100 Replies to “Lori Vallow, mother of two missing Rexburg kids, appears in court for the first time”

  1. John Wayne Gasey can play Chad. Charlie Sheen can play the DA. Sheri Zombie can play the demon black widow.
    Poindexter can play her lawyer. 😂 Bill Mosley can play her evil brother.

  2. Look how she seeks out the camera and flashes a smile? Who is she trying to win over? A major no-no for anyone hoping to defend themselves but this woman has got to be crazy!

  3. This boils my blood. She doesn’t look effected at all. As a mother how could she allow this to happen. I’m praying hard for these babies

  4. I take it she's no harm to the children now, is it because their dead? If NOT, THEN WHERE ARE THEY???? PRODUCE THEM, ALIVE AND WELL. But she CAN'T… Can she!

  5. ✋😒 Yes your honor, I don't give a F about my kids.. Because I'm a religious weirdo…yuk yuk yuk…and my hubby is dressed in his pastoral clothing..
    White shirt, blue tie….

  6. Sounds like she should have received a $10,000 bail, considering the police violated her Constitutional rights and questioned her without her Attorney present.

  7. This whole case is insane. I feel like the fbi should be involved because this case goes across state lines and that dude she’s with needs to be snatched up for being a accomplice .

  8. Either she knows where her kids are or not! I’d say that takes 30 seconds to answer. I believe she killed them!

  9. After her killing 3 of her ex husbands I would say gun squad is reasonable…. but she should suffer for what she did to those kids. Inmates should get an hour of beating each every day for the rest of her life. N than when she begs for death than leave her alone in a cell no bigger than a small closet for the rest of her life.

  10. She is guilty. She Knows what she did. She wanted to enjoy her life without kids. That is what I see. The nerve to be on vacation while kids are missing,

  11. Do NOT lower that bail. That lady will run for the hills. We don’t need a lady as crazy as this on the loose before our kids end up missing. Prison suits her. Now, let’s find those kids!

  12. Give me 5 minutes with her and i promise she will tell the judge where the kids are. This lady look so un concerned like she really dont care.

  13. All of these rights for her!!! What about the missing children’s rights???? Unbelievable!

    Why doesn’t the judge ask her where her children are????

  14. I PRAY she didnt murder her children to be with her man, she doesn't appear to be worried concerning children's whereabouts

  15. Why is she smiling? as if she isn't in court because her children are missing and she has something to so with it!

  16. Pretty sad that she has a smile on her face knowing her poor children is missing and is more worried about how she looks on cam and not only that no person would take a vacation while there child is missing she deserves too be thrown in prison and the key thrown away js a true parent would be worried sick and heart broken and losted without there child this woman doesnt deserve a Bail she deserves too be locked up bc shes too suspicious in everyway she looks and also her action

  17. The Lawyer is blabbering all kind of Exquises. ..while his Voice is about to have a nervous breakdown! I don't get it ,….Why can't the Mother simply tell …where her Kids are ?! Bail ?! …No Kid's. ..No Bail !!….Let her smell a 4×4 Prison cell. ..and see how quick Mom's chance her Mind , since Mom's like to play stupid!

  18. To be honest the bail should be higher since she's played this run around cat and mouse game with police what mother wouldn't want to know where her children are. I truly hope for the best I'm keeping my hopes high for Tylee and JJ. But with how things are going I don't truly know if the children are even around anymore. My prayers are with the family.


  19. Wow I am certian that the children are gone. I hope I am wrong! But this does Not look good, sound good, I feel that they were a burden to her! She needs to fry!!

  20. She is definitely guilty of murdering her children. The last time the daughter was seen was with her. This woman has stated she think she’s a God and she visits other planets. She’s also in a crazy cult! I hope she gets the death penalty

  21. I’ve read many of the comments and otherwise don’t know much about this case, still…most serial killers would have a lower bond than this! Geez! Bond is supposed to guarantee your appearance in court; $5M goes so far beyond that standard as to be outrageous! It would seem that $500,000 with an ankle monitor would/should be more appropriate.

  22. I have to agree with some of these people and what they're saying about her not having any remorse on her missing kids I know if my kids were missing I be going ballistic. Right there it shows that she's guilty

  23. They're going to find that a lot was going on within that cult. How did the cult leader's wife die and he asked that an autopsy not be performed, so they didn't do one!!! Let one of us try that and see what happens. Once the results of that autopsy come back, watch the lovebirds turn on one another. Sounds to me that the cult members were getting rid of spouses, so they could hook-up with other people in the cult.

  24. She needs detained, forever how long it takes to find her children.. my bet is they are in Yellowstone park … doubtful that this will have a good ending😔

  25. As others have said this better not be another casey anthony fiasco.She isn't protecting her children from anything,so just tell the police. The husband better NOT get off free as he is just as guilty as she is.😡

  26. I believe she killed her kids and justifies it by convincing herself that she did it to ‘protect’ them. The whole ridiculous end of the world bit. 🙄 How can you explain vacationing when your children are missing? I would literally be sick and devastated. The mere THOUGHT of losing them breaks my heart. This woman definitely knows where those children are and what happened to them. God, will vindicate them and the truth will be revealed.

  27. Lower the bail???? How about telling where your children are…. She has such a smug look on her face. Why is she not out searching for her children… Keep her in jail until those children are found

  28. Look at that stupid cunt trying to look all sad and remorseful. As if she deserves any remorse what do ever!!! Throw the book at her for what she's doing or has done to those kids.

  29. There is something massively wrong with this lady. Flashing smiles…acting like everything is just fine and dandy.

  30. I pray for these children but how many of ya understand that shes acting the way social morals predicts which is self importance and lack of empathy and putting urself above ur children. Ppl march across the country for this and are shocked this person does this but didnt have an abortion but the senate cant declare a baby born cant be killed. So pass that then see the legality of it when the value of life is gone for self idolatry. What's left? Nothing, kill ur kids b4 or after they r born to seek pleasures if a flesh that brings death to u anyways. Repent. Only life is in christ and the longer u submit urself to ur flesh the more destruction u bring upon yourself and the world. Literally its ppl trying to fight for the right to live and its treated like a standard language abd emotional manipulation. Easier to lead ppl to slaughter than to force them, they go willingly

  31. It’s so sad! Her kids are NOT missing they know exactly where they are & exactly what they did to them! She is where she belongs. He’s next?!

  32. She looks so smug.  She is used to being able to get away with everything and it looks like she finally ran out of free pass's.

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