Lyric Keypad LKP500’s Voice Annunciation Feature

[CLICK] Hi, [INAUDIBLE]. Joe here from Alarm
Grid, and today, we’re going to talk about voice
enunciation on LKP500 keypad. The LKP500 is the
only keypad that you can use with the Lyric system. The only other
option that you have for a keypad on that system is
to download the free app called My Home Controller. With that app,
you can install it on a iPhone, a Android
phone, or a tablet. It’ll actually turn the device
into a virtual keypad that emulates the lyric software. It’s a really great
free app to use, and it actually gives
you some more functions over the LKP500, which
we’re going to discuss now. The LKP500 does have
certain voice enunciation, but it doesn’t
enunciate everything. It won’t do any voice
chimes on the system except for a garage door
and a garage monitor. It’ll also chime
a motion detector if a general monitor, general
response, resident monitor, or resident respond
zone is set off. For some reason, those
are the only things that it will actually chime on
the system as far as zones go. We’ve notified
Honeywell about it, but it doesn’t look like that’s
going to change anytime soon. The other voice
feature on the keypad is that it can announce
the system status. So when you arm,
disarm, or if something happens on the system,
such as a trouble, it will say that the keypad also
has a button on it for status that will read out the
voice status of the system when you press it. And there’s a few settings
on the system and the keypad that have to be enabled
for this to work. So if we head over to our
Lyric with the LKP500, you’ll notice that right up
here there’s the status button. And as long as everything
is set up correctly, that’s going to read out
the status of the system. The first thing
that you’re going to want to do to make
sure that the keypad does voice enunciate is enable
the voice on the keypad– or the voice volume, rather. So to do that, we’re going to
go ahead and press and hold number one to go into
the Settings menu. And as you can see, it says
Use Scroll Key to View Options. So we press zero. That’s chime, exit tone,
entry tone, voice volume. So this is what we want. Press one to select. And it’s as use scroll key. So we’re going to hit the zero
to scroll through the options. Right now it’s off. Ready to arm. You can go low. Ready to arm. Medium. Ready to arm Or high. So we’ll leave it on the
highest volume setting and press one to confirm. Disarmed. Ready to arm. Check. As you can see, it’s
now voice enunciating. On the Lyric system
itself, there’s only one setting that you have to
enable so that it will actually voice enunciate. Here on the main menu, you’re
going to click on Settings. And if you’re not in this
menu, to get back to it, all you have to do is
hit the Home button. So from here you’re
going to click Settings, and this voice button
down here, this has to be enabled for the LKP500
to read out the system status. As you can see, it is enabled. So let’s just re-enable it. Click Save. And now on the LKP500,
when we click status, it should read out the
status of the system. Disarmed. Ready to arm. Check. That’s perfect. To do another test, if
we go to arm the system, the system is now going to voice
enunciate the arming because we are the voice enabled, and the
keypad is also going to do so. So go to Security,
we’ll do Arm Away– or Arm Stay, rather. We can click Arm. Armed stay. Armed Stay. Check. So both of the devices read
out the state of the system. Again, the LKP500 is not going
to voice enunciate zones. It will only read out a
garage, a garage monitor, general monitor, general
response, resident monitor, or resident response. And those last four, it’s only
in the say motion detector if they go off. So if you do want to a keypad
that’s going to enunciate zones when they get faulted, using
them My Home Controller, download that onto a
smart device, install it, that will do the voice
enunciation for you. Thanks for visiting today. If you did like the video,
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