Lighthouse AI Camera Review: Some Features Work, Some Don’t

Lighthouse AI Camera Review: Some Features Work, Some Don’t

The Lighthouse AI camera is an indoor home
security camera that lets you search footage google style and uses a 3D time-of-flight
sensor to detect activity. It’s big, unique, and pricey but are the camera’s
features enough to justify its price tag? Lighthouse claims that they provide the right
stuff, right out of the box. And this is true. For $299, you have access to several features
including video streaming. Lighthouse has a rather narrow 112° field
of view, but if you choose to use the included stand, you can tilt it to get the view you
want, or you can purchase a wall mount for $29.00. The camera streams in FHD 1080p during the
day and at night. Compared to Nest Cam Indoor, Lighthouse can
hold its own, but it lacks digital zoom, and the smaller viewing angle is noticeable. At night, I wasn’t as impressed with the camera’s
video quality. I tested in my usual spot, and the picture
was washed out, especially when compared to other cameras like Nest and Canary. Apparently, the whiteness of my couch was
blinding the camera at night so during the second week of testing; I tried a new spot. Moving the camera to a new location improved
the camera’s ability to see at night, but you shouldn’t have to move a camera to get
it to work properly. Out of the box, Lighthouse also offers true
two-way audio. You press the button once, and you can talk
and listen via the mobile app. The speaker has one volume level, (but it’s
loud enough and has a rich, deep sound). Plus, it has a siren, which
you can manually trigger from the mobile app if activity is detected using Lighthouse’s 3D time-of-flight sensor. The sensor maps your home in real time. If it notices large, moving, 3D objects, it
will send the info to the cloud for processing and take action if needed. For free, you’ll also have access to a 1-day
video history, privacy mode, which ties into geofencing, family and guest control, as well as
video search, but I don’t recommend that you use the camera for free. I recommend that you add Lighthouse AI service which is $10 per month, or
you can pay a onetime $200 fee. AI service adds AI which allows the sensor
to further analyze 3D movement and distinguish adults from children from inanimate objects. The first week I tested Lighthouse in my usual
spot, and the camera did poorly. Night vision uses the same infrared light
used for 3D sensing, so my couch was blinding the camera’s night vision as well as its 3D
sensor. In this week one clip, you’ll notice that
the halo, which marks 3D activity, doesn’t surround me until I’m about seven feet away
from the camera. In this week two clip, you’ll see that the
detection range has increased tremendously. In theory, the 3D sensor can see almost 23
feet using a 95-degree field of view. In reality, distance is contingent upon several
factors including room layout and ambient light. If it does detect something, it will send
an alert or, as Lighthouse calls it, a ping. Think of Pings as custom push notifications. Most cameras will alert to all motion events
or all person events. Lighthouse lets you get more specific. For example, “Ping me if you don’t see John
by 4 pm,” or “Ping me if you see an unknown face.” If you get a lot of false alarms caused by
pets or lighting changes, this feature could be your saving grace. Teaching Lighthouse to recognize a face takes
time. Lighthouse acknowledges that it needs to see
about forty pictures of a user before recognition becomes reliable. Fortunately, teaching the camera is as simple
as tapping your picture and your name. Related to Pings is a feature called Ask Lighthouse, which
is my favorite Lighthouse feature. From the app’s ask screen, you can Ask Lighthouse
to scrub your security events. For example, we’ll ask Lighthouse, “Have you
seen any children?” You’ll see here that Lighthouse has returned multiple
results labeled as children, and every single time, I’m included. And while I’m flattered that it thinks I’m
so youthful, I’m not impressed. You can search known people, unknown people,
adults, children, and pets using time and date, but that’s it. The good news here is that it’s still an incredibly
useful feature. And though it often delivered more footage
than I needed, it also consistently delivered just what I needed. If I had this camera a few months ago when
I tested indoor cameras, I would have ranked it fourth, which is below Nest Cam but above
Canary. Lighthouse compares best to Nest Cam IQ, which
I tested and returned because I didn’t feel like it added enough value to justify the
additional cost over my Nest Cam Indoor. The upfront cost of Lighthouse, as well as
long-term costs, factored into my decision, but also performance. Even after moving the camera, things were
hit or miss at times. I think the value of Lighthouse is in family monitoring. If you want a camera that will tell you if
your kids come home from school with a few extra friends in tow or maybe one that’ll tell you if your
grandmother hasn’t left her bedroom by 9 am in the morning, Lighthouse is the camera for you. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for
let’s give that Canary View away shall we? I think this is the winner Jarrod Griffin..who says, “Pick me, pick me.” Well Jarrod, there you go, lucky guy. I will send you a message via YouTube, and get this camera out to you. I hope you love it! And I’ll see y’all soon!

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  1. Hello everyone, I think one other thing to call out is that Lighthouse doesn't record sound. It only records video at this time. They might add this feature in the future, but it's not ready yet.

  2. Wow, love your video. That one is pricey and then there is the subscription. I just need to find a cam that won't break when it sees my face…LOL. Congratulations Jerrod. you ARE lucky !

  3. Rose, what color are your living room walls? serious question.. i'm building a house and vlogging it on my channel and we don't like the sample that's currently up, it's too…. rosy? lol.

  4. Huh goes to show how valuable real world reviews are, completely different perspective from advertising materials. Great in depth review and fair review!

  5. I've watched about fifteen reviews of this camera and yours is the first impartial one that I've seen. Thank you for that.

  6. It not perfect but its still better than nest. And the long term cost can be a one time cost (199 for life).

  7. I had one and i buy 2 Now i hear its not working anymore cause they 1 they charge peple from the used and 2 they have now shutdown no longer not work😡😡😡

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