Mail Art – Watercolor Envelope & How to Protect it in the Mail

Mail Art – Watercolor Envelope & How to Protect it in the Mail

Hi everyone. Kristina here. Today I have another
mail art video for you. I’m going to be using this stamp set called Wishing You from WPlus9
to decorate an envelope that I will be sending to my friend Nichol. Because I am going to
be doing a lot of painting and water coloring on this envelope. I’m using some watercolor
paper to create the envelope. This is Canson 90 lbs. watercolor paper. I’m using this particular
weight of paper because it’s not too thick. I’ve tried to make a watercolor envelope in
the past with regular watercolor paper that was thicker and it was sort of hard to score
the paper and it just didn’t work out as well. The painting was great but it wasn’t great
for creating an envelope. So I’m using an 8×8 piece of watercolor paper to create an
A2 card. I just slide that into my We R Memory Keepers Envelope punch board. I’ve put it
over to the 3.5 mark and then punched and then scored. When you’re creating an A2 envelope
just remember that you’re paper is 8×8, the first measurement is 3.5 and then the second
measurement is 4.5. That’s what I do. So, 3.5, punch, score, 4.5, punch, score and then
repeat until all the side has been scored. I love to create envelopes like this with
the punchboard because you can use whatever paper you like. You could use wrapping paper,
you could use pattern paper. Some card stocks are a little bit too thick, so I might not
use that. But it’s great for any custom envelopes that you might make. Because I’m going to
be water coloring this I wanted to mask off that envelope area. So I very carefully lined
up my masking tape along those score lines. Then I also taped down the edges of the envelope.
These edges are quite a bit away from the area where I’m going to be painting. But I
did want to tape it down, because I didn’t want the paper to start pulling away from
the surface and causing hills and valleys as I add water and creating big puddle areas.
I’m using some StazOn Jet Back ink to stamp the two bunnies from the stamp set in the
bottom corner. I’m using StazOn ink in particular because it’s waterproof and bleed proof. Going
to be adding tons of water on top and I wanted to make sure those lines don’t bleed. StazOn
is sometimes hard to get off your clear stamps so I’m using some Hero Arts Ultra Clean stamp
cleaner to get that off my stamp. Before I tart the background I’m going to mask off
the bunny. This is because I want to keep the bunnies completely white until I’m ready
the paint them and I want to add tons of color around the outside of the bunnies and I knew
that if I was careful I could have painted around them and not worried about masking
them off. But just make everything a little cleaner and to ensure that those bunnies didn’t
get any weird edges I decided to go ahead and put on some masking fluid. This is Drawing
Gum masking fluid. As long as you paint on a really thin coat, you shouldn’t have any
problems what so ever. This is actually really dry after just a few minutes. It too absolutely
no time to dry and I was really surprised. I’m using 5 different colors of Distress Ink
for this background. Using Seedless Preserves, Abandon Coral, Chipped Sapphire, Wild Honey
and Black Soot. These re the colors I’m using just for the upper portion of the background
behind the bunnies. The first thing I did was wet that area really well with a large
brush and then I started dropping in color. So this initial wash of color. I wasn’t too
convinced that I liked how the colors were mixing. So I ended up taking my paper towel
and dabbing of quite bit of that color but after I dried it, it created a great base
layer for adding more colors on top. So I took the same colors that I used before and
just painted over the top. This time I started with Chipped Sapphire first, then I moved
to Seedless Preserves, Abandon Coral and then also to Mustard Seed. Or Wild Honey actually.
I really loved how those colors mixed with the application as compared to starting with
the yellow color before. I think it just need to have the coloring starting at the top of
the paper and moving down. Then I brought in some Black Soot around that top corner
to have a little more contrast and darkness in that top corner. Going to be putting my
postage stamp up there so I wanted lots of contrast in that top corner. Going to be using
the Distress Sprayer today to spray on some water droplets. This is a new water bottle
for me and I absolutely love it. This is my first time using it and it’s really fantastic.
The thing that’s really cool about this sprayer is that when you pull the trigger just half
way you get droplets of water They are a little bot smaller, a little bit more spattered if
I was to use my regular method which is to just spray the water into my hand and hen
flick the water on with my fingers. I like this application because for one thing my
hand doesn’t get wet and I’m not having to go dry off my hand a ton, but also because
I get smaller water droplets and it almost looks even more random. I just love how it
turned out. So I’m just adding on a few more water droplets, just to get that going and
then picking up the water with my paper towel and it just pulls up that color that’s underneath.
So I’m protecting the bottom portion for a minute here. I’m going to be adding some white
spatter on top of this. Or white splatter. I got this tip from Julie Ebersol in one of
her videos and I thought it was so smart and it works out so great. Taking some white paint
from the Kuretake Gansai Tambi palette. This palette that I’m using is kind of a DIY palette.
It’s just white card stock that I put through a laminator so that the surface was slick
and I’m going to take my paintbrush and flick it off the edge of the palette. It’s going
to give me a little bit more control over where all of those paint drops fall. I really
love this application, because it’s stopped me from getting paint all over my work surface
it’s been great. So I let that dry completely and then it was time to take off the masking.
You have to remember to let you’re background or your painting dry absolutely bone dry before
you take off the Drawing Gum or masking fluid. That’s because if it’s not completely dry
you run the risk of tearing your paper as you start to pull it away. Paper when it’s
wet is not as strong so when you pull away at the paper when you pull that drawing gum
it pulls up the surface. So make sure your paper is completely dry before you remove
it. Painting the bunnies with a couple different colors actually. This first color I’m using
is Pumice Stone. I’m using just a really light color for this I added lots of water. I dried
that first initial painting and then I added some Chipped Sapphire into the Pumice Stone.
That’s just going to cool out that gray color and give it a little bit of a bluish tinge.
I wanted to do that so that it sort of alluded to the fact that it’s a nighttime sky. After
I had the bunnies painted I painted the bottom portion. I’m creating kind of a grass area
using Black Soot. I’m not using a lot of water with this. I want it just liquid enough that
I can paint it on. That’s because I want that bottom portion to be extremely dark. This
is going to create a great place to write in my friends mailing address so that it’s
easy to see on the envelope and hopefully there won’t be any problems with the postman
delivering it to her. So after I painted on all of those little bits of grass and created
a very opaque scene I used my heat tool just to help dry that entire area. Then it was
time to figure out exactly where my postage stamp was going to go. So this is the stamp
that I picked out. I picked this one because it is black and white and it doesn’t compete
with all the color on the envelope. I’m also going to put my friends name on it. So this
is Dr. Ph Martin’s Pen White. It’s a really oblique white ink that I really love for lettering
or just adding anything white over the top of colorful backgrounds. I could’ve used that
same white paint from that watercolor palette that I used fir the droplets, but as you noticed
those droplets did kind of fade back a little bit. It’s not a really bright white. So I
knew I needed to use something a little bit different. To write on my friends name. So
this is my friend Nichol Magouirk and she is fantastic. She is a wonderful card maker
here on YouTube. She does really creative cards. Uses a lot of the same stamp brands
that I love and I like to use on my cards and her cards are always super creative and
just fantastic. I’m going to link to her YouTube channel down in the video description if you
want to check that out. She is fantastic. I totally love Nichol. I just put a little
more color in some areas so her name stands out more. I also added some flourishes and
some little loops just to fill in the areas make it look a little bit more interesting.
Just basically embellish her name so that it looks a little bit better. Like I said
before, I’m going to be putting her address down below in that black area. So, I’m not
going to be showing you that you know since it is her home address, but I just painted
that on later using some white paint. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute here.
So you might be thinking, that this envelope is entirely Distress Ink and it’s not very
safe to send through the mail. Distress Glaze is a product that has been out for a little
bit and I’ve been wanting to use it and I could not resist trying it out on this and
it worked out so fantastic. What it is is it’s like this kind of waxy material. It’s
sort of to me, has the consistency of like a soft lip balm. You just pick up a little
of it with your finger tip and then put it on your project where ever you want to protect
and kind of make water proof. You just smear it in with your finger and it’s really slippery
and it glides across the paper. You don get a little bit if a shine when you initially
apply it. Then you take a paper towel to kind of buff off any extra glaze that might be
on there. What this does is it puts down a layer of protection over that entire area
where you’ve applied it. I was skeptical about this. I was like “There is no way that it
could really protect everything underneath”, but believe me it totally does. In fact as
I was using this, because I couldn’t get my stamp to stick to it anymore, because the
surface was so slick. So I ended up using some Ranger Multi Medium Matte on the back
of this postage stamp to adhere that down, because otherwise I couldn’t even get that
stamp to stick and that because it was so slick. I also wanted to mention that when
I painted on her address I had to use a white acrylic paint because I couldn’t get my white
gel pen to work on that surface as well. I added one more postage stamp just to make
sure it gets to her. And that is the envelope for today. Hope you guys enjoyed and I will
be back on Monday for a card video. Thank you so much for watching today’s video.
As you can see on screen I love to create creative envelopes for my friends to send
my handmade card in, so I have a few other envelopes for you to check out. You can click
on them on screen whenever you’d like. The links are also listed down in the video description
below in case you’re on a mobile device or a tablet. Thank you again for watching and
I will catch you guys next week.

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