LuxuryPranks: Protecting The Kids

LuxuryPranks: Protecting The Kids

Hey guys, so in my last video, oh, whoops, that was weird, sorry about that Hi, so in my last video I unveiled my brand new “Road Work Ahead” stickers now available on First and foremost I want to thank you guys so much for all the support you showed for this both on YouTube and on Twitter in just a few weeks I was able to sell quite a few of these stickers and it felt good to Stick it to a big company trying to profit off my work. So thank you so much for that That being said there were a few naysayers uh some people seem to believe that their stickers should have counted as “transformative work” because they took the words that I said… and wrote them down. The worst and most common criticism I received though And this one I actually understand is that I was just on some pussy shit. Little stickers? Drew. You don’t understand how important this vine is to me. Okay. This vine is my life I want to express my allegiance to these words like the big strong man that I am and tiny stickers Just ain’t gonna cut it sister. Now this sentiment I both empathize with and respect the hell out of and that’s why I decided uh, one sec and that’s why I decided to sell this! A life-size “road work ahead” sign, signed. By me. Now available in Yes
the signs are a tad bit expensive, but that’s only because they were Expensive for me to get and also a pain in the ass to ship But if you live in the United States, and you do buy one, you’ll get free shipping If you live outside the United States its subsidized. So it’s a little cheaper than what it would normally be So it’s still a good deal and if you stick around till the end of the video I’ll tell you how you can save 40 bucks. Man I got the best merch. Sorry for always trying to sell you guys stuff But YouTube is my job and I have to embrace that -uh- anyway, please enjoy the rest of the video That was the same transition as the last video Sorry about that, um, hey guy, welcome back to YouTube the Show The only show about YouTube on YouTube. So today I want to show you a fun funny channel I found called LuxuryPranks and if that name is any indication of quality, then you know, we’re in for a treat Don’t worry, though if you’re a little turned off by the word prank at this point because although they have been posting pranks on their channel for the past few years. It’s not their pranks I want to talk about it’s actually a much more specific genre of YouTube They’re taking part in we’re two guys in their 20s pretend that they’re Chris Hansen from the show “To Catch a Predator” In their own shitty YouTube version of To Catch a Predator. This is by no means a new thing on YouTube and that’s part of the reason this is so interesting to me a few years ago This was a very common thing to see the first people that come to mind are like Coby Person, J station even my boy Joey Salads but what happens anytime something becomes popular on YouTube is you end up with all of these people coming out of the Woodworks to Capitalize on that trend and each iteration of that trend gradually gets worse and worse while still being popular somehow, and of course, popularity + shittiness equals the perfect formula for a commentary channel to react to i.e. h3h3, Coby Person, Twins TV, etc And then the reaction videos surpass the initial videos in terms of popularity and it seems like everybody bands together to say Yes, that trend is bad and we’re done with it forever um but of course forever On the internet only means about 3 years because it seems like everybody has forgotten about that whole era of YouTube and we’re right back at square one LuxuryPranks is at the forefront of this youtuber Chris Hansen Renaissance But why? 5 million, 4.8 million, 3.5, 7.9 million? But what’s so special about these guys, huh? Let’s go ahead and watch a few other videos and see if we can figure it out starting with this one called The Female Predator “Hi I’m Parker and this is LuxuryPranks. With the help of our decoy actress Selena-” Who is one foot tall Oh shit. Okay, so we’re just jumping right into it Philip DeFranco style? Alright. “Are you ready Justin?” “Let’s get to work!” [Knocking] Wait she brought her boyfriend. She never said anything about a boyfriend Hope he doesn’t do anything weird Hey, nothing weird so far. This guy’s great cuz he manages to go the entire video without saying a word he only opens his mouth to grunt but then again, I guess if I was being hired to play a pedophile in a YouTube video I also wouldn’t want to use my real voice Remember that episode of Drake and Josh whenJosh was hired to play a criminal in a crime reenactment show and it ruined his life Because from then on everyone thought he was the theater thug and not just an innocent young boy Yeah, that’s what would happen to this guy if he didn’t disguise his voice so well Yeah, don’t mind him at all. “HEY. Hey what are you guys doin-” Think one thing the YouTube Chris Hanson’s all have in common is that they’re like the least threatening dudes alive? “Hey, what are you guys doing?” Wait whadda you guys doin? Whas goin on in hur? Busted! “Okay, listen.” “Uh, okay, you sit here, just stay here.” I like when the guy starts to take off his shirt again while she says that her name is Samantha. Oh this shit’s good “You knew this girl-” “was 14 years old” “That’s what was said in the Instagram DM’s” “We have the logs of all the conversations” “Whaddya doin’? I wonder what her thought process was with that sentence. ‘No, she’s not 14, she told me she was;’ come on just say any number that isn’t 14- Some other age! [Continued cursing] “Yeah, this was us, we set this up!” “You guys are sick people, meeting up with a girl you think is 14 years old!” [Unintelligable] “It was my wife who set this up! Let’s go, dude.” “Let’s go, let’s call the police.” [Pondering music] [Reads] of yelling at people for two minutes and then ultimately letting them go back into the public “Let’s call the police.” Wait, so they’re gonna go call the police, but they didn’t film that part Don’t you think that would make for really good content if they filmed the police showing up and an arrest? Who would a good video that would be? That’s so weird that they didn’t film that part I wonder why they didn’t is that how all of their videos are gonna end? Here’s one called Predator Caught Under Girl’s Bed. Are you sure someone’s under the bed? It’s hard to tell Oh, no, there he is. Okay. I see him now. I see him Oh Almost had him but he escaped because you’d let him out the door Again, I’m not sure what your cause is that I’m subscribing for. It seems like you don’t really do anything This one should be interesting though Predator Breaks Our Camera, yikes. I love this one just because of the backstory She’s in what is clearly just a small motel room, but he walks in Under the impression that like her parents aren’t home in the motel room And he just goes straight for the hug, bold choice I love how all of the child predators in these videos are like the cartoon version of child predators ‘Come on give me a smooch. I’m a child predator can’t you tell?’ “Okay, help.” But then despite the fact that they seem like very large men who could probably handle a one-on-one fight with this guy They immediately back down. ‘Oh, you’ve cornered me!’ Like look at this standoff here. “Hey.” Why are they so quick to just relinquish any control you could definitely Overpower this guy on route to the door the other guy’s busy holding the camera which oh, I guess you went ahead and broke that so then he breaks the camera and I guess his dick came out cuz they’ve now censored That area, you know, I honestly feel bad for Chester He seemed to start this video as he always does in very high spirits. Just ready to take on another challenge Let’s get to work but his favorite camera got destroyed. “Why did you do that?” Luckily it somehow survived getting stepped on several times because as you can see they were still able to retrieve the footage afterwards to edit into the video but as far as the ending goes I really think this time they’re gonna call the police and the police are gonna show up because they’ve got him cornered in a small motel room there’s no back door, and this guy’s stuck right you Know oh You’d pushed him out the door. Why would they push him out the door? All right, things are starting to get a little bit sillier the more I look into this. This one’s called predator thinks he’s 12 Okay, okay So he just showed up to the house wearing that outfit weird that no one like stopped him or thought anything of it Also, why is there a chair just facing the door? Everyone has a chair in front of the door? What purpose does that chair serve? Can I help you, I’m gonna go Anyway as with our previous criminals, this guy doesn’t hesitate to make things weird he sits down on the couch and asks for some cuddles – Which she says? No, thanks. I’m not interested. So he resorts to fake crying to try to make her feel bad This is by far the best ending out of all of them though He just kind of cries and breaks down on the couch and then they fade to black. Oh, it’s a masterpiece These guys are true artists. I really really love their content Now their videos are great but something that really Interests me about these guys is their merch please check out our site free luxury merch calm at first glance It looks like some pretty high-end stuff I’d even say luxurious stuff, but it does start to seem like maybe maybe that’s not the case I did just notice one item per customer or shipping won’t work so we have to narrow it down to one thing which is gonna be difficult because all of these things look really good and they’re All free the phone fan looks pretty interesting The Chester sunglasses are definitely pretty appealing but I think it’s gonna be pretty hard for me to pass up this wool fray I think I gotta have the wool fray sale ends in 6 minutes. Oh shit ring size 10. I don’t know black looks cool I think I’m gonna go with gold black gender men material metal occasion party style Trendy. Those are all good things. All right, Add to Cart add a note to your order. Thanks guys Love the videos Chester is my Favorite medium item shipping and handling 685. Okay. Alright, I think that’s pretty doable $7.00 confirmed now, we wait Come on, how long is this gonna take? Alright about us here at free luxury Merch we bring you quality gifts for being loyal subscribers. These gifts can be for yourself or a loved one Okay, that’s how buying anything works and the prices are kept free. So buying a couple gifts won’t break the bank That’s very thoughtful of you guys. But how long your order mate take two to four weeks? What I’ll have to add a follow-up in another video if and when the the wolf ring arrives, I’m really excited for it I didn’t measure my fingers so hopefully it fits but I guess if you want to see a follow-up you should go ahead and hit that subscribe But they also mentioned in a video that they have a website called project luxury org And this is how you contact them if you want to get in touch with them and coordinate a sting operation Like you see in their videos. I’m definitely interested in that but what is a good story? What would a good story be? Hi, my name is claire I’m reaching out on here not because I have some sort of sting Operation for you to facilitate in but in hopes of connecting with someone very special They’ve been watching your videos for several months now, and I’m absolutely enamored by Chester Chester I love his filmography skills his work ethic and his sense of style seems unbeatable by all measures He is a true catch. I’d love to get a chance to meet this beautiful, man And this seemed like the most professional way to reach out Thank you so much and talk to you soon XO X is that something people say, I don’t know whose file I should probably submit a sexy picture of myself Oh, she’s gorgeous. Alright, I feel pretty good about that What the fuck alright, I guess I only have one thing to weight on and it is a wolf ring When I first saw this yesterday my initial reaction was okay, that’s interesting That’s an interesting sort of unique business model for them to make a little bit of money on the side and I’m a big believer that if you’re gonna do YouTube full-time you Have to get creative with the ways that you make money, and this is certainly creative. It’s interesting So at first I was like, okay good for them but then I thought about it more and I was like well Wait a minute. All of their videos are so clearly and obviously fake, right? They’re not actually cashing child predators. Every single person in their videos is an actor, which is fine It’s just entertainment and I do find their videos entertaining but then to go and charge people money For a service that you have no intention of ever providing that seems like a scam so I don’t think that’s really okay I also don’t think after doing the math in my head and this is all speculation but I don’t think that it’s really Necessary for them to even do this because I think they’ve actually made a lot of money this past month so bear with me as I do a little bit of math here for the next minute or so trying to Speculate how much money they’ve made using the information that I have as a YouTube creator And also what I’ve heard from much bigger creators who make a lot more money than I do So let’s start with this number 37 million views in the past month That’s a lot of views obviously, but that’s not 37 million people Let’s say 10% of that is Individual unique viewers because most of those views are the same person watching multiple videos or watching the same video multiple times So let’s say 10% of 37 million. That’s about 4 million Individual unique viewers this past month. So out of that 4 million people Let’s say 1% Know it will do even cut that in half point 5 percent of 4 million people went to luxury pranks out or it’s spent $5 point 5 percent of 4 million is 20,000 people times $5 is $100,000 which now that I’m saying that sounds ridiculous. So let’s cut it in half again. Let’s say even $50,000. Let’s say they got 10,000 people to go to this website and either because they had a real serious inquiry or they were just Like me and they were curious to see what would happen. They paid $5. That’s potentially $50,000 this month from this weird website, but that’s just one facet of it Let’s look at their merch now their merch I think is a pretty good Business model as well because it gives you the impression as a consumer that you’re getting something for free even though you are spending 6 Or 7 dollars shipping and I also promise you they’re not losing money on this Yeah, they’re selling things for free But these things are let’s be honest junk that if you bulk buy just about anything you can get it for very cheap I imagine that they’re getting all of these things for probably less than a dollar apiece Plus to ship something if you’re having two to four weeks shipping like they say that’s dirt cheap as well So I’m gonna guess that out of the seven dollars or so that they make per item sold the profit margin Let’s go with three dollars three dollars per items sold times that same number twenty thousand people Sixty thousand dollars in addition to the fifty thousand one hundred ten thousand dollars. So then looking back at their YouTube channel I’m pretty sure almost every video is d monetized. So 37 million views That’s a lot of money if it’s like monetized and he got mid rolls and everything But if it’s just YouTube read revenue, which is revenue, you’ll still make even if something is d monetized Let’s say at a pretty low CPM that that’s about ten thousand dollars this month from 37 million views um
so now we’re at a hundred and twenty thousand but the biggest Wildcard is their brand deals because every video they’ve released in the past few months is sponsored They have three main sponsors two of which seem illegal, but their first one is zap surveys It’s one of those things you fill out surveys and you get gift cards and stuff I don’t know if it’s real or not But that’s something they’ve advertised then they also have phone monitor Which is an app that lets you basically stock someone else’s phone and everything they do on it Which only makes sense if you’re using it for like your kids, but if you’re just doing that for like your girlfriend’s phone That’s kind of fucked up. Maybe don’t do that. But then the third thing that they advertise that I find pretty funny It’s called two torrid It’s such a beautiful night just look at that moon Just go to the torch calm and if you’re familiar with edgy birdie, which was a whole thing a while back It’s the same thing. You pay someone to write an essay for you And then you turn in that essay and pass it off as your own work. That is illegal I’m pretty sure I’m like 99% sure that’s illegal at the very least if you’re college or whatever found out that you did that you Would probably get kicked out of your class and maybe even kicked out of the college So three questionable sponsors, they’ve worked with but that’s sort of besides the point We’re just trying to figure out income if they were the smart good businessmen Like I imagine them to be they’re negotiating these brand deals based on performance Not just like a flat rate based on their subscribers basically coming up with a CPM So however many views you get is how much you get paid, right? Let’s say out of that 37 million views 30 million of that is relevant views on current videos that would factor into this CPM equation where the other 7 million views is older videos these retroactive views that don’t have any effect on this, right? So let’s say 30 million views $10 CPM, which is $10 per thousand views. It’s $300,000 so $300,000 plus our initial $120,000 which now looks like chump change and that’s the weed number times a thousand four hundred and twenty thousand dollars Give or take so if you’re making that much money maybe just go ahead and Disable the luxury prank store website because you’re doing fine without also charging people five dollars for something that you’re not actually doing Another reason I went on that whole long-winded tangent there is because I’ve seen a lot of negativity Recently surrounding the idea of like doing YouTube full-time basically this notion that it’s just Impossible because of the ad pocalypse and that’s only true if you’re going into YouTube thinking you’re gonna make a full-time living just from Adsense That dream is unrealistic. You have to get creative So if you’re someone out there who wants to do YouTube at some point But you’ve had people who don’t know what they’re talking about Tell you that that’s not even a viable option. Even if you were to make it. You wouldn’t make any money Anyway, that’s not true Luxury pranks is the perfect example of a channel that is so anti YouTube with everything they do None of their videos are brand friendly. None of them are over ten minutes long None of them have mid rolls in them and yet because they’ve gotten a little bit creative I think they’ve been able to make a lot of money, right? And you can too. All you have to do is get creative come up with cool merch to sell make music go on tour Why do you think every youtuber is going on tour right now? It’s ’cause you could make a lot of money going on tour, and then of course the most important and, in my opinion, easiest thing to do when you’re trying to make a living on YouTube is brand deals. There’s nothing wrong with a sponsored post I mean like wouldn’t it be funny and I’m just throwing this out there wouldn’t it be hilarious if like let’s say This video was sponsored right? Like you didn’t think it was but now all of a sudden you’re thinking. Maybe it is that’s because It is Man, I want to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, but I have too much online shopping to do. Hi. I’m the moon Oh my god, you scared the crap out of me. I’m the moon. Wait, isn’t it like 2 p.m Hey, I don’t work for you. Okay, I can be here if I want. All right, I’m sorry Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m trying to find coupons for my online purchase Problem is none of them work there either expired or already used or for first time customers only. It sucks I’ve been copying and pasting these codes for six days I’m so hungry. I just wish there was some sort of free browser extension I could download that would do this for me. I said, “I just wi-” I heard you; I just don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, I Thought you were gonna tell me about honey the thing I’m advertising. I don’t have a computer I guess I just assumed- I’m the moon. You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking It’s fine though. I’ll just do it myself. Hi I’m the guy who just talked to the moon and I’m here to tell you guys about honey a free thing You should download right now If you’re like me and you buy everything online because you don’t like to leave your house But you also like to save money then listen up. Honey is a 100% free extension You can download on whatever browser you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox Safari I’m not even gonna say Internet Explorer because I know nobody’s using that. Want to spontaneously buy a cool gift for your girlfriend or your dad or your Lizard? As soon as you click that checkout button, honey pops up to remind you guys. I got this. Don’t worry about it And then boom coupon. I got down to thinking the other day You know what fall and winter is coming up and I don’t really have a lot of long-sleeved shirts I should go on the Gap website and maybe see like if they have any cool sweaters or whatever So I did and I go to checkout and guess what? Six dollars, I didn’t even have to do anything it did it for me There’s no reason not to have this guy, seriously. Honey works on over 30,000 websites and it’s free and it always will be so please go to or click the link in the description. Go there, and tell them that it was me Sent you. You don’t have to because it will do that automatically if you just click on the link, but yeah, thank you guys So much and back to you drew. Did you do that ad read over there? So you wouldn’t have to set up the green screen. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, I figured guys Thank you so much for watching today’s video and thank you again to honey for sponsoring it again link in the description if you want To download it it’s 100% free It’s probably the coolest thing that I’ve ever gotten to sponsor on this channel and I’m just gonna throw this out there that Hypothetically if you were someone who wanted to I don’t know buy something from my merch shop and you had honey installed before you did There may or may not be a 20% off coupo that’s Automatically added to your order that I’m not gonna tell you what it is because you have to install honey if you want to get it. So, I’m just throwing that out there as a hypothetical thing that is 100% true and not hypothetical at all So you should do that. And, speaking of trying to get you guys to do things one second I’m doing a show in Burbank California on September 1st wearing this exact costume here Regal Joe is hosting it. He’s also in the show, Victor Pope jr Gabriel Gonzaga Cole Hirsch, it’s the lineup of the century There’s a few tickets left if that’s something you’re interested in if you’re in the California area, its September 1st Forget the theater, but I’ll put all the information in the description. So check that out and that’s it guys. Thanks for watching I’ll be back as soon as humanly possible with some more juicy video content for you guys But in the meantime, please enjoy these clips from the next episode Oh Hell yeah, my wolf ring arrived time to hit the town. Wow, that wolf ring is incredible. Oh my god Look at that beautiful ring. Is that Danny Gonzales?

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