense and make it hard to disable or for someone to reach. You should always have one camera watching over the other (if possible). For example we have three cameras at our front gates, one on the gate looking out, one on a metal pole facing the gate and a Ring doorbell. So if someone try's to vandalise a camera one of the others will capture them.

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