LiveWatch Security Airs National TV Commercial 2013 – Wireless Home Security with Plug & Protect™

Technology gives you security. Technology gives you control. And now, technology gives you Home
Security and Control in a new and revolutionary way! Introducing, Plug and Protect™ from
LiveWatch Security. – an easy-to-use, wireless security system,
customized just for your home, controlled from any smartphone,
tablet, or computer, and monitored by professionals 24/7.
Go to to get Plug & Protect™ interactive
security delivered to your door! Arm or disarm your system from anywhere.
Lock or unlock your doors. Turn your lights off, or on. Even oversee
your home with live-video. With Plug & Protect™, your
security system is configured, tested, and then shipped directly to your home. No wires. No installers. Just peel and place. Go to because with
Plug & Protect, we customize your security to fit your home!
The plug your project secret is technology. With technology, you buy airline tickets
without a travel agent; you trade stocks without a stockbroker; now with Plug & Protect, you can protect
your home without an installer, pushy salesmen, or a long contract. Everyday, the kids got out of school before I
left work. I worried whether they were home okay. But then I found Plug & Protect from LiveWatch.
And now, I see when they open the front door, so I know their home safe. LiveWatch helps me stay in touch and in control. Founded by a paramedic in Kansas, serving
tens of thousands of homes in all 50 states, and trusted by policemen and firemen
throughout the country, LiveWatch is the new choice for home
security! No door-to-door salespeople, No messy installers!
No long-term contracts! Just Plug and Protect! Now you too can enjoy the home security
and control you want for your family! Try Plug & Protect™ in your home
for a full 90 days! Included is our hassle-free guarantee. Go to — Plug & Protect is
not available in stores, so go to right now!

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