Lighthouse Home AI Camera Review

Lighthouse Home AI Camera Review

Gabe: Can the AI in the Lighthouse camera
keep up with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa? We’re going to find out today. [music] Gabe: Hey, everyone. My name is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re reviewing the Lighthouse security
camera. [background music] Gabe: To see a list of our favorite security
cameras, google Security Baron Best Security Cameras. If you have any questions about today’s video,
leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. The Lighthouse camera is one that you simply
ask. Unlike traditional security cameras, they
employ something called computer vision and voice search. Let’s check it out. Light highlights some of the typical features
you’d expect from a security camera like 1080p high definition video and two-way audio. What they really want the consumer to understand
is the vast capacity of their artificial intelligence. That means everything that you might be used
to, like facial recognition and telling one pet apart from another. What’s more impressive is the fact that you
can speak to it with natural speech like, “What did the kids do with the babysitter?”
and it’ll bring up the clips of what actually happened when your kids were with the babysitter. My initial thoughts on the Lighthouse camera
is that it is an elegant design, if somewhat massive. We’re looking at 8.5 inches tall and about
1.6 pounds. It’s definitely got a solid feel. Just from the bottom up, you’ve got this rubberized
bottom and a thick 3.4 inch round base. It doesn’t actually move around at all. Wherever you put it, that’s the direction
it’s going to be. It’s got this off-white color scheme with
the black lens on the front. Here, you have a 3D sensor. What I like is this little purplish shade
of light you get coming out of the front to know that it’s recording. Below that is a speaker and it had a nice
little Lighthouse insignia. On the back, it’s pretty minimal. You just have a space for a power cord. There’s no SD slot. There’s no place to put in an extra speaker. Everything you get is right here. I like it, but it’s definitely not discreet. It’s immediately identifiable as a camera. People are going to see it in your house because
it’s pretty large. Those are my thoughts on the Lighthouse camera. Now that we have some of the highlights of
the Lighthouse home security camera, let’s put it to the Security Baron Necessary Features
Test. The Security Baron necessary features are
stellar video, two-way audio, night vision, cloud and local storage, smart platform integration,
artificial intelligence, value, and convenience. The Security Baron necessary feature of video
quality is somewhat met by the Lighthouse security camera. It does come with a sparkling 1080p high definition
video, but is limited by the narrow 95 degree field of view and the fact that it has no
digital zoom. If you compare it to some of the other cameras
we’ve seen, like the Nest, which comes in at 130 degrees, or the Canary, which has a
147 degree view, 95 degrees is pretty minimal. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of video quality, the Lighthouse does not receive full marks. The Security Baron necessary feature of two-way
audio is really essential. Here, the Lighthouse camera does have two-way
audio. When the artificial intelligence kicks in,
it lets you know that your children are home. You can speak directly to them right from
the camera. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of two-way audio, the Lighthouse security camera passes the test. A Security Baron necessary feature is night
vision. Here, the Lighthouse has an adequate night
vision, but it definitely leaves some room for improvement. With only four infrared LEDs, the full HD
it promised doesn’t really come through the way it might in a daytime quality. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of night vision, we can’t give the Lighthouse full marks. Here at Security Baron, a necessary feature
is cloud and local storage. The Lighthouse does not have a space for a
micro SD slot or a USB power hard drive, so there are no local storage options. Out of the box, it includes 24 hours of cloud
storage and, if you upgrade to a premium membership, you get 30 days of cloud storage. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of cloud and local storage, we give the Lighthouse home security camera half marks. One of the most fun elements of the Security
Baron necessary features is smart platform integration. While you can use your Apple iPhone to google
the Lighthouse camera and even buy it on Amazon, the company has opted to not go with any of
the major smart platform integrations. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of smart platform integration, the Lighthouse security camera gets zero marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is artificial
intelligence, and the Lighthouse security camera comes chocked-full of AI. From that facial recognition technology to
the Alexa-like voice search, there’s a lot to love about the Lighthouse home security
camera. One of the founders, Alex Teichman, calls
the Lighthouse an AI for physical spaces. The company uses 3D sensors instead of just
infrared light. It actually shoots out a beam of light and
gathers the bounce back to measure what’s happening in 3D space. Additionally, the Lighthouse AI is capable
of understanding natural speech patterns. You could ask it things like, “What did my
pet do today?” “What time did the children get home?” and
it works pretty well. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of artificial intelligence, we’ve got to give the Lighthouse tremendous full
marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is value. It is a rough ride with the Lighthouse home
security camera. Right out of the box, if you want to buy it
retail, it starts around $300. On top of the $300, many of the elements that
make the Lighthouse what it is, especially in terms of artificial intelligence, require
you to buy the AI service. The AI service is essentially the Lighthouse
premium subscription plan. It comes in at $10 a month or you can pay
$200 outright from beginning and have a lifetime subscription. In terms of value, we cannot give the Lighthouse
full marks just because of how expensive it is out of the box and the fact that it almost
requires you to get the $10 a month or one-time fee AI service. A Security Baron necessary feature is convenience. The Lighthouse was awfully easy to set up. I downloaded the app, plugged in the power
cord, signed up for the AI service, and was ready to go. When it comes to the Security Baron necessary
feature of convenience, got to give the Lighthouse camera full marks. As we all know, any home security camera is
only as good as its app. Let’s jump into the Lighthouse camera mobile
application. When you open up the Lighthouse app, you’ll
see a live shot at the top of the screen. Right below that, you’ll see three buttons
for siren, two-way talk, and turning the camera on and off. Now, this is the home screen, and there are
a lot of options. For example, you can see what was the last
thing seen, or you can go into the pings, or the daily activity, which allows you to
see everything that took place on one day. Of course, the Lighthouse thinks of itself
as an artificial intelligence device that also records videos sometimes. Here are some examples of questions you can
ask with the natural language technology that they’ve built in. The software allows you to say things like,
“Did you see any dogs?” “Have you seen my cat?” or “Did anyone new
come in in the past 24 hours?” These are just a few of the questions that
you can do with the natural software technology. Of course, if I click on this middle button,
I can speak directly to whoever’s in the room. I also want to show you this really cool feature,
the daily recap. The daily recap, you can do the last 24 hours. Of course, most of that is darkness and nothing
really happening, but it’s fun to have your own little time-lapse scene every day. There are also some prompts for questions. Something like, “What happened last night?” “Have you seen any new people?” or “Did the
cat come in between 3:00 and 6:00?” etc., etc. Moving forward, you can get a simple list
of events and notifications. As you see here, it’s just me coming in over
and over again. I call myself the Baron Keeper. I can also invite new people using the People
tab to join the home. They join the home, it’ll start to recognize
the face and they can have access to seeing what’s happening in the house. If I click into Settings, you can set up a
new camera or you can also go into the Privacy Settings. You can change from owner’s home, owner’s
away, or turn the camera on and off. If I don’t want to be watched while I’m at
home, I can simply have the camera turn off whenever it recognizes that I’m home. I can, of course, just turn that back on by
clicking Camera On if I want to see something that’s happening in the room. That’s a look at the Lighthouse app with its
strong focus on artificial intelligence. As you can see, the Lighthouse home security
camera has amazing visual clarity. Definitely one of the better cameras that
we’ve seen. You can see everything that’s going on when
I spin this globe, but no digital zoom. You see me pinching my fingers, tapping, no
digital zoom and a really, really narrow field of view of only 95 degrees. Overall, amazing video quality, but really
lacking when it comes to digital zoom and field of view. This is the night vision on the Lighthouse
home security camera. As you can see, the white of this table has
washed out most of the shot. I’m only about five feet away, but it’s definitely
not what you’d expect. You wouldn’t be able to see what’s happening. If I spin the globe, it’s not so clear. Maybe a lot of it’s due to the four infrared
lights on the camera. I can get close so you can get a better idea. Now, I’m only about two feet away from the
camera and then you can see what’s happening. Overall, definitely it makes you feel a little
bit disappointed, especially considering how well it works in the daytime. That’s the night vision on the Lighthouse
home security camera. [background music] Gabe: Let’s provide an overview of how the
Lighthouse home security camera performed against the Security Baron Necessary Features
Test. Stellar video, half marks. The Lighthouse security camera comes with
1080p high definition video, but it lacks digital zoom and has a very minimal, 95 degree,
field of view. Two-way audio, full marks. The Lighthouse security camera comes with
two-way audio that sounds crystal clear. Night vision, half marks. It only has four LED infrared lights and it
pales in comparison to its competitors. Cloud and local storage, half marks. It does have cloud storage up to one month,
but no local storage options. Smart platform integration, zero marks. The Lighthouse does not support any smart
home integration. Artificial intelligence, full marks. The Lighthouse is chock-full of artificial
intelligence that’s really interesting. Every day we discover more and more things
to do with it. Value, zero marks. It is novel, but very, very expensive. Convenience, full marks because it’s basically
a plug-and-play camera. What we want to find out today is whether
or not the Lighthouse home security camera is right for you and your home security needs. If you want a camera that integrates with
a smart platform, then this is not the camera for you. You’d be spending a lot of money for a camera
that does not integrate with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. However, if you want a camera that has the
most advanced artificial intelligence capabilities on the market, then you definitely want to
look at the Lighthouse home security camera. That’s our review of the Lighthouse home security
camera. If you appreciated this video, give us a like,
and don’t forget to hit subscribe. As always, it’s your boy, Gabe, at Security
Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. AI seems to be the way the security cams r going..good overview & review..definitley over priced…..😮🙁💸
    I’ve been using the Yi dome 1080p cams for over a year now and they work Great inside or outside with Great video quality and they only cost $46 and there fix 1080p cam cost $30 on amazon and I bought my Yi Dome 1080p cams for only $40…Great thing about the Yi cams is they have a micro sd card option for local storage so NO need for cloud subscription..and you get 7days of free motion alert videos to the cloud..I’m using both the sd card and pay $9.99 per mnth for 15days of cloud storage which covers 5 of my Yi dome 1080p cams..the Yi cams also offers 2way audio,motion alerts,motion tracking,24/7 recording, 5x zoom as well as a Windows/Mac Pc program which allows you to view 4 cams at one time so no need for a dvr/nvr and a app for IOS and android…😄👍…check out some video footage from my Yi cams installed outside and inside..along with some of my Maximus 1080p Floodlights..
    Maximus 1080p floodlight
    Yi Windows pc program:

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