LivSecure Home Security Review – In Three Minutes

LivSecure Home Security Review – In Three Minutes

Hey y’all, it’s Rose and today we’re going
to take a look at LivSecure’s home security system. Specifically, we’re going to look at their
control panel, their web portal, their security camera, their sensors, as well as connected
devices. LivSecure offers three security packages. No matter which one you choose, you will have
access to the Qolsys color touchscreen panel. From here you can control your system, your
connected sensors, and even your smart home devices. All three packages also include app and web
portal access powered by What you can do, will depend on what package
you choose. With LivPremier, you will have full access
starting with geofencing and event history, as well as customizable notifications. You can get notifications when there is an
alarm event, if you forget to arm your system, if certain sensor actions are taken, and more. From the emPower tab, you have control over
connected smart home devices and the ability to create scenes. By activating a scene, you can have multiple
devices trigger at the same time. For example, with wake up, I can have my lights
turn on, my system disarm, and my thermostat adjust at the same time. From the app or the web portal, you can also
control security cameras. This scene is shot directly from the
indoor camera; the camera included with the LivPremier package. It records in 720p HD, offers a 112° viewing
angle, and automated night vision. All three plans include equipment. They all include a control panel, three door
and window sensors, a motion sensor, as well as a key fob. LivEssential+ includes the camera you just
saw, and LivPremier includes the camera, a smart socket, and a smart thermostat. I’ve been testing the door sensors for over
two weeks, and they work beautifully. My only complaint is size. Compared to other contact sensors, these are
bulky. The package I’m testing also includes the thermostat. Without service, there is very little you
can do with it. As you can see it’s not programmable, you
can swap modes from Heat, Cool, to Auto and turn the temp up or down. That’s it. If you pay for service, you will have full
control over the device. You can quickly turn the temperature up or
down from home screen, or you can click through to access device settings, you can also create
a schedule for it to follow. Of course, the real magic is in using it for
scenes or connecting it to other devices. For example, if your connected smoke detector
detects carbon monoxide or smoke, the thermostat will automatically shut off to avoid making
things worse. That wraps up your three-minute review of
LivSecure. If y’all wanna know more about plans and pricing,
click on the link below to read my full review. If you have any questions, feel free to comment,
and I will definitely help you out if I can. Otherwise, I appreciate y’all spending time
with me today, and I will see you next time.

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