Logitech Outdoor Add-On Security Camera

Logitech Outdoor Add-On Security Camera

Ok so Logitech introduced this whole Master Suite thing. It’s called their Logitech WiLife system. And pretty much what it is, it’s a security set up. For home users. But they made it really simple. Rather than having wireless networking, or Ethernet cable, or anything like that. It works very simply and it uses your existing electrical outlets in the house to transfer the video to your computer. And pretty much this is one of the add-on cameras that you can buy for that system. So, this is the outdoor version. I already did a little review on the indoor version. And there’s also a spy version, which is hitting. This is pretty much the outdoor one. It’s completely weather proof, shock proof, future proof, frozen proof. You name it, it’s proofed for that. And pretty much it will mount just about anywhere. You can mount it pretty much standing up like this, or upside down, or you can mount it on a wall like this. It doesn’t pan and tilt, but you set it up where you want it to go. And the best part is, it’s super simple to install. All you literally have to do is plug this in, and it’s ready to go. So, 3 mounting screws go there. Put it up against the wall, that’s it. Plug it in and it’s gonna transfer all the video to your computer. Where you gonna have the master system there. And that will hook up to your computer. It will plug into the wall obviously. It will transfer everything through there. And then they also provide you with excellent software for both looking at the videos, reviewing the videos, searching through them if you wanna find something. Setting up all your settings, like, recording at certain times, or recording when you detect motion, or recording 24/7. It also has software that lets you stream all this stuff to the web. You open up a WiLife account, which is absolutely free, on the Logitech website. And pretty much what you can do is check the video feed from anywhere in the world. You just log on and it will show you what’s happening at that time. You can even switch between your multiple cameras, which is excellent. Excellent, excellent. And that combined with easy configuration, makes this the perfect solution for people that just wanna monitor their business, they wanna monitor their kids, monitor their pets, monitor just about anything, but you guys don’t wanna set up Wi-Fi networks, Ethernet, or cording it, or running holes trough your walls, using DVRs. it’s gonna do all that stuff automatically. And it will even send you E-mail or text message alerts, if you’d like. It will call you if you want, saying “Hey, we detected motion, we’re capturing something now on video. It’s recording to your hard drive. If you want, log on to the website, and come take a look at it.” So very, very cool. And pretty much this is one of 3. And you can add up to 6 cameras in total. So if you have this one, you can do 3 indoors and 3 outdoors. You can monitor your cars, you can monitor your pets, I use actually to monitor a big fish tank that I have in my house. So I use the indoor version of this to monitor my fish tank, so I can check up on it and make sure nothing is happening from far away. I got a big salt water tank I want to take care of it. You have a bunch of puppies, or dogs, you have kids, you have an expensive car parked outside and you want to be able to record it. All this kind of stuff. Your kids throw a crazy party, your babysitter is crazy. Whatever it might be, you can definitely monitor just about everything with a camera like this. Super simple setup. So, the Logitech WiLife system. This is the outdoor add-on camera. You’re still gonna need the master system to hook to your PC. But this an awesome product. Completely water proof, light, easy to mount. If you have any questions E-mail me. I’ll see you guys next time. The Logitech WiLife outdoor camera add-on is available from the retailers listed here. Or for more information, you can type in L23-8112 into any major search engine. For computertv, I’m Albert.

39 Replies to “Logitech Outdoor Add-On Security Camera”

  1. Seems pretty cool — I might have gotten this if I didn't buy one already. One question though — would someone be able to tap into your home electrical system and view your cameras? That would be kind of scary.

  2. what if i lost the cd that came with the system. how can I set it up? p.s. I already installed it once then deleted it by accident.

  3. Lazy review, its like here is the product. Wonder what they were paying this guy. How about setting it up, showing it in action, I can sit there hold a product and read from the spec sheet.

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