100 Replies to “Luke Combs – When It Rains It Pours”

  1. I bet your Hooters girl loves your wallet more than your hairy back… LOL… Just saying if you were a buddy of mine…

  2. Luke Combs great music. Great song musically. But the story seems half told. Pure luck makes you feel like there's a reason you're ex left you? Uh, what pissed her off? Doesn't matter? Seems like all you did was sit around getting shit faced all over the house, with you're buddies. What's redeeming about that? 90% of lotto winners burn their cash in a year. Most people who buy scratch offs are broken of will to change their approach to life, and without hope of solving their financial situ. It's a poverty mindset this song seems to aggrandize. What makes it worse is you gotta love the damn song, musically. It's great! Musically but a can't use the stupid message. My opinion.

  3. Hey, my name is Jayden Songster and I'm using my buddies account. Can you help me surprise my family when you're in "Nebraska land days" next year in June. I'm in the U.S Air Force, this would mean something special to me. I've always admired your music, and so has my family. Can you dm me, [email protected] ….. It's really appreciated. Have a great night, me and my buddy are drinking one for you.

  4. Who says you can't go back?
    Been all around the world and as a matter of fact
    There's only one place left I wanna go
    Who says you can't go home?

  5. Moral of the story? Don’t break up with your piece of shit boyfriend because he might win $100 on a scratch off ticket. In fact, don’t ever cut ANY toxic people out of your life because—what if they get lucky on a scratch off ticket??

  6. My wife left me after I closed my business I operated 21 years. She thought I had given up because I was taking a year off. Too bad she failed to realize I was recharging my batteries.

  7. Feel sorry for all those dumb women who take birth control pills……

    Only to find out in the long run, they fucked her up, all her friends & family gone, reputation gone, those tattoos look awful, what’s worst people think she’s a loser regardless of her university education

  8. Was in a 3 yrs relationship, but the last year made me feel trapped in a life i didn’t want, broke up 2 weeks ago friday and haven’t felt any regrets, been doing whatever I want, went to more party’s I’ve ever been, living the life right now 👌

  9. I was grow up with Good Charlotte(My favouritest band) Blink 182, Green day, The Offspring. But i like some hip hop songs. But maan, when i'm older, my heart is more and more blessed with country music. I feel really happy, the day looks like brighter. It's hard literally say how good i feel after listening country music. I love country and it's sad it's not that much popular in a middle of Europe.

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