Mama Bear Makes Robber Take Room Temperature Challenge | Active Self Protection

Mama Bear Makes Robber Take Room Temperature Challenge | Active Self Protection

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  1. NEW UPDATE: This PM was elected a Federal Deputy this week!,710967/policial-que-matou-ladrao-e-eleita-deputada-federal-em-sao-paulo.shtml (Google Translate required)

  2. This lady's attention whilst under pressure is incredible, look at how she pushes the gun away and quickly takes it on realization it could be picked by a wrong person still. The dashing car almost took her off

  3. He could have killed her a couple of instance but as you've said in the past John, most robbers ain't looking for a fight they just want the valuables. Which is to bad for them i suppose, a cold blooded killer would shoot first. How can you tell the difference is by not taking the chance.

  4. Brazil it taking a different approach to guns just recently. Realizing that the only people with guns are Criminals and off duty cops. Soon enough more good people will be able to protect themselves and their families.

  5. Jesus Christ is Lord God of all! God bless you all! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too difficult for the Lord our God, with Christ, ALL things are possible!

  6. It's great that she got the guy, but don't you think it would have been much safer for all the bystanders if she had just let the guy finish his robbery and leave? Choosing to shoot a criminal with a gun in the middle of a group of parents and kids is terrible judgment, unless there is something more to this. Was there an indication that he was actually about to shoot? I wouldn't call starting a shootout "protecting" anyone.

  7. the robberies are so dumb, it's like you im drawing a gun on this guy for a pack of gum😡 yooo dawg u killed me for a pack of gum wjhyyyyy didn't u just give it to meee hoonmmeesss🥶🥶☠☠☠👻 these robbers are complete retards

  8. An unarmed security guard couldn’t stop this threat but and arm woman did. Yet in the USA they want only cops to carry guns. I so wish some one would put this in cnn. We are NOT sheeps 🐑 waiting to slaughter.

  9. in some countries she would be charged with this piece of #@$% death. How insane is that. Idiot pulled a gun on woman and children. He earned his prize. The room temperature challenge. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  10. As a ex law enforcement officer, I must commend her on her cool headedness in the fire fight, which evidently paid off.

  11. Well done lady to save the life of so many people around you and God bless you! When he was on the floor you should have shot him in the head to finish off. One scum bag could have been off the street. My advice to you, you should always have both hand on the gun before firing !!!

  12. It looks like she moved in close to make sure that the perp was the only
    one to get shot, as there was another mother and child behind the perp.
    She did a great job.

  13. She doesn’t throw her purse down because it is a weapon in itself…women know this…. and so does every man that’s been cold cocked with one! Now that would be a temperature takedown!

  14. MoMA Bear. I loved that the woman in the red SUV the the MP was using for protection pulled off asap and after the MP possibly saving her life. Ya got to love people.

  15. These are the best self defense videos! I've already learned a lot from watching these. Only been a week watching

  16. I'm sorry, I think you are wrong and that her training shows very well here. Needing to get off a first shot, but not wanting to miss and hit a bystander she stepped into the bad guy to make a point blank shot. If she had not done so she may have missed and stuck the child instead. Also, pushing up into him did not put her in danger of having the gun slapped away as the perp was already recoiling back from her, which was also partly why she needed to press in. Also, she has a grip that is taught by police. It isn't my favorite, but it does work. Holding onto her wrist helps to eliminate recoil also. Is it the best hold? Maybe not. It's not my preferred grip. But who are we to judge her. You also didn't like that she picked up the gun. This is Brasil. I would have picked it up also. You don't want someone else coming by and picking it up and putting everyone in danger again !!! She did what she needed to do in this situation and everything she did worked. She put this guy down, did not injure anyone else and she took control of this scene. That is exactly what she was supposed to do. She did it right and stopped her aggression once she had control and didn't mag dump this punk. Good for her !!!!!!!! I cannot believe you repeatedly said she did not have much training. I say her reactions were flawless. I think she reacted better than most anyone else out there. You can plainly see no one else here did anything to stop this attack !!! I say, "GOD BLESS This Lady" !!!!!

  17. While Mama Bear us taking down the perp, the gaurd ran in to call Elizabeth Warren to ask her what he should do…

  18. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Alguns órgãos de defesa desses vagabundos e "direitos dos manos" buscam até hoje sujar a imagem dessa mãe heroína e condená-la judicialmente.

  19. When seconds count the technical training kicks in. She may not of been perfect but sometimes good enough is good enough. Good analysis…

  20. Second time to watch this one, and I've been watching the channel for several years, but I have to take exception to criticizing ANYTHING in this video. Few technical issues! Give me a break. John, I doubt you've ever experienced anything close to this, much less with kids all around you. Excellent, PERFECT response, ma'm.

  21. No acknowledgement of putting the lady and her child in danger? She fired and the kid and mother where in the cross fire ? Lucky she didn't catch a case . And get hut by that car ?

  22. as soon as the attack started the mother of the girl in pink simply slid away from her daughter as if "take the girl let me and my purse go…" 😅

  23. Here's more on the story! He didn't give up immediately when she shot him! He shot back twice! The first shot, it ricocheted! The second shot, his gun locked!

  24. Im thinking that last third shot came at 5:03 after dude was laid up and had his hands up begging for mercy not that I have a problem with it

  25. fuck. I like your vids, but this "room temperature challenge" bs or "pavement temp challenge" bs is just idiotic as fuck and discredits everything you're trying to do. You're a pro death advocate, likely and ex army vet that never got to shoot anyone and you feel like less of a man.

  26. I'd suggest people practice shooting with one hand – left & right – especially with ur non-preferred hand. You never know when one of your hands could be disabled and you have to use your good hand.

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