Lighthouse AI Security Camera | REVIEW

Lighthouse AI Security Camera | REVIEW

What’s up guys I’m Ben from Authentech,
and today we’re checking out a security camera with smart AI tech 3d sensing and
voice search let’s check it out starting with a quick unboxing it’s very clean
and classy product I like the modern design power cable included is a nice
long 8 foot length the lighthouse cameras a little large but has a good
quality solid construction feel to it it weighs 1.6 pound stands eight and a half
inches tall behind that gorilla glass lens lays a 1080p HD camera with
automatic night vision which by the way produces really nice footage in the dark
the cameras field of view is 112 degrees and the 3d sensor which is super cool
we’ll cover that in just a second has a 95 degree field of view there’s two-way
audio speaker and microphone with a hundred decibels siren built in on the
base is a nice pad for a grip and the lighthouse can tilt up and down with
this neat hovering look again cool and unique design inside there’s a dual band
Wi-Fi which brings us to setup quick and easy simply plug in the camera install
and open the lighthouse app on your phone connect it to your Wi-Fi and
that’s about it Ukraine account tell it where you set up
the lighthouse and set your home location this is for more accurate
notifications and geofencing searches like alert me if you see person related
activity while all users are away this way it knows if you or your loved ones
are home or not now here’s some of my favorite features
of lighthouse and what really sets it apart from other security cameras out
there you can watch a live camera view with pretty low latency this is nice and
standard but with that 3d sensor it can accomplish some neat stuff for one it
will outline a halo each figure with different colors representing characters
and it’ll know the difference between you or your child or the cat and dog the
halo is also helpful for tracking movements and objects when reviewing the
footage later and that 3d sensor helps prevent false alarms like cars moving
outside or Sun shadows where standard motion detection falls short and daily
recap this one is very sweet it’s basically catching you up on all the
things you miss with a convenient time-lapse video on
looks and feels like this Sims in fast-forward mode there’s halo outlines
and when reviewing the current daily recap you can easily scrub through the
timeline back and forth it’s very fluid and well-designed I’m gonna circle back
on this feature in just a moment there’s two other big features AI security
alerts and voice search let’s start with the alerts let’s be honest motion
detection alerts are pretty worthless nowadays believe me I’ve owned a
gazillion cameras over the years and motion alerts are so often false alarms
or they notify you too much or too little 3d sensing just feels like the
future even if we set alert zones motion detection can so easily be fooled by
flying bugs or vehicle headlights or whatever happens to me all the time the
3d sensor matched with AI actually eliminates those annoying false alerts
and then it detects movements from people or large objects like doors when
you’re away with this light house camera not only with geofencing but facial
recognition and 3d measuring I can tell it to ping me when it sees my wife with
the cat or let me know if the kids don’t arrive home by this time on this date
it’s crazy detailed and almost limitless alerts which is really neat it can ping
me for security alerts generic or specific based on children pets facial
recognition conditions like daytime presence or absence let me know if you
see anyone between midnight and 6:00 a.m. everyday or tell me next time you
see my buddy Nick tagging faces is fast and easy which I appreciate simply tap
the person’s beauty mugshots and then tap who that person is and that’s it
it’ll help train the AI alongside that they suggest you to invite family
members and your trusts and guests to the app for even more detailed reports
and ping alerts this would be perfect for example dog walkers and nannies gone
are the days of endless timeline scrubbing trying to find that exact
moment in history with the built-in voice search you can find out exactly
what you missed their cloud hosts up to 30 days of video history so I can ask
show me the day’s recap of 13 days ago and there it is or show me video 10 days
ago at 10 a.m. or show me video of this
person or there’s countless other video searches they suggest like what did the
cat do yesterday or what did the kids do while I was gone
these are all super helpful features and let me quick pause right here all this
AI 3d sensing smart alerts and search feels like the future if I have two or
twenty cameras all around my home or office motion triggers just don’t cut it
allow me every morning for example a video recap here you go bad here’s what
you missed while you are sleep a couple movements on camera one and then this
unfamiliar face was picked up on camera 10 over here this would be is so helpful
and awesome to see a couple more small but key features I like it has to a talk
speaker and microphone built-in get your hand on a cookie jar it has a loud
security siren you can activate from anywhere if you ever need to scare that
purple way or prank your friends we can wave hello to the camera and you’ll get
notified on your phone so you can then start a two-way chat in the settings you
can turn on privacy mode so that camera auto turns off at your preference of
course being a security camera they treat privacy and security of utmost
importance they say bank level encryption will never view your data
without your explicit permission and we’ll never sell your data for any
reason now no product is ever perfect so let’s move on to my wishlist items first
up with all this super cool technology and AI built in this one product I’d
love to see it integrate with my other smart home products and services like
Google home smart things if this than that
this could open the door of limitless fun possibilities I heard they’re
working on it so that’s awesome let’s stay tuned one little funky thing I
found I can search and find a direct video clip or event and then share or
download that file which is fantastic however when I pull up a day’s recap
video for example there’s no option for sharing or saving it locally not yet
anyway since there’s no local storage on this device it’d be really cool if we
could easily backup all of our security footage to maybe a local Drive or online
server Dropbox I’d love to see a Desktop or a web app in the future this
would be awesome for viewing all the cameras on the computer and lastly I
can’t wait to see more voice search and AI capabilities fleshed out for example
if I ask it show me a summary of my wife three days ago it can’t do some raise
per person just yet now lighthouse camera seems like a great
fit for a wide variety of people I think families and homes with pets kids the
elderly even households with dog walkers and house cleaners or a nanny this could
be perfect like I mentioned in the beginning I’ve tested a ton of security
cameras in the past and with all this AI smart alerts and searches it definitely
feels futuristic and well done to lighthouse for this next level security
camera price on the lighthouse is currently $2.99 on Amazon Prime all the
links to check out more info will be down below huge thanks to lighthouse for
sponsoring this video and thank you for watching consider ringing the bell to
stay up to date on all my future tech videos and until next time let’s live

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  1. Check out current Lighthouse pricing and more info here ➜

    *I also JUST found out, a lot more of my Wish List Items, like local file storage, is scheduled to release later THIS year – woot!

  2. Hey guys! I just started a YouTube channel! Could you help me get sone subscribers and views? Thanks! P.S. Great video!

  3. So we can't save a file on a local drive?
    So can we use this as free cloud storage with 30 days rolling over without any stupid month to month subscription cost?

    If not, this is a deal breaker for any company to pocket our money on subscription service.

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